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A 21-year old Atlanta man was in a club on Roswell Road when a woman approached him and asked if he wanted to have sex. The man agreed and they both left for a nearby motel.

The couple walked into the motel room and the man saw that there was another man waiting inside. The other man punched the man several times in the face and took $500 from his wallet.

The first man ran out of the motel room and returned to the club to get his friends. He returned with his friends in time to see the assailant and the woman getting into a vehicle and driving off.

He later saw that the man also had broken into his car and stolen his car stereo.

The police were called for a disturbance at a house on Winterthur Close.

A police officer pulled into the driveway and a drunken 43-year-old Atlanta woman ran up. She was screaming uncontrollably and asked the officer why he was in her driveway.

The officer approached the house and the woman followed him screaming how she didn't have a boyfriend. The officer spoke to the woman's roommate who said he called the police because the woman had "lost her mind" and she was going crazy. The roommate said the woman was taking some sort of personality medication and drinking wine when she started arguing about nonsense. Then she started screaming and throwing apples at him.

The officer told the woman to calm down but she continued to scream. When the officer placed the woman under arrest for disorderly conduct, she began to hit and kick him.

Two police officers were driving on Harbour Pointe Parkway when a man flagged them down. The man said his neighbor had just been beaten by her boyfriend and the suspect fled the scene in a Honda.

The officers pulled the woman's boyfriend over as he returned to the scene and told the 23-year-old Atlanta man to wait in his apartment while an officer spoke to his girlfriend.

When the officers returned to the man's apartment, the suspect had locked himself in and refused to come out. The woman told the officers her baby was inside and to break down the door.

An officer tried to kick down the door but the man also had barricaded it with a couch.

When the officers finally got inside the apartment, the man started swinging a stick with nails in it at the officers. Then he picked up a chair and a VCR and acted as if he was going to throw it at the policemen. But he dropped both items and ran to the bedroom.

He yelled, "I got something for your asses!" and he emerged from the bedroom holding an object covered with a shirt in his hand. The officers drew their weapons and told the man to drop his weapon.

The man went back to the bedroom and returned with the infant. He gave the baby to another officer who had arrived on the scene and dropped to his knees and locked his hands behind his head.

The man was arrested for battery, simple assault on a police officer and cruelty to children.

A 32-year-old Atlanta man was driving on Williamson Drive when he noticed a dark blue Mercury following him. The man turned into his driveway, but the Mercury pulled up behind him and its driver got out of the car.

The man pulled into his garage and quickly closed the door. The stranger got back in his car and drove into the garage door, shattering the door's windows. Then the driver backed the Mercury down the driveway and drove away.

The man told police the stranger was muttering to himself and seemed angry.

A police officer saw a Chevy truck parked in the middle of the parking lot of an apartment complex. Loud music was coming from the truck and the officer approached the vehicle and saw that there were two drunken men wrestling in the truck.

The officer asked the driver, a 22-year-old Lawrenceville man, to step out of the truck. He was unsteady on his feet and volunteered that he had only had two beers and two Long Island iced teas.

The officer gave the man a field sobriety test, but his friend, a 24-year-old Norcross man, kept yelling out to him. The friend refused to keep quiet so he was arrested and was placed in the back of the patrol car.

The Norcross man in the police car became angry and he screamed and kicked at the doors of the car. Then the Lawrenceville man was arrested and he too screamed and kicked from the back of the police car.


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