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In Buckhead, a citizen told a police officer that someone was throwing pumpkins at passing cars on Peachtree Road. The citizen described the pumpkin-thrower as a tall man with long hair, a green shirt and khaki pants. The officer saw a lot of pumpkins lying in the roadway. A group of people were laughing and pointing at a tall man. The officer approached the tall man, a 40-year-old from Doraville, and asked about the pumpkins. The man said he rolled a few pumpkins in the street and was just celebrating Halloween. He added that he was drinking a great deal at the bars. He went to jail.

An 88-year-old woman lives in an apartment on Peachtree Road. She said on Sunday, while she was asleep, someone climbed up the stairs on her back patio and took her 2-carat diamond ring. The officer noted, "There are no stairs on the back patio. Victim also lives on the eighth floor."

An employee at a charity house on Edgewood Avenue called police and said two people were having sex in the alleyway. The officer arrived and saw a 50-year-old woman passed out behind the house, with her pants pulled down to her knees. The woman said she was having sex with her friend. She was very intoxicated and couldn't walk or stand up on her own. She was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken to Grady Hospital.

On English Avenue, an officer saw a 35-year-old woman stumbling between the street and the curb. She was drinking from a large beer can, which she tried to hide from the officer. The officer asked what she was doing. She said she was celebrating her birthday. She freely admitted that she was drunk due to her celebration. The officer saw what appeared to be a knife handle sticking out of her back pocket. The officer grabbed the knife and secured it. The woman said she had the knife because she and her husband had been fighting. (It was a 6-inch steak knife.)

According to the woman's ID, it was her birthday. She spent the remainder of her birthday in jail, and was charged with "public drunkenness, pedestrian darting into traffic, carrying a concealed weapon and pedestrian under the influence."

A 26-year-old woman said her Nokia cell phone was stolen from her purse at a nightclub on a Friday night. After she realized the phone was gone, the woman called her cell phone number. A man who calls himself "Urban Bill" answered her phone. She contacted police. When an officer called her cell number, "Urban Bill" didn't answer.

In an apartment on Hilliard Street, two sisters were fighting over a man. One sister, age 47, said she was in her room with a man in her bed when her younger sister broke down the door and punched her in the face. The 47-year-old said her younger sister "then threw everything off the dresser and broke the porta-potty chair that is their mother's," the reporting officer wrote.

The younger sister, a 44-year-old dressed in pink shorts and a pink shirt, denied fighting, even though she was hysterical and had minor foot injuries. Both sisters were charged with simple battery and taken to Grady Hospital.

A woman in an apartment on Lenox Road said her sister is calling and accusing her of stealing. Her sister said she would get a group and ruin her life. Police told the woman to contact the phone company and request that the sister's calls be blocked.

On Humphries Street, two officers saw a heavyset man standing on the front porch of a residence. The man wore a black leather trench coat and a gold necklace. He wasn't wearing pants or a shirt. The man held a rifle in one hand and a bat with spikes in the other hand.

The butt of another gun stuck out of his trench coat. One officer ordered the man to lie on the ground. Another officer tried to grab the man. But the man's pit-bull dog attacked the officer. The dog was doused with pepper-spray. The man was arrested for reckless conduct and "discharging a gun near a highway." (One officer thought he heard a gunshot upon arrival).

Police called the man's wife, who said she was separated from her husband, and he was doing cocaine. She arrived and took care of the dog. The man, age 53, said police should have shot him, and he wanted police to kill him. The gun was still hot and the smell of gunpowder permeated the air.

A 31-year-old woman arrived at her home on Rice Street and found a letter on her door. The letter stated that the vagrants who live under the train tracks next to her house are watching her all the time and can "get her" anytime they want.

At a truckstop on Bankhead Highway, a 45-year-old male trucker saw a bald man running from his truck. When he was stopped, the bald man was wearing the trucker's pants (jeans size 32).

Apparently, the bald man had broken into the same truck earlier and taken the pants, and then tried to break into the truck again. (The trucker had filed a previous police report.) The bald man had a bag with white powder in it. The bald man said it was baking powder and he planned to sell it to a trucker as cocaine. In addition to the pants, the bald man took a VCR and $300 worth of clothes from the truck. The jeans were returned to the trucker.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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