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The bad cops club 

Here's how you get in: Drive like a madman, abuse an inmate or shoot a civilian. Here's how you get kicked out ... wait a second, you can't get kicked out

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The driver wrote a letter to the sheriff's department that day, stating he was concerned about what might happen the next time Jones got angry with someone. "I do not feel he is in enough control to make a proper judgment or decision," the driver wrote, "and the outcome could be much more serious."

Two years later, an inmate claimed Jones caught him drinking water out of a faucet in a mop closet and punished him by squeezing his throat and punching the right side of his head. Jones didn't fill out a report on the incident; he denied it occurred.

But when Jones took a lie detector test a month later and said he didn't assault the inmate, the test showed he wasn't telling the truth.

Jones got a written warning. The letter made reference to past physical abuse allegations and stated: "Severe disciplinary actions will be taken if another incident like this shall occur."

A month after the mop closet assault, another inmate found himself in a dark utility room with Jones. The inmate alleged that Jones brought him there because the deputy thought the inmate had cursed about the television being turned off.

In the utility room, Jones hit the inmate in the head and kicked him, the inmate claimed. Although Jones disputed that he touched the inmate, he did tell investigators that he took him to the utility room to strip search and counsel him. Jones said that after the counseling, he brought the inmate to the jail clinic.

"So you had to strip search him to find out why he used profane language?" internal affairs Sgt. Graham asked Jones, according to a 16-page transcribed interview.

"I had to strip search him before I dealt with him," Jones answered. "As I said already, for my own safety."

A few questions later, Graham asked, "So you didn't know whether he had any weapons on his body ... yet you removed him from the [cell] with no handcuffs on, took him down the hall into a utility room alone ... and strip searched him, alone?"

"Right," Jones said.

When asked why he took the inmate to the clinic, Jones said, "That was just precaution or formality because I'm not able to determine if he had some injuries or not."

"Why would he have received any injuries?" Graham asked. "All you did was took [sic] him down to the corridor and strip searched him. Correct?"

"Why ... As I said, it was just done as a precaution so I don't know if he received any injuries or not when I placed him against the wall. I don't know what he was gon' say, so I took him."

Again, a lie detector test was scheduled. Again, Jones said he didn't hit the inmate. Again, he failed.

Although the sheriff had written in a past letter that Jones might face dismissal if he hit someone else and failed to be truthful about it, he received only a five-day suspension.

Burst eardrum No. 2

  • Deputies Jones and Johnson were working the 3-11 p.m. shift together Aug. 10, 1999, when an inmate named Rodney Hubbard stepped up to the "pipe" -- the intercom between the floor of the jail and the tower where the two deputies stood guard.

    Hubbard was doing janitorial work under Jones' watch. He asked to use the bathroom.

    "Didn't I tell you I'm not gonna let you use the fucking bathroom?" Jones yelled, according to the inmate's statement to internal affairs. "You always have to use the bathroom every time you come up here."

    "This is fucked up," Hubbard answered. "I can't use the bathroom?"

    Jones ordered Hubbard into the tower. "Who in the fuck do you think you are talking to?" Jones started screaming, according to Hubbard. Jones grabbed Hubbard's face, the inmate claimed, and punched the left side of his head.

    Hubbard said Johnson and Sgt. Debra Jackson watched. When Jones let go of him, he said, "I should kick your motherfucking ass."

    "For what?" answered Hubbard. He claimed he realized at that moment there was something wrong with his left ear.

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