The great Greek debate: Noah vs. Noah 

A brother goes through the pros and cons of fraternity life

So I hear you want to be in my fraternity, punk. Well I suggest you read this list of frat-life pros and cons first to decide if it's something you really want to do. Because there's nothing worse than you regretting your decision two weeks into pledging, crying to your mother about what we made you do, and getting us kicked off campus.


PRO: You'll be seen as the cool guy who can show everyone a good time.

CON: You'll be seen either as a rich prick, drunken idiot or date rapist.


PRO: You strengthen your people skills and learn to make comfortable small talk with strangers (which comes in handy later on, during job interviews).

CON: You have to flirt with other dudes.


PRO: It's the most fun you'll never want to have again.

CON: It's the closest you'll ever get to being on "Fear Factor."


PRO: Central location where you can always find friends and entertainment.

CON: Few places on Earth are more disgusting than a frat house on a Sunday morning; do not forget shower sandals.


PRO: You will end up building lifelong friendships with great guys you might have never known otherwise.

CON: You will have to spend time with certain goobers who you would never hang out with on your own volition, who somehow got into the house and now call you their brother in public.


PRO: Fund great events such as date parties, mixers, formals and brotherhood events.

CON: Seen as buying your friends.


PRO: You get to do community service!

CON: You have to do community service.


PRO: For some reason, college girls love frat boys. Whether they're sorority sluts or just good girls gone bad for one night, if you can't get laid in a frat house you should have to give your dick back to God.

CON: You have the same chances of meeting a quality girl at a frat party as you do at a strip club.


PRO: You're automatically part of a strong social network of thousands across the nation who might be more susceptible to share your résumé, or even offer you a job.

CON: You're so stuck in the frat bubble that you fail to make many outside social connections.


PRO: Regardless of the day or time, you will always find someone in your frat ready to drink with you.

CON: Regardless of how important your test is the next day, you're not going to find peace and quiet in a frat house ... ever.


PRO: Both are much more accessible to frat boys.

CON: Both are much more accessible to frat boys.


PRO: You'll have an entire brotherhood that might be able to give you class notes, old tests or help you study.

CON: You may get so wrapped up in being "fratastic" that you completely forget about your academic duties and flunk out of school.


PRO: If college is really about growth and experimentation, there's no better resource than a fraternity filled with dozens of different personalities and interests.

CON: There's no easier way to waste your college years than by getting so sucked into the frat that you ignore other people, organizations and experiences.

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