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At an office on Peachtree Street, a 64-year-old man returned from getting a cup of coffee. "Get the rat out!" yelled another man, age 24. The older man said the younger man looked directly at him and yelled, "Rat! Rat!"

The older man replied, "Are you calling me a rat?"

"I'm calling a rat a rat," the younger man said. "Are you a rat?"

Then, the older man poured coffee on the younger man's digital camera, he said.

The younger man's story: He said coffee was poured on his camera and his hands. He denied yelling, "Rat! Rat!" but said he did respond to the question, "Are you calling me a rat?" by saying, "Are you a rat?"

The younger man was treated for minor injuries on his hands. The older man was charged with battery and damaging property.

A 59-year-old woman sent her friend to the store. She asked the friend to get her a pack of Basic cigarettes, at $2.56 a pack, and two packages of cookies for $1. She gave the friend $4. When the friend returned, she had one pack of Basic cigarettes, "no cookies" and some change. The receipt showed the cigarettes cost $3.79 a pack, including tax.

The 59-year-old woman contacted police. She was upset because the price changed. "She went on to say the prices always change," the officer wrote.

No charges filed.

A 42-year old man said someone broke into his home on Blake Avenue by smashing a window. So the next morning, he started calling glass companies to fix his window. He called two companies. Later, a man from one glass company called back and asked if he needed his glass repaired. No, the 42-year-old said, it's already taken care of. The man called the 42-year-old a motherfucker and threatened to come over and wreck his house and break all his windows.

Police were called to a business on Metropolitan Parkway where women model underwear for money. One woman, age 21, said a man came into the business and started to pleasure himself, and he picked her for a private show. She refused to give him a private show, and he got upset. He kicked in the door and chased several women into a backroom. (He was still pleasuring himself while chasing them.) In the backroom, she said, the man started to put his fingers in her genitals. The man, who has a crew cut, fled before police arrived.

On Landrum Drive, a 21-year-old woman said a redheaded woman with "Poo Poo" tattooed on her shoulder burst into her apartment, grabbed a knife and tried to stab her. There is an ongoing argument between the two women, because the father of each of their children is the same man.

An officer was patrolling Mayson Turner Boulevard. A white SUV pulled into the intersection, and the officer noticed that the driver was holding a crack pipe to her lips.

The officer stopped the SUV and spoke with the driver, a 23-year-old woman, and the passenger, a 31-year-old man. The man shoved something into his right pocket. The officer asked, "Do you have any weapons or drugs on you?" No, the man said. The officer asked, "Can I search you?" Yes, the man said.

The officer found 1.7 grams of cocaine in the man's pocket. The officer asked, "Why did you give me consent to search you if you had drugs on you?"

"Man, I've been snorting all day," the man replied.

The woman was not arrested, since there was no residue in the crack pipe.

An officer responded to a call about a carjacking on Gillette Avenue. A man with long brown hair and a full beard said he took a friend's car to try to impress a lady friend. While he was there, he said, another friend named Woozee put a gun to his face and took the car. The officer asked, "Why did you take the car if it wasn't yours?" "It was stupid, but I wanted to impress a lady," the man said.

Later, the man's story changed. He said he used the car to buy crack and one of the dealers carjacked him.

Then, the car's owner showed up. The owner said he gave the man $1,300 to repair and buy parts for the car. The man only had $900 left and he didn't remember what he did with the rest of the money. The man was arrested for theft.

On eBay, a Georgia woman and her husband won a bid for a 2001 Volvo station wagon for $18,000. They e-mailed a person who said she was from The person set up an escrow account, and the couple deposited $18,000. Someone took the $18,000 from the account, but the Volvo was never delivered.

A middle-aged man from Melbourne, Fla., was spotted walking in front of traffic on Piedmont Road. The man stopped cars and shouted at them. An officer asked, "What are you doing?" The man replied by asking the officer to shoot him. The man also said he was missing his $25 Social Security check. The man's breath smelled of alcohol. He was arrested for pedestrian in the roadway.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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