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An officer responded to a dispute between two neighbors on Park Circle. A 36-year-old man said his neighbor keeps throwing lit cigarettes onto his property, where there are a lot of leaves. The female neighbor said they have been fighting for a while. The officer told both of them to stay away from each other and don't touch each other's property.

A 62-year-old woman on Creek Valley Court said her brother called her and said he met a slim 63-year-old man who knows the Bible inside and out. The brother brought the man home to meet the family. The man told the family he had the power to heal and could heal their ailing sister, but he needed money. The 62-year-old woman gave the man $250 cash. The brother gave him $540 cash. The ailing sister gave a check for $100. The man took the money but was unable to cure the sister of diabetes and the man has refused to return numerous calls from the family.

An officer saw a 36-year-old man in a wheelchair occupying a lane of traffic, traveling south on Boulevard near the intersection of Irwin Street. About 30 minutes later, the officer saw the man again, still in a lane of traffic, traveling through the intersection. The man was arrested and charged with "pedestrian walking in roadway" and taken to jail.

A 23-year-old woman on Hardee Street said her ex-boyfriend wouldn't leave her house so she pulled a knife on him. The ex-boyfriend took the knife from her, and cut her right thumb with it. He took off before police arrived. She suffered a minor cut.

A 25-year-old woman was in her car near Lenox Square mall with her boyfriend, a retail worker. They argued, and the boyfriend took her Nokia cell phone and house key. He got out of the car and ran toward the Lenox MARTA station. The reporting officer called the woman's cell phone number, and the boyfriend answered.

The officer reported, "I introduced myself and asked him to return the items." The boyfriend refused and hung up.

In an apartment complex on Peachtree Road, a 73-year-old woman said her neighbor, a 50-year-old heavyset man, assaulted her. She said the neighbor, a heavy drinker, spends a lot of time with another woman who lives in the complex.

This second woman sometimes runs errands for the 73-year-old woman, who is blind and gets around primarily in a wheelchair. Recently, the second woman went to the store, and the 73-year-old woman could not find the toilet paper that she bought for her. She called the woman, and the 50-year-old neighbor answered the phone. The 73-year-old woman thought she was talking to the second woman (she said the male neighbor sounds like a girl). "She asked if he/she could come to her room and help her find the toilet paper," wrote the officer.

The male neighbor went to the 73-year-old's room, found the toilet paper and put it on a table. According to the 73-year-old woman, the neighbor said, "You might smell beer on my breath." Then he grabbed her and kissed her violently. The 73-year-old freed herself by stomping on his bare feet with her shoes. She said afterward she was extremely upset and threw up.

A 46-year-old man said another man approached him near the Kmart on Piedmont Road. The second man was about 50 and wore a Kmart uniform. He said he worked for Kmart and had five extra TV sets to sell. The 46-year-old agreed to pay $1,200 cash for the TVs. He was told to drive his car to the rear of Kmart for delivery of the TVs. While the 46-year-old was waiting for delivery, the second man vanished, along with the cash. Kmart management said the man was a former employee who was fired last spring.

A man left his apartment on Aldridge Street at about 2 p.m. He came back at 9:20 p.m. and discovered that a piece of brick was missing from the stairs and his front door was broken and now open. The only items reported missing: four beefsteaks and a hot wing.

At Kroger on Ponce de Leon Avenue, two security officers called police and said a 44-year-old man had been inside the grocery store for four hours. When they asked him to leave, he went into the men's room and refused to come out. The man was charged with criminal trespass. His silver Mongoose bicycle was turned in as evidence.

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