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Should the season be referred to as 'autumn' or 'fall'?

Rahmeek: Fall just sounds like you're falling. Boom. I'm hitting the ground. I've known a couple of females named Autumn. I've never met a female named Fall. Autumn has a nicer ring to it. It kind of gives you more of an intelligent feel. When you say autumn, the tongue hits the roof of your mouth. It flows better. So for linguistic purposes, it sounds like you're reaching into a deeper part of your brain. Fall sounds more warrior-type. Autumn is poetry.

Kat: Never liked autumn. Way too complicated. It's smarmy and posh. Autumn is a "trying to sound fancier than we are" word. Just call it what it is -- fall. It is my favorite season, so I'm a little picky. I don't think we use autumn down here in the South. Fall is fall. Spring is not called, like, sarsaparilla. It's Yankees who say autumn. It's old-fashioned literature that says autumn. It's fall.

Steve: Fall. It appeals more to the common man, and I'm a man of the people. It's less hoity-toity. Leaves fall straight on the street where the common man walks around. Autumn -- who knows what's going on in those high buildings where they are staring down on us? Autumn is somewhat elitist, but I'm not here to pick a fight. I grew up with fall. Leaves fall, simple concept. I dated a hot chick named Autumn. Brings back great memories. I prefer fall. One's a football season. The other's a hot chick.


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