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A 47-year-old man said he was walking from his home on Campbellton Road to a nearby store with a $20 bill in his hand. He was walking with a male acquaintance known as Don Juan. The 47-year-old said Don Juan told him that the $20 bill was counterfeit. The 47-year-old lifted the bill into the air, to see if it was real. Don Juan knocked him to the ground, grabbed the $20 and fled.
Police found Don Juan a few blocks away. The knees of Don Juan's pants were covered with dirt, just as the 47-year-old's were. Don Juan said he and the 47-year-old actually robbed someone of the $20, and they were supposed to meet up later to split the money. Don Juan no longer possessed the $20, but he was arrested for robbery and simple battery.

A woman parked her red Volvo near her home on Greenwood Avenue. When she returned to her car, there were two plastic bags under the wipers, in addition to a sports page with the following message written on it: "I hate your fucking Volvo. Move it. I am bigger than this Volvo. Test me? My girlfriend made me give you a warning. Consider this the last."
The woman said a heavyset man sat down nearby and watched her as she discovered the note. She asked if he saw anything and he smirked and drove away in his older silver Toyota. She said he had "long greasy-type semi-curly brown hair." She didn't see him do anything to her car. But after the note incident, the car would not start and the gas cap was loose.

A 43-year-old man was at IHOP on Peachtree Road. He went to the bathroom to wash his hands. As he entered the bathroom, he accidentally brushed up against a twentysomething man. The twentysomething repeatedly demanded an apology. The 43-year-old refused to apologize. So the twentysomething punched him in the eye. He then fled in a black car.

A man reported that someone vandalized a building on Peachtree Street by writing, "Where is MindSpring -- No support for longtime users. The next message will be dangerous."

A 19-year-old woman on Casnova Avenue got into a fight with her live-in boyfriend, age 37. She told him he couldn't leave with the car. He got mad, pulled out a gun and fired twice in the living room and once in the bedroom. The shot fired in the bedroom traveled through a wall and into a neighbor's bathtub. The boyfriend then left, taking the car. No one was hurt. A 57-year-old man returned to his home on Lowe Street and asked his roommate, a man about 75 years old, why the roommate went into his room. The roommate got upset and struck the 57-year-old in the face with a liquor bottle, which resulted in a cut that required stitches. The elderly roommate fled before police arrived.

At a Burger King on Peachtree Road, a 46-year-old man was in the men's restroom. He noticed that there was no soap in the soap dispenser. He saw a female employee mopping the floor of the women's restroom, and asked her if it was OK to use the soap in the women's restroom. He walked into the women's restroom and slipped on the wet floor, landing on his hip. He told police he would seek medical treatment on his own.

At about 3:45 a.m. an officer was sent to a hotel on Peachtree Street, concerning a man who had been beaten. The man, a 21-year-old from Durango, Colo., had been drinking. He said he was in an elevator with several men, and one man said he looked like a terrorist. Then, the men started to beat him up.
The 21-year-old got off at the hotel lobby to report the incident. A security guard said he was familiar with the suspects, because he had problems with them earlier in the evening. At two different rooms, the 21-year-old refused to make a positive ID of the suspects. He said he recognized one, but then shortly after said he wasn't sure and wanted to be 100 percent right. Then he said -- twice -- that he would rather call the mayor about the incident. No charges were filed.

A 53-year-old woman on Peachtree Road said she put her pills (186 tablets of Dilaudid) in her nightstand drawer. Then, she left her neighbor in her apartment while she went out. When she returned, the pills were gone. The woman said her female neighbor must have slept with the door open and a stranger entered the apartment.

Officers arrested a 29-year-old man at a storage rental facility on Piedmont Road. The man was arrested in connection with a hit-and-run accident. The storage manager told police the man had just paid cash for six months of storage. The man was trying to put a suitcase into storage when he saw the officer. "I ain't in the dope business," he said. The man gave permission for police to search the suitcase. It contained a black plastic bag, which held 76 bundles of money, secured by rubber bands. The money totaled $319,280.
After a search, the drug dog gave a positive sign for the odor of drugs on both the money and the suitcase. The man, who was wearing a sweatsuit, was from Greenville, S.C. Police asked, "What is the source of the cash?" the man said, "About seven years ago, I hit an illegal lottery in South Carolina." He said he won about $150,000. The rest of the money he won in Las Vegas and Biloxi, he said. The man was taken to jail.



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