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ALASTOR, AJAX HEAVIES, TENTILFOUR -- Why pit three very different bands against each other and call it a fair contest? Literate and rocking Alastor is an engaging and solid trio led by songwriter/journalist Elizabeth Elkins, with pop-culture encyclopedia Scott Roberts on drums. Ajax Heavies' slick mix of technology and shiny shirts might go over well with the Buckhead crowd. The Heavies offer light, well-scrubbed '90s-style guitar pop with keyboards and loops. Tentilfour is an all-inclusive mix of rock, funk and jazz, with the kind of jamming that drunken frat guys seem to love. Let's hope the judges aren't wearing beer goggles tonight. CJ's Landing (Smith)

CINDY LOU HARRINGTON & SHOWDOWN -- Harrington is a dynamic, high-energy country/pop siren who kicks out witty numbers such as "Male Fraud" (every bit as clever as its title) and the anthemic "Rock My Country Till My Country Rocks." She's backed for this gig by her full band, Showdown, a seasoned team of Nashville-quality sidemen. Knoxville-based folkie Emily Shane opens. Eddie's Attic (Nicoll)

GOOD CHARLOTTE -- Ear-friendly pop-punk with easy teen appeal, Good Charlotte is a throwback to the days of authentic youthful identification. With light-hearted but earnest tales of high school frustration and coming of age, the band has been stealing space in Teen People away from their pre-fab boy band contemporaries. PlanetJam Cotton Club (Hutchinson)

DON HENLEY, JILL SOBULE -- As one of the principal songwriters on the biggest selling album ever, it's not surprising that ex-Eagle Don Henley flew under the radar for the last 11 years, preferring to add to his bulging bank account from a phoned-in reunion. Touring behind a solid but hardly inspiring new album, expect a professional, entertaining show with some hits, some new stuff and an ingratiating performance that'll give the yuppies what they came to hear. Plucky Jill Sobule's perky stage presence and peppy folk-pop probably won't hold the attention of those whose limo drivers drop them off early. Fox Theater (Horowitz)

HOT AUGUST KNIGHTS, TON O' HONEY -- The hard-rocking Neil Diamond tribute band continues its month-long Wednesday residency. The joke may be wearing a little thin by now, but the Knights have certainly sweetened the deal this week by adding heavy-duty bluesrock act Ton o' Honey to the program. Star Bar (Nicoll)

WEAKLAZYLIAR, NILLAH -- It's a two-trio show: Weaklazyliar is a laid-back, Sundays-inspired band that recalls the best of lighter '80s pop; Nillah detonates like firecrackers fueled by riffing Rickenbackers. Both bands feature dynamic female vocalists. A sugar-coma could be in your future, but it might feel so good getting there that you'll welcome the malady. Smith's Olde Bar (Smith)BLIND WILLIE'S: Chicago Bob and the Shadows

BRANDYHOUSE: Adam Nitti, Jeff Sipe & Steve Cunningham

BRIDGES: Piano with Bruce



CHAMBER: Vega with DJ Phoenix - progressive trance and breaks


CJ'S LANDING: Top-Of-The-Tree II featuring Alastor, the Ajax Heavies, Tentilfour

DARK HORSE TAVERN : New Talent Night with Nothing Simple, Sipja, Petting Zoo

DARWIN'S: Open Blues Jam hosted by the Blues Barons

EARL: Long Wave, Persona, Jolene

ECLIPSE DI LUNA: Charlie Williams (acoustic swing band)

EDDIE'S ATTIC: Cindy Lou Harrington, Emily Shane

FAT MATT'S RIB SHACK: The Electromatics


40 WATT CLUB-ATHENS: Guff, Hunter Gatherer, American Mutts, Donkey Punch

FOX THEATER: Don Henley, Jill Sobule

FUZZY'S: Mike Veal

KARMA: Cream

KASTAWAYS: Motor City Josh

KAYA: Wind Down Wednesday - live jazz, spoken word, poetry

LIBBY'S: Eileen Fulton

LUBY'S: Mr. T's Live Trivia

MARY'S: Music videos with DJ Jigsaw

METROPOLITAN BAR: Metropolitan Wednesdays

9 LIVES SALOON: X-Impossibles going away party with Bitch, Crankenstein, Elliott Michaels


NORTHSIDE TAVERN: Daniel "Mudcat" Dudeck

PEASANT UPTOWN: The Steven Charles Jazz Duo

PHUNKY PHISH: Acoustic Cafe

PLANETJAM COTTON CLUB: Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Darling Machine

SMITH'S OLDE BAR: Weaklazyliar, Nillah

SOMBER REPTILE: Main Street East, Mike Hartnet, Morgan Wood, Entropy


STAR BAR-L5P: Hot August Knights, Ton O' Honey

VININGS INN: Ian Schumacher



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