Predictions of good -- and greatness 

Seeing into the future

I foresee that you will go to the cover story in this week's issue.

You will read all the articles prognosticating the upcoming fall A&E season. You will marvel over the "tarot card" profiles that foreshadow the careers of up-and-coming artists, like dancer Blake Beckham, actor Brandon J. Dirden and heavy-metal band Zoroaster. Then, you will flip back to the front cover and say to yourself, "Hey, that cover does look like a tarot card. Cool."

You will then peruse the top-pick lists that predict which art shows, performances, concerts and movies will be the hottest ones in this town in September, October and November. You will circle those you don't want to miss with a bold red marker, rip the marked articles out of your paper and stick them on your bulletin board. You will, of course, bring to full fruition my dramatic predictions by scanning the incredibly complete listings and going to our events database to find even more complete listings.

But, hey, I'm just guessing.

I soothsay with even more certainty that Creative Loafing/Atlanta will miss the wit and energy of Carlton Hargro.

Hargro's most recent title at the Loaf was "Fallout editor." But he did much more than that in three years at the paper. In addition to writing and editing, he's the main force behind Audiofloss, the popular CL urban music podcast, which he'll continue to produce in his new job.

And, through his articles in the Vibes section, Hargro did something particularly special: He chronicled, coalesced and helped to define Atlanta's neo-soul scene, an important subgenre that's been under-recognized in the popular press.

Hargro's not going far, though. He's been named editor of our paper in Charlotte, which is also called Creative Loafing.

I predict he'll shake things up there.


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