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In the parking lot of a nightclub on Peachtree Street, an officer saw a 22-year-old man punch a transvestite in the mouth. The officer approached and the 22-year-old fled. But the officer caught him about a half-mile away and found a small bag of suspected marijuana in his pocket.

The officer took the 22-year-old back to the nightclub, so the transvestite could positively identify him, but the transvestite had left. The 22-year-old said he punched the transvestite, who is his boyfriend, because the transvestite ripped his shirt while they were inside the club, causing both of them to be asked to leave the club for 24 hours. The 22-year-old was charged with drug possession and obstructing police.

An arrestee was brought to Grady Hospital for treatment before he was taken to jail. The arrestee, a 47-year-old man, was unruly and uncooperative. He threw a metal urinal on the floor and asked the nurse to pick it up. She retrieved the urinal and placed it beside the bed. Then, he picked up the urinal and threw it at the nurse's head. He was charged with aggravated assault. The nurse was not injured by the flying urinal.

An officer responded to a fight at a store on Peachtree Hills Avenue. The owner, a 36-year-old man, said a male employee pushed him, sprayed beer on him and broke beer bottles inside the store. The incident occurred after the owner confronted the employee about the theft of some wine he found inside the employee's bag. The employee confessed and was taken to jail.

A 23-year-old woman said her hairdresser spent the night at her apartment on Holly Street and left behind his hair curlers when he left the next morning. The hairdresser came back and threatened the woman about returning the hair curlers. She said she was unaware that he left the curlers in the first place. The hairdresser, a thin 28-year-old man, became violent and shoved the woman into her Christmas tree, causing it to break. He then took his hair curlers and left.

At a residence on Ashby Street, a man said a 39-year-old man in a plaid shirt busted one of his car windows with an ax and fled. The officer located the man in the plaid shirt and took him back to the residence on Ashby Street. Then, the first man changed his story: He said the man in the plaid shirt busted his window with a toilet.

The man in the plaid shirt told the officer that both men had been smoking crack all day and the first man wanted to set him up with a girl for some sex. Then, the two men started fighting. The man in the plaid shirt admitted to busting the window with a toilet. The man in the plaid shirt was charged with criminal trespass and fighting; the first man was charged with fighting and false report of a crime.

On Centennial

Olympic Drive, a 34-year-old man said he went to his supervisor's boss to complain about his supervisor. After hearing the complaint, the boss, a heavyset man in brown coveralls, slapped the 34-year-old's face. The boss said, "If you don't get the fuck out of my face, I am going to hurt you." The 34-year-old left.

A 32-year-old man was waiting for a parking space at Lenox Square mall when a dark green Dodge Status snuck into the spot. The 32-year-old flipped off the driver of the Dodge. Then, the 32-year-old drove away, in search of another parking space. After parking, the 32-year-old and a friend started walking toward the mall.

The Dodge driver walked up behind him and yelled, "Hey!" The 32-year-old turned around. The Dodge driver punched him in the face, then got back into the Dodge and drove away. Mall security photographed the cut on the 32-year-old's face, which would require several stitches. A man who witnessed the punch wrote down the tag number of the Dodge, which police traced to a man who lives in North Carolina.

A clerk at a store on Peachtree Street saw an 18-year-old man put a VCR tape in the front of his pants. A security guard stopped him. The 18-year-old admitted to taking the tape, called Black Booty Cam ($56.95). He was charged with shoplifting.

A mother from Macon stayed one night with her daughter, who lives in an apartment on Myrtle Street. The day after the mother left, the daughter went to an ATM and tried to withdraw $10, so she could get something to eat. Her account was unexpectedly overdrawn. She went to her bank, and a clerk told her that several checks had been written against her account. The daughter said six checks were missing from her checkbook; and she remembered that her mother had just visited her.

She called her mother, who admitted to taking the checks. The mother said she had repented to the Lord and he had forgiven her. The daughter said more than $3,000 was taken from her account, and her mother used one check to buy a car in Macon. She wishes to prosecute her mother.

An 89-year-old man said he discovered $3,000 in cash was missing from his apartment on Yates Street. He had hidden his money in a box on a bedroom shelf. The elderly man suspects his girlfriend, a 49-year-old homeless woman. The girlfriend denied taking the money. The elderly man said his girlfriend is a crack addict whom he has dated for about a month.

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