Sarah Lewitinn 

The Pocket DJ: Ultragrrrl's Guide to Building the Best Music Library

Longing for a list of the 18 best "Car Sex Songs"? Maybe what you're looking for is 23 choice "Songs to Get Spanked By"? VH1 talking head, renowned blogger, DJ to the stars, and former Spin staffer Ultragrrrl (aka Sarah Lewitinn) takes up these and other MP3 "mix-tape" quandaries by providing advice and playlists in her new book, The Pocket DJ. In the spirit of the file-sharing era, CL caught up with Ultragrrrl by Instant Messenger for a little give and take.

So you wrote this for people just getting into music, right?

The book is intended for a casual music fan or a high school kid.

I think teenagers are the most underappreciated group of people around.

They're certainly the most enthusiastic.

If Loveless and Mezzanine are, according to you, the #1 and #2 albums to lose your virginity to, surely Swervedriver's Mezcal Head must be #3?

I lost my virginity to the Soulwax album called Much Against Everyone's Advice. I've had sex to music about two times in my life, so I'm actually not sure about that choice.

When I'm having sex, I'm not trying to hear what's playing in the background; I'm just trying to make sure nobody gets hurt.

Please explain why "Morning Glory" by Oasis isn't on the "Wake Up" or "Drugs Do Work" lists.

Well, you know what? You're right. "Morning Glory" should've been on the ["Wake Up"] list.

But it also seems a bit obvious.

One list I'm sad I didn't make was a "Music to Die To" list.

I'd rather have a killer soundtrack take me under than to fuck to.

OK, another potential oversight: no Spiritualized?

You had an "Outer Space Jamz" list without J. Spaceman!

Wow, do you want to rewrite my book?

Just seeing if you were like, "No way, he sucks."

I became addicted to Ritalin and Red Bull and lost 15 lbs while writing [the book]. My mind began to deteriorate.

Why put New Order and Joy Division on the same artist list?

I wanted to stress that both bands are comprised of the same people.

And [I] figured that this would be the best method.

I felt like kids who didn't know music too well should know, above all, that New Order used to be Joy Division.

Otherwise, they could be murdered by pretentious hipsters: fact.




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