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A man wearing all black entered a check- cashing store on Cheshire Bridge Road. The man wore a curly dreadlock wig and had powder foundation makeup on his face. The man yelled to a customer to get down on the floor. Then, the man put a suspected hand grenade on the counter. "Gimme your money," he said to the female clerk. But previously, the clerk had been warned about a robbery in Alpharetta involving a fake hand grenade. So the clerk didn't hand over any money. Instead, she called 911. The man in the wig watched her dial, then got mad and left the store.

A middle-aged couple on Bent Creek Way got into a fight over money. The husband asked the wife for $13 for a MARTA card. She said he would have the money if he didn't spend it on the streets. He started to come at her, but fell over a table. He said it wasn't worth putting his hands on her. When police arrived, the husband agreed to leave the house for the day. The wife said that would make her happy. No charges were filed.

A 69-year-old man walked out of his home on Tyler Street to take out the trash. He left the door unlocked. When he returned, he discovered that someone had taken a red leaf blower and a bottle of orange juice.

At an apartment on McDaniel Street, a woman said her live-in boyfriend damaged her chair and the door trim. Then, the boyfriend threw her on the floor, choked her and threatened to cut up her body parts and send them to her family. Police arrived and the boyfriend was charged with battery. During arrest, he cried and was apologetic. He was taken to jail.

At a nursing facility on Springdale Road, an employee said two residents had a problem. A 41-year-old woman in a wheelchair needed to use the restroom, so she asked a 79-year-old man to move her table so she could get by. The man allegedly refused to move the table. So the woman moved it. Words were exchanged, and the man threw a cup of coffee on the woman in the wheelchair. The nurse planned to move the woman in the wheelchair to another room, and warned her to stay away from the man.

A 30-year-old woman on Wellington Street said her contractor was doing some painting on her house when he decided to break out six windows and throw paint all over the walls and floor. The woman sat outside and watched while he damaged the house. The contractor used to live in her house, she says. The contractor also smelled of booze. She estimated that he did $3,000 worth of damage to her home.

At 11:35 p.m. an officer saw a man near a closed bank on Lee Street. The man, who was drunk, walked across the street without using the crosswalk. The officer pulled alongside the man and asked why he didn't use a crosswalk. "Fuck you," said the man, raising his arms in a fighting stance. The officer got out of his car. The man took off. The officer chased and caught the man. The man swung at the officer, so the officer used his baton to subdue him. The officer asked the man for his name. "General Lee," the man replied. Then, the man said his name was "Dead." Finally, he said he was "John Doe." He went to jail.

A 33-year-old man was drinking in Buckhead on a Saturday night. Around 3:45 a.m., he was getting money from an ATM at the corner of Roswell and Peachtree Roads. Two heavyset women, both with strawberry blond hair, approached him and started to chat. The 33-year-old said he became confused and didn't get his ATM card back. He remembers one woman saying, "Press cancel to retrieve your card." Later, he realized his ATM card was missing. When he called to cancel the card, he discovered that his ATM card had been used several times at a Wal-Mart in Conyers.

A man parked his car on Formwalt Street. As he exited his car, he heard screaming and pounding noises coming from the trunk of a nearby Cadillac Coupe DeVille. The man approached the car, realizing that someone was locked in the trunk. However, the car keys were in the ignition, so the man grabbed the keys and unlocked the trunk. A 29-year-old man emerged from the trunk. He said the Coupe DeVille belonged to his wife. He had taken the car to a car wash in DeKalb County, where a car pulled up and a passenger pointed a gun at him. Two other passengers took his money and wallet, and put him in the trunk and drove around. The 29-year-old refused medical treatment.

On Hilliard Street, a 50-year-old woman woke up one morning and found her ex-husband sitting on her porch, bleeding from the head. Previously, the ex-husband had received a trespass warning, which required him to stay away from his ex-wife's home. Police took the ex-husband to jail. He refused to give any details about his head injury.

An 80-year-old woman on Browns Mill Road said some man keeps calling and telling her that she has to pay a dope bill. She told the caller he had the wrong number, but he keeps calling. A recent message from the caller said if the woman doesn't pay the bill, "we will handle it." The elderly woman feels threatened.

On Ashby Street, a 56-year-old man was stabbed once in the stomach, once in the leg and once in the arm. The 56-year-old said the stabber was a male acquaintance who works at a bus stop on Ashby Street. He said the man stabbed him because he wouldn't give the man a cigarette. The 56-year-old was taken to Grady.

All items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.



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