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Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports

AT A FURNITURE STORE ON LAKEWOOD AVENUE, a 33-year-old woman was at the register when another woman pushed her out of the way. She said this woman grabbed a fake samurai sword from the counter, held it to her throat, and threatened to kill her. The 33-year-old woman said she backed away from the fake-sword woman, who continued to threaten her. Then, the fake-sword woman paid for her merchandise and left the store. The 33-year-old followed her to the parking lot and got her car's tag number. Police confirmed the fake-sword woman's identity from her credit-card receipt at the store. Also, the store had video surveillance that confirmed the 33-year-old's story, police said.

AT AN APARTMENT ON BOLTON ROAD, a 53-year-old man showed police a round bite mark on his stomach, with blood leaking from the skin. The officer asked, "Who bit you?" "My wife," the man replied. Then the officer talked to the wife's daughter, a 29-year-old woman. She said, "My mother took a swing at her husband because he picked up my mother's hat. My mother then jumped on her husband and started to bite his stomach." The wife, 48, was arrested and taken to jail.

A MARRIED COUPLE GOT INTO A SPAT at their house on Harbin Road. The wife, 66, said her husband pushed her down and threw a glass of water in her face. The husband said he got upset because his wife accused him of something stupid: Giving away a pack of bacon from their freezer. He admitted to tossing water in his wife's face, but denied hitting her. The husband, 70, went to jail on a simple assault charge.

A DIVORCED COUPLE GOT INTO A SPAT on Rogers Drive. The ex-husband said his ex-wife stabbed him in the leg with a meat cleaver. He showed police where he was stabbed, and medics checked him out, but he refused to go to the hospital. The ex-wife, 38, went to jail on aggravated assault and battery charges.

A 27-YEAR-OLD WOMAN said she withdrew $90,000 from a bank and put the money in the trunk of her car. She said a couple saw her do this at the bank. Then, she said, while she was driving on Cleveland Avenue, she realized the couple was following her in a red minivan. When she turned into her office parking lot, the driver gently rear-ended her car three times, she said, adding that a woman got out of the red minivan and said, "You hit our car," and "You need to open your trunk." The 27-year-old refused to open her trunk. Witnesses said the male driver showed what looked like a gun. Employees at the woman's office rushed to her aid. Apparently, the couple -- originally in a red minivan -- then fled in a white car. Police showed up and dusted the red minivan for prints. No word on why the 27-year-old was carrying $90,000 in her trunk in the first place.

A 44-YEAR-OLD MAN said he went to a bank on Howell Mill Road and withdrew $14,000 to buy a car. He said a male banker asked him several questions and told him, "You need to be careful with this money." The 44-year-old man said when he left the bank, he put the money in his glove compartment. Then, he went to Dellwood Road, where he was remodeling a house. He said within an hour, he returned to the car -- a window was smashed and the $14,000 was gone.

A MONTANA WOMAN was visiting Atlanta for business. She said she left her hotel to pick up some dry cleaning, but got lost along the way. So she tried to call her boss in Atlanta for directions, but her cell phone was dead. So she went into a Georgia State University building and asked to use the phone. But, the woman said, her boss's phone number is long-distance, so she needed a calling card. She said the people at GSU directed her to a gas station that sells calling cards. So the woman headed that way.

Then, she said, out of nowhere, a man pushed her into the street, in front of a car, which had to swerve to avoid hitting her. She said this man ran to her side and said, "You must be a witch to survive that." The woman said she got up and tried to get away, but the man followed her. She said she tried to open doors on nearby businesses, but they were all locked, so she went to another door on the GSU campus that opened onto a hallway with some restrooms -- but no people. She said the man went inside a restroom, and she started to leave, but he came out and grabbed her shoulder and said "If you leave I'll be forced to fix you so you can't turn me over to them." She said he walked her out the door, saying "I was sent here to replace Jesus Christ. I was blessed with HIV, which I use as population control, and you're next," and "They sent you to take me down, but I won't let them," and "I can see I was wrong to choose you. You are weak, you have no soul."

The woman said she was very scared and tried to run at one point, but he grabbed her. After stops at a pharmacy and a hospital, the woman said she saw a hotel and decided to pretend it was her hotel, so she could go inside and get some help. The man fled when he saw a patrol car. Police drove the woman around, and eventually they spotted the man, age 24. He said he knew the woman and they just walked around all day. He was charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and aggravated assault.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.



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