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A male supervisor at a hotel on Peachtree Road said an employee -- a 50-year-old man -- came into work late one morning.

The supervisor confronted the employee about the issue of being late more than 19 times since he was first hired. The employee became irate and tried to choke the supervisor. Shortly thereafter, the employee left.

About three hours later, the employee returned and confronted the supervisor. Again, the employee became irate. This time, he picked up an empty coffeepot and struck the supervisor in the head.

The employee fled. The supervisor was taken to Piedmont Hospital for stitches.

A male employee at a motel on West Peachtree Road said a female had been calling constantly since 12:05 a.m. to get directions to the motel so she could perform a massage on a tenant.

As the female drove closer, she called to request that the gate be opened for her, but the parking lot was full.

The female called the motel 20 times or more, cursing and calling the female desk clerk a bitch. The male employee told the caller that if her behavior didn't change, she wouldn't be allowed into the motel.

The officer noted, "She was called by a tenant who got the number in the Yellow Pages for all-night massages."

A 37-year-old woman on Maynard Court said her ex-boyfriend, age 34, threatened to shoot her and her family during an argument.

According to the woman, the ex-boyfriend also told her the only thing she can do for him is to suck his dick and lick his ass.

The ex-boyfriend denied making the threat. He said he and the ex-girlfriend had an argument about her seeing another man. The officer checked him for weapons and let him go. No charges were filed.

An officer filed the following report: "While on patrol, I saw [a man] standing nex (sic) to a mailbox. As I drove closer I could see that he was standing there urinating. As I got even closer I could see the urian (sic) leaving his body and landing on the mailbox at [a street number] Flamingo Drive. That mailbox is nex (sic) to the city street and in the public view and could be seen by anyone driving down Flamingo Drive."

The man was arrested for urinating in public.

A 49-year-old man with missing teeth was lying on the sidewalk in front of a package store on 2nd Avenue. The man had urinated in his pants and was lying in a pool of urine, which had run over the sidewalk and was trickling down the parking lot.

The man smelled of alcohol, and seemed disoriented. His eyes were red and glassy, and he was unable to walk without assistance.

An officer noted, "Subject was argumentative with officers attempting to provide assistance and demanded a ride home."

Instead, the man was taken to jail for public drunkenness.

A man who lives on 10th Street said at about 10 p.m., a male suspect with a full beard entered his residence through an unlocked back door. The suspect went to the kitchen and took a frozen chicken and pork out of the freezer. Then, the suspect started to walk out the door.

The man who lived there asked the suspect what he was doing.

The suspect replied that he "was hungry."

The suspect left the scene on foot. Police searched the area, but couldn't locate him.

A 19-year-old woman on North Campcreek Parkway said her husband, age 20, tried to get into their apartment. She had locked him out as the result of an argument they had earlier.

She said her husband kicked in the door and the door flew open. The husband entered the apartment, walked to the kitchen, grabbed the microwave and left the apartment.

The wife was not hurt.



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