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A young Atlantawoman's boyfriend called and asked her to go out with him.

When she told her mother she was leaving, her mother told her she wasn't allowed to go, and that there were house rules to follow.

The daughter became angry and began to throw items around the apartment and break furniture. When her mother, a 32-year-old Atlanta woman, tried to restrain her, the mother was punched in the forehead.

When the police arrived, the front door was open. They walked in and saw the mother and daughter wrestling on the ground.

A drunken 28-year-old Atlanta woman came home from work and began to bang on the front door of her apartment on Huntington Chase when she realized she didn't have her keys.

Her boyfriend came to the door and let her in, and the woman began to yell at him. Then she tried to punch him in the face, but missed.

The 34-year-old Atlanta man ran to the phone to call 911, but the woman picked up the base of the cordless phone and disabled it. When the woman calmed down, the man fixed the phone and called the police.

When the police arrived, the woman was locked in the bathroom. They asked her to come out, but she refused. The police broke down the door and found the woman in the bathtub. Her boyfriend gave her some clothes and she came out and told the police she didn't remember anything.

She was arrested for simple assault.

A 20-year-old Loganville man was stopped at a license check in Snellville. The officer asked the driver for his license and proof of insurance.

While the driver was searching for the items, the officer could detect a moderate odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the inside of the vehicle. When asked how much he had had to drink that night, the driver said only one beer. The driver then said he was only 20.

The officer asked the driver if he would submit to field sobriety evaluations so the officer could determine if he was safe to drive the rest of his way home. The 20-year-old agreed and pulled to the side of the road.

During the first part, the man said he could not perform the one-leg stand of the nine-step walk and turn because of a recent ankle injury. When asked to perform the alphabet, the subject -- who said he was in college -- told the officer he did not know the alphabet that well.

The man was arrested for DUI under age 21 and transported to jail.

An 18-year-old Marietta man and two friends pulled up next to another car at the intersection of Roswell Road and Hammond Drive and some words were exchanged between the passengers of both vehicles.

The driver of the other car pulled up and blocked the 18-year-old man's vehicle. Then the driver, a 42-year-old Marietta man, got out of the car with an aluminum baseball bat. The man struck the side of the teenager's car with the bat.

Then an 18-year-old Smyrna man got out of the teen's car and the man swung the bat at him and nearly struck him in the head. The Smyrna teenager retaliated by hitting the man's car with his skateboard.

The police arrived and the Marietta man was charged with aggravated assault and criminal trespassing. The Smyrna man also was charged with criminal trespassing.

A 33-year-old homeless man was seen shoplifting from a grocery store on Powers Ferry Road. When the man tried to leave, a security guard attempted to stop him, but the man got away. The security guard chased the man and tackled him in the parking lot, but the accused shoplifter broke free and fled again.

Another security guard who saw what was happening pulled his car up, blocking the way of the homeless man. The man tried to jump over the hood of the car, but he didn't make it, so instead, he jumped into the passenger's door and tried to grab the car keys out of the ignition.

The first security guard pulled the man from the vehicle and detained him until the police arrived.

The homeless man had stolen $310 worth of eye care products from the store. He was charged with shoplifting and criminal attempt of motor vehicle theft.

Debra Warlick contributed to this report.

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