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Sitting pretty 

A furniture-store owner got a call from an interior designer who wanted to order two fancy couches for a client (a gray leather L-shaped sofa and a crème leather L-shaped sofa, worth more than $5,000). The interior designer gave a credit card number and asked for the couches to be delivered to a storage space in Decatur. So the store owner loaded up the couches in his truck and sent his driver toward Decatur. Moments later, he got a call: change of plans. Now, the interior designer wanted the store owner's truck to meet a mystery truck — and exchange the couches — in Decatur behind the Courthouse Square. The store owner said he had a "feeling something wasn't right." He asked to speak to the driver of this new mystery truck. The driver's voice sounded familiar, but he couldn't quite place it. So he went ahead and agreed for his leather couches to be delivered to the mystery truck. Hours later, voila!, the furniture store owner finally remembered: He'd seen the mystery truck driver in court! He had testified against the mystery truck driver four or five years ago for check fraud against his store. And now the mystery truck driver had scammed him again.

Relationship riot: A married couple got into a spat at their home on Wynfield Way and called police. The wife said she went to sleep around 9 p.m. and when she woke up, her bank cards were missing. She accused her hubby of swiping the cards. The husband firmly denied taking any of his wife's belongings, including her bank cards. "The marriage has fallen apart," the husband said, adding that his wife "should not accuse me of taking her things." The husband volunteered to leave the house for the night, and the wife asked cops to hang around until her husband was actually gone. Then, the wife made a startling discovery about her marriage. She "found pictures of [her husband's] infidelity with multiple women in a plastic bag along with some of her mail," an officer wrote. The photos and mail were stuffed in the same bag and stored in the attic. After realizing her husband was cheating, the wife decided to leave the house, too. She went to pick up their 9-year-old daughter from a local hair salon . (The girl apparently was just hanging out at the salon by herself, while mom and dad bickered.) The husband and wife are in the process of ending their 14-year marriage.

Cult of personality: Near Adams Park, a 24-year-old woman went over to a pastor's house for some advice and Bible study. After the Bible study ended, she said a man started arguing with her and asking for something he thought was in her wallet. Outraged, the woman said she had no idea what he was talking about — she didn't have anything of his in her wallet. The man grabbed her wallet and started ripping up the contents inside, scattering them around the living room. Then, he started yelling. The pastor's daughter asked him to stop using the pastor's name in vain. The man took his shirt off, acting like he wanted to fight. The 24-year-old woman's boyfriend showed up, and the man said, "I have a knife and I am going to shank you." The woman recognized the silver knife — it's the knife she keeps in her wallet. The man slashed at the boyfriend, who fell to the ground and began begging and pleading for his life. The man never slashed the boyfriend's body ... but he did slash a hole in his green jacket. The man went to jail on multiple charges.

Fragrant fiend: At Family Dollar, a store manager saw a suspicious man stuffing items into a white plastic bag. When a police officer arrived, the manager pointed to the white bag man, now jogging down the street. The suspect spotted the officer's patrol car and tried to duck behind a building. So the officer jumped out and started running after him. "As I ran around the corner, the subject popped up from behind a parked car, asking me why I was following him," the officer noted. "As he came around, I heard a clank on the ground" — and suddenly the man was no longer carrying a white bag. "As I detained the man for questioning, a can of Airwick air freshener fell out of his coat." The man "mumbled a lot" but eventually admitted to taking the air freshener. The white bag, filled with five more cans of identical air freshener, was found nearby. The 47-year-old suspect went to jail, charged with stealing six cans of air freshener worth $30.

Facebook fear: A Poncey-Highland man made a negative, insulting Facebook post about a former business associate, who got really upset and threatened him. The former business associate called and said, "If you don't take down the Facebook post, I will send someone to make your life very, very bad — and not in the legal sense. I have someone on the other line ready to move." The P-H man promptly removed his Facebook post – but he is still very concerned for his safety. His former business associate lives near the Fox Theatre.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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