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The article by Marc Schultz really scares me (Guest Column, "Careful: The FB-eye may be watching," July 17). I live in the Tampa Bay area and read the Weekly Planet. The only difference between Marc Schultz and me is that I have a light complexion and do not look like a so-called terrorist. I just hope the FBI will not check out the books I read from the library. I have read books by Noam Chomsky and Arianna Huffington, and the FBI may think I am planning to overthrow the government.

To get my news, I rely on World News International for what's really going on in the world. In the United States, the news is nothing but whitewash. Fox News is the worst of the bunch. To hear them talk, you would think George Bush was Jesus reincarnated.

-- Roberta Hastings, Dunedin, Fla.

All for naught
(In response to Guest Column, "Careful: The FB-eye may be watching, July 17): Holy mackeral! Is this what I fought in WW II as a Marine Corps machine-gunner for? I thought I spent two-and-a-half years in the Pacific jungles to protect America's constitutional liberties. What the hell is happening to our country?

-- Albert C. Mezzetti, Manteca, Calif.

The essence
Gregory Nicoll: Damn, what a fantastic article you wrote about the Woggles (Vibes, "Ragged glory," July 17). As a product of the '60s garage band scene, I think you absolutely nailed the essence of garagedom. I didn't know that Montague was into old cars. Isn't it ironic that so many surf/roots-rock guys dig the old Detroit iron?

-- Jack Booth, Smyrna

Bob's new nickname
I hope that I don't ever see Boob Barr's (yes, I mean BOOB) face or words in the pages of CL again (Flanking Action, "My week at United Nations," July 17). I nearly choked on my coffee Saturday morning, when I was only halfway through his vitriolic diatribe against the U.N. He's an embarrassment to the state of Georgia. While I am all in favor of free speech, let the AJC publish his nonsense and leave the pages of CL to someone else who will bolster our beleaguered liberal spirits, rather than remind us of just how awful conservatism is.

Thanks to Michael Wall for his depressing yet highly informative "Being Harold Reheis" (July 17). I hate to discover that Georgia's environmental woes are only getting worse. But I thank Wall for reminding us that nothing resembling progress is going on under the Gold Dome, so that a few angry letters might be written to those bumbling crooks we re-elect every election year.

-- A. Heather Williams, Stockbridge

Dirty, stinking rat
Cliff Bostock: The reason "Bush lied and nobody seems to care" (Headcase, July 17) is simple: He has 200 million accomplices. Don't expect them to rat each other out.

-- Mitch Moody, Atlanta

Own little world
The cell-phone user has established a new social norm (Headcase, "The noisy epidemic," July 10). His behavior pre-empts participation in the here and now, permitting him to exist somewhere else than in the social setting he occupies -- as self once-removed into the zenith of pretension. It suggests the scene in Fahrenheit 451 of the landscape populated by isolated souls strolling with the vocal reassurance of their internalized stories. If only our current condition were so poignant.

The cell-phone user's stance is indeed nothing more than soliloquy, replete with the condescending sniffing and shuffling shoe leather. His refusal to engage leads me to want to not hold the door open for him when the occasion arises. My reasoning: He is not talking with or even to me; therefore, he does not exist. It's sad for me, for him, for our collective selves, because I feel that I do not have to play his game, to confirm the score he chooses to set. So I opt out and look the other way ... pretending, isolated, fantasizing about my story.

-- John Evins, Atlanta

Change of heart
(In response to "Southern by the grace of God," July 3): Liberal Christianity has much to be admired in its motive to reach the world and make a difference. Their shortcoming -- one that keeps them from being ultimately successful -- is that they won't admit that the problem of the poor, the sick, the homeless, etc. is not a result of external circumstances. The problem is internal circumstances; the heart of the problem is the problem of the heart. Unless a person's heart is changed, changing their circumstances is fruitless.

Evangelical, reformed, fundamentalist or conservative Christianity should never compromise on the truth revealed to us in the Scripture. It is the inerrant and infallible record of God's revealed will for his creation.

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