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Step aside 

(In response to Fishwrapper, "To hell with the AJC -- and CL," Nov. 20): The problem with endorsing a third-party candidate is, well, we live in America. A non-established nobody is not only not going to win, but will pull voters from a more conservative but at least somewhat liberal candidate. This is all politics 101 (more like remedial, maybe a 99) but why in the flippity fuck people keep voting for Green Party candidates who have no shot in hell is a quandry. I want to scream at them, "Don't you get it!? A vote for Nan Garrett only takes votes away from Roy Barnes, therefore electing Perdue!"

Now I think Barnes definitely owed some answers to the public about his Northern Arc dealings, etc., but liberal-minded individuals who voted for Garrett helped put Perdue in the governor's office. Why can't people accept that our two-party system excludes these sort of voting habits?

I'm not saying a third-party candidate can't win or third-party candidates shouldn't run. But Garrett had no chance of winning, she knew she had no chance of winning, the people voting for her knew she had no chance of winning, she didn't campaign to win the fucking job! She campaigned to challenge the other candidates on issues that are important or should be considered and either weren't addressed or addressed in an unfavorable way by the leading candidates.

But when the game is up, she should have stepped aside and endorsed whatever candidate closely supported the issues she brought to the forefront in her own campaign, not run on the ballet and pull voters away from Barnes with no shot of being elected. When are people going to realize this?

I'm not saying that changing the system is the answer. Hell, maybe it is. I am all for alternative candidates campaigning on issues that aren't being addressed by leading candidates and bringing forward important information and forcing other candidates to take stands on these issues. But when it comes down to voting they should step back and not fracture the vote when they know they have no chance in hell of winning.

-- Brad Carter, Atlanta

Whiny baby
I couldn't help but smile smugly at Jeff Berry's last column, where he did nothing but bitch about rednecks and Klansmen and the flag, whining like a baby over his Democrats' defeat (News & Views, "Redneck rampage," Nov. 20). Jeff, why don't you read some of the other articles written by your fellow Loaf writers to find out why the Democrats really lost, rather than blame some "sleeping giant redneck" who's stomping across the state. Pathetic. As an FYI, I voted for Perdue and I like the new flag. Where do I fit in with your racist white man conspiracy?

-- Jeff Ballentine, Atlanta

Rock 'n' roll here to stay
David Peisner: Good article regarding the never-developing garage rock revolution (Vibes, "The emperor's new leather jacket," Nov. 20). When bands that suck, like the Strokes, are leading a media-proclaimed "next best thing," it is sure to fail. The Vines and the Hives have some gusto and play loud raucous rock 'n' roll while the Strokes muddle through their middle-of-the-road pabulum, which, as you point out, does not sell to meat-and-potatoes rock fans, not just in the rural areas but in the metro areas as well.

Rock 'n' roll has never gone away, nor will it. It will always exist like the air and water. Being born in 1965, I could not imagine a world without it. If Rolling Stone wants to proclaim rock is back, they could easily do so with zero room for argument by putting Gov't Mule on the cover. That is what the 36-year-old rock fan is listening to.

-- Mike Merck, Suwanee

Michael, thank you for your well-written and timely article, "The founding of the Atlanta Five," (News & Views, Nov. 13). In an age of media dominance by corporate interests, it is refreshing to find the kind of coverage you have provided.

-- Bo Chagnon, Atlanta

Learn something new
(In response to Vibes, "The crossover legend endures," Nov. 13): Lee Smith did a great job with this legend, proving again what an asset Ray Charles is to everyone, but adding new info to what I knew based on doing good background research. That sure brought respect for the interviewer from Mr. Charles and made a fascinating read. How smart to ask for and get ownership of his '50s masters! Kudos to Smith, another pro job from one of your top writers.

-- Mike Whitney, Hayesville, N.C.

Take three
In the Nov. 13 Fishwrapper ("Democrats: the new third party"), Mr. Sugg whipped up a fire-and-brimstone vision of the Republican damnation that is to come. But he forgot to mention that the evil Republicans will also vote to kill puppies, ban rainbows and reveal the ugly truth about Santa Claus to every child in the country.

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