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T-SPLOST Yes or No: Readers document their commute 

Jonathan Weidman
My commute goes something like this
Lorna Subramanien
I bike to work every day. Logged almost 1,500 miles with the Clean Air Campaign.
Joshua R. Woiderski
I get to and from work most days by run commuting. I started a blog about it just over a year ago and found that there are a decent handful of runners in Atlanta doing it as well.
Joshua R. Woiderski
It's a great way to get your run in without cutting into your free time.
Jett Marks
Here are photos of three bike commuters. Full disclosure, these photos are from National Bike to Work Day on May 18, but all three women in the photos (Jessica Moore in blue, myself in red, and Kathryn Brown in yellow) bike to work every day, not just on Bike to Work Day.
Jett Marks
I love these pictures so much because they show women can be whatever they want on their bikes (to work) - athletic or stylish, or a bit of both! We couldn't have had a better photo had we planned it (it wasn't planned), matching our fashion to our bikes and representing the three primary colors.
David Donnell
There's no way that a single photo or even 50 photos could express the hell that I go through morning and evening to get from Loganville to Buckhead. So here's a map that shows exactly why and where my commute is hell.
April Leigh
Louis Rice
Ponce at Fairview. My daily commute is 6.3 miles, with 23 traffic lights. I usually have to stop at 15 of them. Generally takes 20-25 minutes each way.
Adrienne Gutknecht
Dan Nadolny
I had a hard time deciding the most representative photo of my commute, so I'm including the best of 'em.

The driving portion. Low on gas, not moving, but still compelled to "Keep On Truckin".
Dan Nadolny
5 - The walking portion. Stand to the right or die!
Dan Nadolny
The riding portion. Danger and waffles are always lurking.
Rob Wonder
This is my late '80s Spanish Derbi Variant Start moped glistening in the early morning sun while enjoying the Atlanta skyline. I love the smell of Motul in the morning.
Emily Grim
I've been working downtown at a nonprofit organization this year, and am a proud weekday train commuter. I took this picture riding home from Five Points to Decatur at about 4 in the afternoon on a Wednesday. I'm not going to lie: I feel a little smug every afternoon as my train car passes the inevitable crush of traffic in the stretch between the Georgia State and King Memorial stops. Despite arguments from some of my car-dependent acquaintances, riding MARTA to and from work every day allows me to relax, decompress, and enjoy 20 minutes of not having to concentrate on anything but my book.
Kevin Thompson
All I ride are mopeds rain or shine. Not to be confused with scooters. I get together with my moped group the Swoop Jockeys every Tuesday evening and Sunday morning for recreational fun rides as well.
April Leigh
April Leigh
Kyler Johnson
My commute
Rachel Poretsky
I take my bike to work every day. Sometimes I have to take it on MARTA.
Rachel Poretsky
One of my favorite parts is when I pass the Reservoir on Howell Mill. Even though it's behind a chain-link fence, I still like to pretend that I'm biking along a pretty lake instead of on a terrible street with no shoulder and grumpy drivers. Sometimes the clouds or sunsets are just so stunning, especially with the downtown skyline in the distance. I am grateful that I don't zip past in a car and so can take it all in.
Rachel Poretsky
When I get to work, I park my bike in the hallway with those belonging to my co-workers.
I've attached a picture of "my commute."
Ron Harris
12 steps from bedroom to office
On days when I can bike to work at Clayton State, I use the "ToMorrow" tunnel under Jonesboro Road/SR 54. One must still ride through the grass to use one side of it, but eventually it will be tied in to Morrow's trail system. This phone cam view was taken a few days after they had a ribbon cutting there.
Nicole Jayne
Carpooling with my husband from Midtown during the rain storms on Monday. What you don't see here is my bike stuffed the back of the car. This summer weather has led to lots of biking into work, and lots of car rides home.
Hall Penn
Here are some photos from my commute. I run from Inman Park up to Buckhead for work a good bit. It's a little over 6 miles each way. I pretty much run or take MARTA.
Hall Penn
Eric Hovdesven
First is me looking down at the connector and not worrying about it because I took the train. Other is the MARTA medical center station Red Line in the snow, another station I use sometimes.
Amber Raley
Here is a picture I took of my bike commute the other day. I live in Decatur and bike to Midtown. On this day I decided to go straight down Peachtree because I was going downtown before heading home. I happened to stop at the red light at Ponce de Leon just in front of the Fox Theatre and snapped this photo. I didn't know you were doing this project, but I think this just happens to be the type of picture you are seeking.
Laura Horton
I MARTA it up daily.
Eric Hovdesven
Chamblee Station Pics MARTA Gold line where I catch the train in the morning.
Sarah Biasiolli
Carl Holt
Waiting for the train at Five Points station.
Marie Bobel
On 7.18.12, MARTA lost electricity in the afternoon so everyone on the eastbound train had to get off at King Memorial. Only options at that point were to jostle with the crowds trying to get on the buses, wait it out or walk. We walked. Down DeKalb Ave, in the rain, in the mud, dodging cars. My 8 mile commute from work to home took one hour and 45 minutes that night.
Cooper Starr
My commute on the Beltline in Reynoldstown
Leigh Anne Anderson
Hollowell Parkway westbound at S. Eugenia. A nice, oasis-like stretch of my commute home that doesn't look too rundown.
Jeff Hajek
Commute on I-85. I like to think the light in the sky is the ray of hope for the referendum to pass :)
Katie Christof
This is south on 400 at the Lenox on ramp after an accident occurred an hour before at University Avenue on the connector. I actually put my car in park for a while. Two hours to get from 400/285 to Grant Park. My usually commute is at least 45 minutes.
Leigh Anne Anderson
Hollowell Parkway eastbound at Marietta Blvd/Bankhead MARTA Station. The construction has been there since January, but it actually has zero effect on traffic patterns, which makes me wonder if it was even needed (road widening).
Tulia Scott Photography
Deanna Dennis
Morning on the MARTA train from North Avenue to Five Points.
Frank Fuerst
My commute down Peachtree Street through Buckhead
Bradley Deckert
This is what my walk in to the office looks like on a cloudy morning in Midtown.
Chelsea Zakas
I commute via bicycle to work and school (downtown) from East Atlanta Village by taking back roads through Reynoldstown, Edgewood, and Old Fourth Ward. This picture is of the view I see leaving the house every morning ... hope ya like it!
Jett Marks
Here's one of my bike just after I arrived at work. His name is Maximilien Powers, he has a mustache on the front and a T-SPLOST bike sail on the back :)
Tom Tomaka
I bicycle daily from my home in Virginia-Highland to my downtown office at the Clean Air Campaign.
Lee Beasley
Here's a self-portrait taken along Auburn Avenue on my afternoon commute from CNN Center to my home in Virginia-Highland for your bike commute photos.
Mike Bradley
Here's my view coming home from work on my bike as I ride down Bernina Avenue coming from Freedom Park Trail. Feels like my own personal welcome back to the neighborhood.
Eric Moran
Yeah bloody hell..
Eric Moran
Yeah bloody hell..
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