Past presents future at Jungle 

DJ Caz10

When it comes to Atlanta nightlife, everybody sees it from his own perspective -- in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what you might discover is that each clubber is a brain ... or an athlete ... or a basket case ... a princess ... or a criminal.

OK, maybe not. But Atlanta nightlife can be like that '80s movie The Breakfast Club. First, it's a crowd of contrasts (admittedly, some adolescent). And second, what dance floor doesn't love some vintage Simple Minds? Or Flock of Seagulls? Or New Order? Or even Nitzer Ebb?

Just ask longtime DJ Eric "Caz10" Carsten.

Carsten deejays to the diverse '80s/Old Wave niche. And, on any given night, "It's likely there will be folks who ... went clubbing and to concerts in the '80s, and on the floor dancing next to them is a fresh-faced 21-year-old goth with an Unknown Pleasures T-shirt straight off the shelf of Hot Topic," he says. "But when the crowd is pumped, so am I."

Following college-party gigs, Carsten kicked off his DJ career at Fusion (now Red Chair). This eventually led to numerous weeklies and one-offs. Now, after more than seven years at the Masquerade making people spin "right round, baby, right round," Carsten has left to set up a Thursday-night residency at Jungle.

When known as the Chamber (a Dark-Wave den of scintillation), this venue forced people off their asses and out of their comfort zones by forming its own little womb for the explorative. Jungle continues to promote different as better. And the club will attempt to lure even more with the familiar soundtrack of Carsten's retro-futuristic standouts. And Carsten will likely feel more comfortable drawing from his deep digital trove of industrial/EBM classics, mixed with loose analog sensibility. This bit of nostalgia might stimulate the transition of some clubbers away from the more rote tropes of Midtown.

"Retro has been coming back -- from clothing style to music," Carsten says. "And I think that will always happen. It's cyclical." Like a record, baby, right round round round.

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