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BOUNCE (PG-13) Director Don Roos' (The Opposite of Sex) romantic drama follows Buddy (Ben Affleck), a hot-shot advertising executive who gets a second chance at life thanks to a twist of fate. He falls in love with a single mother (Gwyneth Paltrow) who is struggling to come to terms with her husband's tragic death. She soon begins to think that Buddy is her second chance at love, only to discover that their meeting wasn't by accident.

DR. SEUSS' HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS (PG) Dr. Seuss' holiday classic comes to life in Ron Howard's live-action feature. Jim Carrey capitalizes on his talent for physical comedy and dead-on facial expressions to take on the role of the Grinch.

JUST LOOKING (NR) "Seinfeld's" Jason Alexander directs a grating coming-of-age story, set in Queens and the Bronx in 1955, about a 14-year-old's (Ryan Merriman) resolution to witness a sex act. The coarseness of the comedy would suit a Porky's imitation, and the period nostalgia has been done better by the likes of Woody Allen and Neil Simon, and the genuine insights come too late to bail out the movie. -- CH

REQUIEM FOR A DREAM (NR) 1/2 Actually, Pi director Darren Aaronofsky's follow-up feature only deserves a single for dishing up an old-hat, moralistic diatribe about the dangers of drug addiction, but why pick nits? Solid performances by Jennifer Connely, Ellen Burstyn and Marlon Wayans and genuinely phenomenal camera work and cutting make this story about the woes of 20- and 60-something junkies one of the year's most impressive outings. -- EM

RUGRATS IN PARIS: THE MOVIE (G) In the follow-up to Nickelodeon's hit animated film, Angelica, Tommy and gang travel to Paris, where they find themselves involved in a number of pint-sized adventures. In the city, a local woman, voiced by Susan Sarandon, plots to trap Chuckie's widowed father in marriage.

THE 6TH DAY (PG-13) Similar to Total Recall, this sci-fi action flick offers two Arnolds for the price of one. This time, Schwarzenegger is on a mission to reclaim his life from the clone who has taken his place and, in the process, bring the evil scientists who cloned him to justice.Duly Noted
BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB The documentary centers on a group of legendary Cuban musicians. Wim Wenders' film examines the lives and music of the members through interviews and live performances. Nov. 17-22 at GSU's cinéfest.

CECIL B. DEMENTED (R) 1/2 King of the Lowbrow John Waters returns to his juvie obsessions with drive-ins, rude behavior, smirking sexual innuendo and pretty teens in this tale of an underground legion of indies, the Sprocket Holes, led by Cecil B. DeMented (Stephen Dorff), who kidnaps Hollywood star Honey Whitlock (Melanie Griffith) and forces her to make an anti-industry propaganda film. Waters' amused disgust with Hollywood's fetid product (Forrest Gump, Patch Adams and Pauly Shore are all targeted here) is hilariously right-on, but the same homespun sloppiness and anarchy that cripple other Waters productions is also at work. Nov. 10-16 at GSU's cinéfest. -- FF

CENTRAL STATION Dora works at Rio de Janeiro's central station writing letters for the illiterate people she detests. Through a series of events, she befriends a young boy who just lost his mother in a car accident. Now, she must help him make the journey to find his estranged father. Nov. 17-22 at GSU's cinéfest.

GIVE ME POWER A black comedy set in violent, crime-ridden Mexico City. Tired of always being the victim, Gabriel, a filmmaker, decides to use his camera to fight thugs and finally get some justice. Director Fernando Sariana introduces the film, which is in Spanish with subtitles. Films at the High, 2000 Latin-American Film Festival, Nov. 17 at 8 p.m., Rich Auditorium.

I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER...TONIGHT (NR) 1/2 Edgar Michael Bravo's first feature, a drama about five gay friends weekending in Palm Springs, didn't look very good in 1992 when this thesis film had a theatrical release, and gay movies (e.g., The Broken Hearts Club) have become much slicker and more mainstream since then. You wouldn't want to spend a weekend with these characters who will betray each other or anyone else to get what they want, which is usually sex. Nov. 15 at 8 and 10 p.m., GSU's cinéfest. -- SW

LEGACY (NR) Comparable to Hoop Dreams without the hoops, Tod S. Lending's documentary shows three generations of women in an African-American attempt to escape a Chicago housing project. After the wrenching tragedy of a senseless killing, the film follows the family for five years, and though it withholds important information and at times tells more than it shows, its subject is undeniably worthy. Nov. 18 at 7 p.m., Cinevision. -- CH


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