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A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN went to the Zone 4 precinct. She said she placed a newspaper ad to find a home for a kitten that she rescued. A man answered the ad and came to her house. The man made her very uncomfortable. (He is thin, with a crew cut.) He rummaged through the woman's belongings and was aggressive about taking the kitten. The woman tried to take back the kitten, but he wouldn't let her. The man left with the kitten. The woman realized that earlier, the man gave her his cell phone number. She used the cell phone number to research him on the Internet, and she hired a private investigator.

She discovered that this man moved every two or three months. She discovered his current address and went to the man's home. He said the kitten escaped and he couldn't find her. The woman saw dead animals in his back yard. She photographed the dead animals and brought them to the police precinct.

"In the pictures, a goat head and feathers could be seen," the officer wrote. The woman said she talked to a man in the neighborhood who said his dog went missing in November, and he frequently hears animals screaming inside the man's house.

Police went to the man's house on Altoona Place. His mother was home. She said she had no idea what was going on. She let the officers look around for her son. The officer wrote, "While looking for [the man], we discovered animal remains in the basement surrounded by candles and feathers. There were animals' remains and blood on the back porch, along with the weapons that were used to kill and torture the animals. We also saw the dead animals in the back yard, and in the shed there were candles and a long chain hanging from the ceiling of the shed. There was animal fur in the chain. Bottles of alcoholic beverages surrounded the scenes. There were dead animals in the refrigerator and blood was on the table in the living room." Police issued a warrant for the man's arrest. His mother went to jail.

A MAN operated a store inside a truck stop on Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway -- but was evicted. After he moved out, the owners reported that the man had damaged the store. According to the police report, "The suspect had put raw meat (chicken, roast) into the attic of the business. Also, [he] had put holes in cans of dog food and cat food and put it in the attic. The suspect then cut a hole in the wall and put dead squirrels, raccoons and possums in the wall of the business." About $2,100 in damage was reported.

ON PONCE DE LEON AVENUE, a middle-aged man was sitting on the steps of a residence. A resident asked him to leave, but the man refused to go. A police officer arrived. The man "was observed by officers throwing objects on the ground, and there was a lid lying on the city sidewalk that came from his Beanie-Weanies." He was arrested for littering.

A QUIET, MIDDLE-AGED MAN was frequenting a clubhouse on Lakeshore Circle. He started harassing the female members of the club. One day, he was caught writing profane graffiti on the bathroom walls. Police arrived and caught him. The man's outfit was described as follows: green corduroy pants with a pattern of orange turkeys, a navy pinstripe blazer, and a white button-down shirt. He went to jail.

A YOUNG MAN knocked on the door of a home on Ridgewood Terrace. A middle-aged woman answered the door. The young man tried to sell her some books and magazines. The woman said she didn't want to buy anything, and her husband has brain cancer. The young man replied, "If you do not want to fucking buy anything, just say you don't want the shit."

The woman called police. An officer found the man a few blocks away. He was jailed for vending without a permit.

ON FULTON INDUSTRIAL BOULEVARD, a 30-year-old woman approached an undercover officer. She offered to give "head" for $20. She was arrested for solicitation. At the jail, her belongings were turned into the property room. Her belongings included: one faux snakeskin bra.

SOMEONE BROKE OUT the window of a pub on North Highland Avenue. The only items reported missing: one bottle of Absolut vodka and one bottle of Belvedere vodka.

A MAN works at a funeral home on Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard. One day, he was driving the hearse. He put his coat, jacket, sweater and wallet on the front seat. He delivered a body to a church. Then, he took his jacket and hat but left behind his scarf and wallet. He changed vehicles with another driver. A few hours later, the man realized his wallet was gone. He suspects the other hearse driver.

A 35-YEAR-OLD MAN was outside a nightclub on Brady Avenue. He tried to enter the club in an area that is exit-only. A security guard stopped him, and a struggle ensued. When police arrived, the man said, "I'm fucking drunk. I'm hammered. It's not a big deal. I'm not a violent person. I fell and cut my fingers. I was never a bad person." No charges filed.

AN OFFICER saw a BMW run a stop sign on Kennedy Street. The officer stopped the car and spoke with the two men inside. The driver was wanted out of Walton County. The passenger had a bag of marijuana sticking out of his pocket. The passenger said marijuana was legal. (He is a 28-year-old man from Athens, Ga.) Both passenger and driver went to jail.

Items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta Police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.



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