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Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports

A 21-YEAR-OLD WOMAN said her power was shut off at her apartment on Bent Creek Way. She and her boyfriend stayed with friends for the weekend. When they returned to the apartment, they said, they realized they'd been robbed. So they called police.

An officer opened the apartment door and several cats came running out. The woman said she doesn't own any cats. She believes the burglary must have happened several days ago, since animals were already living in her vacant apartment. Missing items included two TVs, a stereo, a Playstation, a computer and two pairs of Nike Air Jordan shoes.

A FIGHT BROKE OUT at an apartment on Fort Street. A 48-year-old man said he was sleeping on the floor of his godmother's apartment when her grandson accused him of eating a can of Vienna sausages. Screaming and cursing, the grandson said the Vienna sausages belonged to him. (The grandson is 39 years old.) The man went upstairs and into a bathroom. The grandson followed and threatened him with bodily harm if he left the bathroom. Eventually, the man said, he left the bathroom and the grandson attacked him with a ceramic cup. The man's left eye was swollen and his mouth was cut. He went to the hospital. The grandmother told police she didn't see anything. The grandson went to jail.

EARLY ONE SUNDAY MORNING, a woman on Myrtle Street thought she heard a noise. So she got out of bed and looked around. A French door on her balcony was open, she said, but she didn't think anything of it. Later, she noticed that someone had defecated on her balcony, and her DVD player was missing.

TWO OFFICERS WERE IN A PATROL CAR traveling south on Moreland Avenue, near the Edgewood Retail District. Suddenly, a man staggered in front of the patrol car, waving his arms and yelling. The officer at the wheel slammed on the brakes. The second officer asked, "Why did you step in front of our police car?" The man said he was trying to make the officers drive safely. The man appeared drunk and was sweating profusely, the officer noted. The man, age 28, went to jail.

A MAN WAS SCREAMING AT CARS on Peachtree Street, police said. The man was yelling obscenities and waving his arms, police noted. An officer told the man to stop, but he just kept running down Peachtree Street. The officer chased him and stopped him. The man said all the drivers on Peachtree Street were driving too fast and trying to run him over. The man, age 48, was arrested for disorderly conduct. He asked to go to a hospital, so he could see a doctor. The man was not injured, police noted.

AN OFFICER responded to a call about a man standing on a sidewalk outside a seafood restaurant on Northside Drive. The man was refusing to move. The man said he was waiting for his food. The man stood there for 45 minutes, a restaurant employee said. Passersby were forced to walk around the man, because he refused to move.

The officer asked the man to go -- twice. He refused and said he was waiting for his food. The man, age 41, was arrested for blocking a sidewalk.

POLICE WERE CHECKING CARS at a roadblock at the intersection of Jonesboro and Conley roads. One man was trying to avoid the roadblock, an officer reported. Another officer approached the driver, a 35-year-old Decatur man. The officer immediately smelled alcohol and asked the driver for ID. The man said he didn't believe in roadblocks, and he wasn't going to tell the officer his name or turn over his ID. Police arrested the man and handcuffed him. They searched his car and found a large curved Dragon knife in his car. The man went to jail.

A 30-YEAR-OLD WOMAN called police and said she's having problems with her neighbor at her apartment complex on Thomasville Boulevard. She believes her neighbor is picking on her. She said her neighbor gets with other women, and they talk about her and call out her name when she walks by. She said if tenants receive another tenant's mail by mistake, the policy is to put the mail in a box at the apartment mail center. However, she said, her neighbor returned some mail to her by sliding it under her apartment door. The woman said she believes her neighbor did this to ridicule her in some way. A police report was filed.

AN EMPLOYEE OF A GROCERY STORE on Cascade Avenue said a man tried to steal baby formula. The employee said a Fulton County deputy arrived, and the man punched him in the stomach. The deputy tried to arrest the man, who fought vigorously. He was searched. According to the police report, they also found 72 packs of Goody's Extra Strength Headache Powder on him (worth about $100). The man, age 29, was arrested for shoplifting.

AROUND 1 P.M., an officer saw a woman pick up a beer bottle and throw it at a convenience store window. The woman said she had nowhere to go and she wanted to go to jail. The woman, age 23, was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken to jail.

POLICE SAW A HOMELESS MAN throw a white paper bag on Moreland Avenue. The homeless man was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken to jail.

Items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.


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