The Blotter: Something fishy at the Georgia Aquarium 

SOMETHING FISHY: A woman from Plantation, Fla., said she visited the Georgia Aquarium one Friday afternoon. It was crowded when she arrived, she said. About an hour later, she said she noticed that her diamond-and-gold tennis bracelet had been stolen. (It's worth about $2,000.) No suspects.

SOMETHING FISHY, Part II: A 56-year-old woman from Huntington, W.Va., said she visited the Georgia Aquarium one Saturday afternoon. She said she was looking at the fish and tried to step in between two people in wheelchairs. She said a man moved his wheelchair toward her. The woman said she jumped back and away from the man. She said the woman in the wheelchair apologized, and she kept looking at the fish. The West Virginia woman said as she attempted to leave, the man in the wheelchair said, "I will run over you with this wheelchair for spite, you __ bitch." (The blank word is the West Virginia woman's race.) The woman said she felt the comment was a hate crime threat, so she contacted security. An off-duty police officer talked to the woman, who demanded that a citation be issued. The officer questioned the man in the wheelchair, and he denied making the comment. The woman said she wanted citations issued to both of them so she could have her day in court. The woman contacted Atlanta police and said the off-duty officer refused to arrest her or the man in the wheelchair. A police report was filed. No charges.

VOTER TROUBLE: A 29-year-old man went to a police precinct to report his identification card stolen but he didn't recall where or when it was stolen. "[The man] advised that when he tried to vote for 2008 election, he was informed that he already voted in Albany, Ga." Police told him to get in touch with the Georgia Secretary of State, and gave him a contact phone number.

JAVA JOLT: A Macon man said he was driving on North Highland Avenue when a woman in a white Mazda stopped in the middle of the road. The Macon man said he made a gesture by throwing both his hands up, and they got into a verbal spat. He said a male passenger got out of the Mazda and threw a cup of hot coffee on him -- and the coffee splashed on his head, shirt, and the canvas of his convertible (a green 1976 MG). He said the male passenger hopped back into the Mazda and the woman drove away. Apparently, he followed them to the intersection of North Highland and St. Charles avenues -- and he and the woman exchanged words again. The Macon man said he called 911 and told the woman to wait for police to arrive. The woman reportedly walked toward his car and said, "Look, your hands are shaking, you look like you are afraid." He said she got back into the car and drove away.

JAVA JOLT, PART II: At Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, a 39-year-old man said he was holding a cup of coffee while he waited for his luggage at the baggage claim carousel. He said another man walked into his cup of coffee, spilling it on himself and got upset and yelled and screamed at him. The 39-year-old man said he walked away from the angry man. But several minutes later, he said, the angry man came back and slapped the coffee out of his hand, spilling coffee all over the 39-year-old man. He said the angry man yelled and screamed at him again. Police arrived and arrested the angry man, age 54, on a disturbing the peace charge.

SERIOUSLY SORRY: A 43-year-old woman said her live-in boyfriend got angry because she refused to have sex with him in the morning -- and he slapped her face several times. "She said she was going to leave him, and then he started to apologize and said he would cut himself with a razor to prove he was sorry," a police officer wrote. The woman said she waited for a while and told her boyfriend that she was going to the store. She actually went to a friend's house and called 911. The boyfriend, age 35, was charged with simple battery and went to jail.

SIGNS THE ECONOMY SUCKS, No. 279: At an Internet company on Peachtree Street, a manager reported about 40 Herman Miller chairs missing from the fourth floor. (The chairs are worth $1,000 each, for a total of $40,000.) The security guard said the manager requested an employee badge report for a certain time period, because the area in question has limited access. The security guard reported an unusual amount of badge activity for one company employee, a 43-year-old man. "Surveillance video also shows [the employee] entering the fourth floor and removing 10 chairs at various times," a police officer wrote. "[The employee] was also captured on video bringing large folded boxes into the building and later removing the boxes, which were packed and labeled for shipment." According to the security guard, the Herman Miller chairs go for about $500-$700 on eBay.

TROUBLE WITH THE LAW: At a Peachtree Avenue apartment complex, the assistant property manager said a female Atlanta police officer had lived in an apartment for free as a "courtesy" deal. However, she said, 1) the police officer kept two pit bulls in the apartment, which violated her lease, and 2) the officer left the apartment a total mess: "serious chunks of dog feces on the wall, on the carpet and in the bathroom." Also, she said, the officer defaulted on her water bills for three months. According to the police report, the manager had made efforts to settle the issues since March, but the officer reportedly failed to pay for the apartment damages and the past-due water bills, all totaling $1,054.65.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.


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