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A female officer and a male officer were on foot patrol at Hartsfield Airport. They saw a 42-year-old man enter the terminal from the MARTA station. The female officer asked the man if he had an airline ticket or any other business at the airport.

The man said no. "This is a bunch of shit and police harassment, it's cold outside," he added.

The female officer said he couldn't stay in the airport.

"I am not going no goddamn place. You have a bad attitude, bitch!" said the man.

The female officer told the man to walk to the police precinct with her. The man became hostile and went back to the MARTA station. Then he became irate, saying the train was no longer running (it was about 4 a.m.). He used profanity toward the female officer.

Reluctantly, he went to the police precinct. "This is a bunch of fucking bullshit!" he shouted.

The female officer noted, "At this time, I attempted to hold onto the rear waist of his slacks to guide him into the back office."

"Get your fucking hands off me, bitch," said the man, who then struck the female officer.

The female officer then hit the man in the shoulder with her police baton. The man kicked and punched while two other officers tried to restrain him, and then he grabbed the female officer's police radio, and wouldn't let go. Eventually, the female officer subdued him with pepper spray.

The man was arrested and taken to jail. The female officer's police radio was damaged, her police shirt torn, and a hole was knocked in the precinct wall.

An officer responded to a disturbance call on Myrtle Drive. A 57-year-old woman, under the influence of alcohol, said she allowed a second woman, age 51, to stay in her apartment since early November but she no longer wanted the woman to stay there. The 57-year-old woman said her roommate wasn't paying rent and was throwing her clothes on the floor in the hall. She told the roommate not to leave her clothes on the floor, but the roommate said she would throw anything she wanted.

The officer wrote in his report, "I told them that they could not throw things around the house." He also told the 57-year-old she would have to get her roommate evicted.

The 57-year-old said if the roommate did not respect her, there would be violence after the police left.

The officer then arrested the 57-year-old woman for acting violent and took her to jail. The roommate who threw her clothes was not arrested.

A 30-year-old man from Peachtree City said he stopped to use the restroom at a location on Cleveland Avenue. He said an unknown man in a blue hat wanted a ride, so he took the suspect to a location on Cleveland Avenue.

When they arrived at the location, the suspect pulled a gun and demanded the 30-year-old's car keys. The 30-year-old gave up the keys and ran away.

Police took the 30-year-old back to Cleveland Avenue where he was held up. There sat his '87 Jeep Wrangler, where he left it. The keys were in the vehicle. The only thing missing was a handheld radio.

An officer went to an apartment on Macon Drive, because two days earlier, a round from a firearm was fired from the apartment into a neighbor's apartment.

The front door to the apartment was wide open, so the officer stepped inside and said, "Atlanta Police, anybody home?"

A 20-year-old woman and a 21-year-old woman -- both with long black hair -- walked down the stairs. The officer asked the women if they lived in the apartment.

"No," said the women, adding they just came inside without permission and used the bathroom.

The women were detained, and two officers secured the apartment.

"While looking under the bed the mattress did not go exactly together and investigation revealed a firearm. A Norinco AK-47 was recovered and a pit bull dog was wedged under the bed in poor condition," wrote the reporting officer.

A total of six dogs were found in the apartment, living in poor condition.

The dogs were taken into custody; the two females were charged with trespassing; and the gun was turned in as evidence.

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