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CEREBERUS SHOAL -- This six-piece from Maine employs an obscene number of instruments, slowly unfolding orchestrations like a dream-state train wreck. Think Godspeed if they were a backwoods commune. If you're going to the Brotzmann gig, try high-tailing it to Eyedrum afterwards. You probably don't want to miss this. Eyedrum (Foy)

INTERGALACTIC COWBOY, ORANGE HAT, VERNA CANON -- Although he performs very different Robert Fripp-ish solo guitar music these days, Intergalactic Cowboy Max Holliman is a living veteran of The Filth and the Fury, having played in the Knobz -- who enjoyed a brief, fiery career in the wake of the Sex Pistols' 1978 Atlanta visit. Opening acts Orange Hat (loony local psychedelic weirdoes) and the Verna Canon (an eclectic South Carolina pop act) assure this will be a very diverse bill. Dark Horse Tavern (Nicoll)

LEGEND OF THE GIANT SQUID -- A new local rock band featuring former members of Insane Jane, Shrunken Head and the Skinpops. Smith's Olde Bar (Sarig)

MISS TAMMY FAYE STARLITE AND HER ANGELS OF MERCY -- Starlite is a faux country singer -- kind of a cross between Loretta Lynn and Tammy Faye Baker -- who's a sex-obsessed former wild child trying to trade drugs and whiskey for the Holy Spirit. A character created by performance artist/actress Tammy Lang, Starlite debuted with her band the Angels of Mercy on the CD, On My Knees. Presented as a live performance on the Corkshaw County Barndance radio show, songs titles such as "Did I Shave My Vagina for This" and "God Has Lodged a Tenant in My Uterus" prettymuch tell the story -- shock/schlock Mojo Nixon-style, sophomoric white trash parody set to vintage twang and between-song comedy bits. Lang and company bring the show to town tonight. The Earl (Trammell)

PETER BROTZMANN'S CHICAGO TENTET +2 -- Like the All-Star Game of free jazz, acclaimed veteran saxophonist Brotzmann brings the cream of the crop of improvisizers to town, each renowned for individual achievements. Mostly Chicago improvisers, with some Europeans and a pair of New York players on board for this tour only, they are: reed players Ken Vandermark, Mars Williams and Mats Gustafson; brass blowers Joe McPhee, Roy Cambell and Jeb Bishop; bassists William Parker and Kent Kessler; cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm; and percussionists Hamid Drake and Michael Zerrang. A once-in-a-lifetime event. Variety Playhouse (Khalid)

[ CL'S noted acts for thursday.29 ]

CHOPPER JOHNSON -- This local trio plays an amalgamation of classic rock/pop with a hopeful eye turned towards alternative radio. They're at their best when they forgo obvious commercial overtures in favor of lighthearted wackiness. As such, their best tune is "Clark Griswold," a good-natured paean to the Chevy Chase character in those nutty Vacation movies. Smith's Olde Bar (Robertson)

KTV LIVE -- The lineup at poetic madman Mikel K's monthly circus includes Clock and the Radio, a new band fronted by Clark Vreeland (the talent behind the enduring 1995 local CD Years in Exile). Other performers include Mary Delaney (singing and reading from her book The Art of Recovery), Johnny Roulette (reading from his Holy Bull), Kodac Harrison, Melanie the Mad Amazon, Dave Sloan and others. No smoking, no alcohol, no cover charge. If Coffeehouse (Nicoll)

MAN'S RUIN -- Once an all-female Oi! punk outfit, local quartet Man's Ruin recently admitted drummer Angry Ian into its inner-circle, apparently granting him amnesty from the forthcoming ruin the band plans to inflict on males everywhere. Tonight's show is a CD release party for the group's second full-length, Gossip, Rumors and Lies, released on Helen of Oi! Records, an ideal home for the group if ever there was. 9 Lives Saloon (Sarig)

MUDCAT -- See Talkin' Blues on p. 92. Comeaux's Louisiana Grill & Bar/Alpharetta (Powell)

RAVE VIBES -- Raising social, not just spiritual, conscience, Heavenly Starz and Spirit Productions present some of Atlanta's drum 'n' bass and trance favorites -- including Ulises and Christian Michael, as well as some unsung DJs -- to gather canned food, clothing and other donations for Atlanta Homeless Shelters. Globe Theater (Ware)

SINS OF LUST, 5 MORE DEAD, LESLIE FISH, MORNINGSTAR -- Theatrical goth rockers Sins of Lust stage a loud, colorful performance during the opening night of DragonCon, following a chilling curtain-raiser show by 5 More Dead. Much earlier in the day, noted folksinger (or "filksinger," as the kids wearing Trek T-shirts call 'em) will perform an hour's worth of material, including what's promised as the weekend's only live rendition of her cult classic "Banned From Argo." Also on tap: Morningstar, self-described progressive rockers who certainly possess many of the hallmarks of that much (and some would say justly) maligned genre. But despite some long-winded songs, their mellow piano-based tunes boast real, honest-to-God melodies, and therefore recall late period Talk Talk much more than the heaving, pseudo-classicism of Yes or ELP. Kind of like a bipolar collaboration between Rick Wakeman and Ben Folds. DragonCon/Hyatt Regency Downtown (Nicoll/Robertson)

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