David Peisner: I found your article interesting in the fact that you have, in my opinion, equated revolution with album sales (Vibes, "The emperor's new leather jacket," Nov. 20).

I guess there's nothing inherently wrong with that perspective given the last "real" revolution in this country, I believe, was that god-awful time called the '60s. Looking back, there were some valid revolutionaries changing the face of music despite album sales, i.e. Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, etc. It's no wonder most people in my generation look back to the '60s and early '70s with such disdain. The "revolutionaries" of yesteryear are more concerned now with their 401ks and how they will fit their collective big heads through the door of their ivory tower conference rooms.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed your article and agreed with most of it, however, let middle rural America keep their Creeds and P.O.D.s and Justin Timberlakes, fine by me.

Rock writers and critics have been killing rock 'n' roll for the last 30 years or so and will continue to. That is the real reason why there will never be another revolution. Screw the album sales.

Thank God there are the Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse, Mercury Rev and scores of others who are constantly changing and tweaking the wasteland we refer to as rock music. As long as Americans continue to be spoon-fed by the media, there will be no real revolution, because we are too afraid to think for ourselves.

-- Chris Cox, Decatur

Where's the better brand?
John Sugg: I just read your Fishwrapper, having been impressed with last week's analysis of the elections. But, I think I just might go back to reading "News of the Weird," "The Blotter" and the cartoons with an occasional scan of Hollis and Jane if all you can come up with is slamming acknowledged irrelevancies as the AJC and CL ("To hell with the AJC -- and CL," Nov. 20).

When has CL ever been relevant? In the 29 years I have lived in Atlanta, I have rarely seen anything that has gone beyond intriguing headlines and off-beat sensationalism with occasional spikes of social concern and pretty uninformed exposes. I would love to read a better brand of journalism in Atlanta. Something that could take on the New York Times or The Economist on their better days. But, I am not holding my breath. That will happen when good journalism becomes more of a draw than the lurid T&A ads for implants that stoke the profits of your employer and provide you with a paycheck.

I really hope that you still have a job next week. If you do, then tweek your boss's nose a bit harder and try for something really meaningful in your next Fishwrapper. There are many causes and wrongs to be righted in this not-so-peachy state of ours. Open your eyes, quit bitching -- use the bully-pulpit while you can!

-- Jon Carlsten, Atlanta

Where is it?
Scanning CL senior editor John Sugg's piece, "To hell with the AJC -- and CL," (Fishwrapper, Nov. 20). I came across his statements that Jim Wooten is "a Republican shill," and that Cynthia Tucker and Jay Bookman are "moderates." That was enough to dismiss his whole screed. If I'm looking for absurdities, there are plenty out there that are at least well written.

But then I noticed that Sugg wrote, "our raison d'etre is ... cash flow -- not The Truth." A-ha! No doubt he would follow up by declaring that he was quitting such a money-grubbing, capitalistic, prevaricating publication. After all, no true socialist values his salary over the Cause. So I gritted my teeth and read every solecistic sentence, searching for his resignation declaration. Somehow he neglected to include it. Maybe next issue.

-- Walter Inge, Atlanta

Hear our voice
(In response to Fishwrapper, "To hell with the AJC -- and CL," Nov. 20): John Sugg: Good article, but if you're wondering where the underground has gone, you'll find it right here on the Web. There are thousands of us out there, we're disorganized and powerless, but we have voices and we're not afraid to use them. And all of us are watching in disbelief at what's going on in this country in politics and in the so-called "mainstream media."

The question is, how long will this be available to us? Any government capable of this PATRIOT Act/Homeland Security crapola is certainly capable of preventing fair use of any communicative technology for anyone but their corporate sponsors and messengers.

As for the Democratic Party, let's face facts, even if they did have a message they wouldn't be able to get it out to anyone, unless of course it's done with the prerequisite sneer reserved for anything that contradicts the corporate ideology. Look at what happened to Dems at the service for Paul Wellstone -- all we heard was how shocked the pundits were at such "blatant political activity." Liberal media, my ass.


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