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Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports

AN UNDERCOVER POLICE OFFICER contacted a man nicknamed "Brat" and arranged to buy some crystal meth at Brat's apartment on Glendale Terrace. When the officer showed up, he paid $200 for some meth, and eventually Brat was arrested.

Brat wanted to talk. He said he could introduce police to the "Godfather," who could deliver 2 pounds of meth to his apartment. But Brat said only Louie could contact the Godfather.

Police agreed. A perimeter of undercover cops was put in place outside the apartment.

Louie showed up. He said, "I run a fair business and a professional business, and in advance it's a pleasure doing business with you." Louie shook hands with the undercover officers and said the two pounds of crystal meth would cost $24,000, and he would introduce them to the Godfather, but he would handle the money exchange. The undercover police agreed.

About three hours later, the Godfather was set to arrive. Louie said the Godfather would have armed guards around the building for security.

The Godfather arrived, wearing camouflage pants and carrying a black bag and a gun. Police checked the bag, which contained two pounds of suspected meth. The Godfather was arrested. No armed guards were found outside.

Then, police went to the Godfather's apartment on Woodland Avenue. Inside a closet, there was a pair of cowboy boots filled with suspected crystal meth. There was a pink Barbie lunch box in the kitchen cabinet. Police looked inside the lunch box and found a scale. In the same cabinet, a baby wipes box contained bags of suspected cocaine and meth. Also, there was $7,000 cash in a men's leather jacket inside the closet.

A MAN IN MIDTOWN got some weird calls. First, a woman asked for a doctor and requested several prescriptions. The man said he wasn't a doctor; she must have the wrong person. Then, the woman asked if he could pretend to be a doctor because she needed the prescriptions. Later, the woman called back and left a message saying if the man did not call her back, the FBI would arrest him.The man filed a report with police. He's concerned for the woman's welfare since she may be seeking help he can't give her.

A POLICE REPORT was titled "Civil dispute over chicken." A 33-year-old woman went to a Church's Chicken on Lakewood Avenue and paid $5.16 for a chicken dinner -- but she was unhappy with the restaurant's service. She said a store employee was yelling and cursing at her, so she asked for her money back. The employee refused to return the money because the woman had already eaten some of the chicken dinner. So the woman called police. An officer arrived. He explained that he didn't have the authority to force Church's Chicken to give her a refund. So the woman asked police to file a report for her lawsuit.

The officer wrote, "No injuries resulted and no criminal act took place."

A POLICE REPORT was titled "Foul smell." A man on Dutch Valley Road said his neighbor hasn't been seen in almost 10 days and there was a foul smell coming from the neighbor's apartment. The officer noticed the foul smell -- and observed that it smelled like garbage. He notified the apartment's management company.

A MAN FROM WASHINGTON, D.C, got his car towed in Atlanta. The man went to the towing lot on Ridge Street. He found his car, a red 2004 Ford Contour, and he tried to drive away without paying. Police arrived and ordered the man to get out of the car. The man stopped the car but refused to get out. Then, the man put on a football helmet and tried to start the car again to get away. Police surrounded the car and used a baton to smash the car windows, preventing the man in the football helmet from driving away. The man complained of an eye injury, so he went to a hospital.

AN OFFICER saw a 35-year-old man riding a mountain bike in the middle of Jett Street. The bike didn't have a headlight. The officer stopped the man and searched his backpack. The man had an 8-inch butcher knife and a BB gun. The man said he was carrying them because his nephews were playing "Cowboys and Indians" and he didn't want them to get hurt so he took away the knife and gun. The man was arrested for concealed weapons. The man has a neck tattoo of "Takaser."

A MIDDLE-AGED NORCROSS WOMAN got a call from a clerk at a jewelry store at Phipps Plaza. The clerk asked if the Norcross woman had come into the store and filled out an application to get a Rolex for $8,000. The Norcross woman said no. The clerk said someone used the Norcross woman's name, address and Social Security card to apply for the $8,000 Rolex. The application was denied.

AN OLDER MAN IN DENIM SHORTS walked into a gas station on Pryor Street. He grabbed a 40-ounce can of Colt 45 beer and brought it to the counter. The clerk rang up the beer and asked for payment. The man produced a $20 bill that had "No good" written on it in marker. The clerk immediately figured out the bill was fake. The man demanded that the clerk take the bill, but the clerk refused. This went on for a while. Finally, a woman told the man he should go before he got locked up. Police eventually found the man and locked him up for forgery. He said he got the bill at a liquor house on Thirkeld Avenue. The man said he knew the bill had "No good" on it, but he'd lost his real $20 bill at the liquor house.

Items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.



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