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AK1200, DJ ICEY --Officially, this is the three-year anniversary of Vinyl Boy's Playhouse, but it might as well be called When Floridians Attack. Headlining are AK1200 with MC Navigator -- whose rub-a-dub rinsing style of hot-steppers, rewinds and rhymes was recently captured on a volume of Moonshine's Mixed Live -- and DJ Icey, arguably the world's biggest proponent of funky breaks. Icey brings with him Zone Records labelmates and fellow breakers Baby Anne and Gumbee. And there's also DJ Santana for the more headstrong. Trance, happy hardcore and more jungle are also presented by a host of local and regional favorites in three separate arenas. Masquerade (Ware)

BENEFIT FOR THE GEORGIA CENTER FOR CHILDREN -- A mixed bag of local favorites including Caroline Aiken, Matthew Kahler, Jennifer Daniels, Keith Naylor, Michael Magno, Wakeman and Willner, Tammy Fowler, Greta Lee and a few surprises join together to raise money and awareness for the Georgia Center for Children, an organization which serves sexually abused children of DeKalb and Fulton counties. During the first two hours, all ages are admitted. A long evening of entertainment for only a $10 donation. Eddie's Attic (Smith)

BIG SANDY & HIS FLY-RITE BOYS -- As Sandy continues to expand his musical repertoire with the recent release of the blues-inflected Night Tide (Hightone), his never-ending road trip brings the band back to Atlanta. Sandy is one classy gentleman, and his energetic performances are always wonderful. The girls will swoon and the guys will bob their heads, and everyone will have a swinging time. Star Bar (James Kelly)

BOB MARLEY TRIBUTE -- Celebrating the musical legacy and life of reggae legend Bob Marley, community radio station WRFG kicks off this two-day event with a reggae dancehall session featuring Changez Disco, Mighty Samson and Unity Sounds. A-HOP/West End (Hutchinson)

BOETZ -- See listing for Feb. 15. Hard Rock Cafe (Ware)

JUNIOR BROWN -- A Playhouse favorite, Austin, Texas, guitar talent Junior Brown fearlessly crosses the tracks that separate country, surf-rock and psychedelia. He's an enigmatic persona and an eclectic musician, armed with a movie star cowboy hat, a self-made double-neck "guit-steel" guitar and a more than slightly warped ("semi-crazy," that is) sensibility. Variety Playhouse (Powell)

CANDELA, THE ACCUSATIONS -- Candela continue their "play every dive in the Southeast" tour, packing Lysol, mace and a canon of explosive material. Attention slobbering losers: These girls can, will and have kicked ass much badder than yours, so be a man for once and stay back. Tonight the mavens of metallic madness reign over a Radiant City reunion of sorts, as the drummer (Candela's Mickey) and the bassist (the blues-popping Accusations' Paul) from that fine, underappreciated and lamentably deceased pop band finally share a bill. Somber Reptile (Smith)

THE CLOSE, CASIONOVA, AMERICAN DREAM -- Tonight's Moodswing Records showcase features a double dose of scenester David Railey. His thinly veiled solo project American Dream starts off playing selections from their recent album, Cone of So. Then Railey takes the stage again with Casionova. Joining the fun are Renee Nelson from Aphelon, Kat Gass from BOB and Macha consort Keith Crutchfield. The Close play an all-too-rare set of their beautifully de-constructed pop gems. Chocolate Kiss also perform. The Earl (Smith)

DIRTY DOZEN BRASS BAND, JACOB FRED JAZZ ODYSSEY -- The Dozen, long a fixture of rollicking New Orleans celebrations, recently got a jolt of rock "credibility" via associations with the Black Crowes, Widespread Panic and Medeski Martin & Wood. But they've always colored outside the lines that divide genres. At home with acid jazz or parade march, the Dozen just want to party your funky ass. The Jazz Odyssey also want to funk you; it just takes them longer to finally get around to it. The noodlers claim to be "a conduit to the higher being." More like a conduit to the bong. Smith's Olde Bar (Smith)

HOWARD AND THE WHITE BOYS -- In a genre whose history is black and blues, Howard and the White Boys isn't a very politically correct name. But past their moniker is a steady rhythm section and soul-influenced blues act who work riffs from "I Want Candy," "Voodoo Chile" and "Superstition" into their 12-minute "Bo Diddley" jam. These cats of many colors are crowd pleasing not teasing. Chip's/Winder (Ware)

PAM HOWE -- Howe, who fronts popular local bands pH Balance and Ramadamafia, celebrates the release of her second solo CD, The Sky Is Me, with tonight's performance. A limited-edition handprinted deal, the disc combines all of what we've come to expect from Howe -- acoustic funk, New Age hip-hop, sultry pop and Beat poetry -- for an understated, though often impressive, effort. Joining her tonight is 'Mafia bandmate Bret Busch, underground rap favorite D.R.E.S. and DJ I-Lash (that's Howe herself) on the ones and twos. Eyedrum (Sarig)



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