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At an apartment complex on 10th Street, a 45-year-old woman said a female neighbor knocked on her door. When the 45-year-old opened the door, the neighbor took pictures of her and asked, "Why are you trying to assassinate President Bush?"

The 45-year-old informed her apartment managers of the incident. Another man in the building said the same female neighbor knocked on his door and took pictures of him.

A police officer went to the female neighbor's apartment. She came to the door with a Bible in her hand. She seemed very polite. "When I asked her what the problem was, she said that there were people in the building who were drones and were trying to assassinate President Bush," the officer wrote. "She also said that the teeth in her head were fake and that they were really radio transmitters that sent information to UFOs."

The woman, who was dressed in green clothes, also said the people who gave her medications were trying to kill her, and the medications were to help them take over her mind.

The officer told the woman to stay in her apartment. "Since the suspect was not saying or indicating she was a threat to herself or others, I did not take her to Grady Hospital 13th [psychiatric] floor."

A woman was walking down Parkway Drive when a brown pit-bull jumped on her, ripping her dress and bruising her leg. The woman, age 45, said the dog's owner got smart with her and said the dog was just trying to smell her.

When the woman said she was calling the police, the owner said, "Go ahead, because my dog is on a leash," according to the police report.

Medical personnel came to the scene. The dog owner and dog fled before police arrived.

A 36-year-old woman and her son were walking home from a bus stop on Forrest Park Road. Two neighbors, a 22-year-old woman with a ponytail and a 21-year-old woman with long curly red hair, approached her and started yelling.

According to the 36-year-old, the two women were upset about an alleged fight involving their children the day before. She said the two women jumped her, beat her with fists and hit her repeatedly with a broomstick. Also, her braids were ripped out of her head. The two women were charged with aggravated assault.

On Woodbine Circle, a 40-year-old woman came home one morning and lay down on the sofa. Her brother, age 56, said, "Bitch, you can't sleep here. Go back in that nasty ass room." The sister replied that neither one of them paid bills at the house.

The brother said, "It don't matter. You can't sleep here." The sister grabbed the phone to call 911. The brother snatched the keys to the burglar bar door, went outside and locked her in. He picked up a brick and stood outside the door, only fleeing moments before police arrived.

Early one morning, two women and one man -- all from Gwinnett County -- were at a nightclub on Peachtree Street.

A 22-year-old woman from Duluth was standing between a man from Norcross and a woman from Lawrenceville. Suddenly, the man slapped the Lawrenceville woman.

The Duluth woman told police she saw the slap and at first she thought maybe the Lawrenceville woman was about to pass out and the man was trying to wake her up. When the Lawrenceville woman started crying, she knew something was wrong. She doesn't know why the woman was slapped, but she said it was wrong. The man was charged with simple battery.

A 24-year-old man said he came to Atlanta from Florida to see his ex-girlfriend, age 27. He stayed the night at her place on Main Square to wait on a check he had sent up from Florida. He owed his ex some money, so he planned to give her half the check to live on while he worked to pay her the rest. However, the ex-girlfriend didn't like that idea and grabbed a baseball bat and struck him twice.

He ran outside to his car, in an attempt to flee. She followed and struck at the back windshield twice, but it didn't break. She moved to the left and hit the man again on the arm.

"He asked her to stop and relax -- let's talk about it -- but she refused," wrote the reporting officer. The woman broke out a passenger-side window. A witness said she then walked back into the house as if she was satisfied. The man received minor injuries and the woman was taken to jail.

At a gas station on Metropolitan Parkway, an 81-year-old man flagged down a police officer. The elderly man said a man with dreadlocks and a full beard came up to him and said, "I haven't seen you in a long time." The man hugged the elderly man. During the process, he took the elderly man's wallet out of his front pocket. The elderly man said he didn't know the man and he wasn't hurt. His wallet contained $52.

A plainclothes female officer was standing at a gas station on Mayson Turner Road. She was approached by a 29-year-old man from Lithia Springs who was driving a white pickup truck. "How much for head?" the man asked. That depends, replied the officer.

"Two dollars, two dollars for head," said the man. She motioned for other officers to arrest the man for illegally soliciting sex. A search found three large packages of marijuana in his pockets, and two bags of marijuana in the pants pocket of the passenger, a 19-year-old man from Douglasville.



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