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A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN called police to her apartment on Park Regency Place. The woman said she thinks someone has been entering her apartment and causing her dog, Sal, to get sick. She said Sal has staph infections and the veterinarian cannot explain why. The woman wanted a police report in case something happens to Sal. The reporting officer wrote, "There were no signs that anyone had entered the apartment."

A MIDDLE-AGED COUPLE FROM SNELLVILLE got into a huge fight on the way home from a Christmas party. The boyfriend, age 45, was driving. He says his girlfriend complained that he didn't make enough money. She grabbed his wrist and somehow cut it. (There was dried blood on the boyfriend's wrist.)

According to the girlfriend, her boyfriend just went crazy and hit her in the mouth. (There was dried blood on the girlfriend's mouth and shirt.) The couple smelled of booze. They both said they'd consumed some "special drinks at the Christmas Party." The couple were charged with battery and taken to jail.

ONE DECEMBER MORNING, a middle-aged woman walked outside her home on West Wesley Road. Someone had cut the nose off the Frosty the Snowman decoration in her front yard.

A 60-YEAR-OLD WOMAN has three white Christmas reindeer in the front yard of her home on Rolling Hill Road. When the reindeer are plugged in, their heads move from side to side. The woman left her house for a while, and when she returned, the reindeer heads were broken off.

AN ALPHARETTA WOMAN attended a function at a client's home on Argonne Avenue. While she was inside, someone threw a rock at her car window to break it, and reached in and stole her purse, which contained $400 cash and numerous credit cards. The thief didn't touch the wrapped Christmas presents in the car, however.

A 30-YEAR-OLD WOMAN said the father of her children was visiting her apartment on John Hope Drive. During the visit, the woman decided to take a shower. When she got out of the shower, she noticed that the children's father was gone -- along with all the children's Christmas presents (toys and clothes). The Christmas presents are valued at $260. The woman said the children's father has a full beard and wore a red shirt. Also, he has a history of using cocaine.

ON PEACHTREE ROAD, two young men walked up to people in the parking lot and showed them a "Chattahoochee Cougers" basketball flyer. Then, the young men begged for money. A police officer questioned the young men. They said they didn't actually play basketball -- they were getting money for Christmas. Both young men, age 19 and 20, went to jail for begging and false representation.

POLICE SAW two men make a "hand-to-hand" transaction outside a specialty store on Campbellton Road. The officers caught one man outside, and he said the other guy was inside the store. Inside the store, police found a slew of fake clothing items. The merchandise included 69 pairs of fake Nike shoes, 89 pairs of fake Rocawear jeans, 74 pairs of fake Evisu jeans, 209 pairs of fake Girbaud jeans, 16 pairs of 7 for Mankind jeans, and 735 fake Lacoste shirts. When confronted, one man said, "It is fake, we don't want any trouble. You can take it all if you want, I know it's the law."

ONE MORNING, a police officer was walking down Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Suddenly, a 40-year-old woman ran up and said she wanted to turn herself in for peeing in public. The woman's husband ran toward the officer. The husband yelled, "Officer, please stop her. I have been chasing her for blocks." The husband started to explain what his wife had to drink. Suddenly, the wife got mad and swung her fist. First, she knocked the officer's eyeglasses off his face. Then, she punched her husband's face. The woman, who hails from South Carolina, was drunk. Also, she is taking medication for depression. She went to jail for domestic violence.

ONE SUNDAY, a man noticed that a 12-foot ladder was missing from the garage of his home on Niskey Lake Road. He didn't think much about it. The next weekend, he went into his son's bedroom (which is currently unoccupied) and noticed that his son's TV was gone. Also, a six-pack of BUBBA burgers was missing from the freezer. The man figured that his son came home to get his TV, and took the BUBBA burgers, too. So the man called his son. The son said that he hadn't been home in more than a month, and that he didn't take the items. Also, the man's dog went missing last weekend. There is a rooming house located next door, and the man suspects that someone from the rooming house took his stuff.

AN ALPHARETTA WOMAN was walking along Cleveland Avenue. A fat woman approached her and asked for a dollar. The Alpharetta woman refused to give her any money. So the fat woman ripped the Alpharetta woman's shirt, taking $23 from her shirt pocket. Police caught the fat woman and took her to jail.

ON ALISON COURT, a woman said her boyfriend attacked her, her sister and her mother. He was upset because he couldn't find any marijuana. The boyfriend, age 26, had been recently released from jail.

ON CAMPBELLTON ROAD, a 38-year-old woman let a former friend keep some clothes. One day, the woman walked outside her apartment and discovered the clothes by the front door. The clothes were on fire. The woman said she thinks her friend got mad and set the clothes on fire.

Items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta Police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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