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A 44-year-old woman from Monticello was waiting for her ex-husband to get out of surgery when she was approached by her ex-husband's son.

The man started yelling at her and accused her of keeping him from seeing his father. Then her ex-husband's current wife walked up and punched the woman in the face, knocking her to the ground. The woman kicked the ex-wife several times as the son yelled obscenities at her. Hospital security arrived and broke up the fight and the two assailants escaped.

A 25-year-old Atlanta man and a co-worker walked into his apartment on Summer Crossing. The man became angry when he saw that his girlfriend, a 30-year-old Atlanta woman, had stayed home with the children because of the inclement weather.

The couple began to argue, although the woman says they were really arguing over her boyfriend's "cheating tendencies."

When the argument escalated, the woman ran to the bedroom to call the police, but the man disconnected the phone. When she tried to call on a cell phone, he grabbed her and threw her on the bed.

The co-worker stepped into the fray and separated the two.

Then the man fled the apartment with his young daughter and drove off.

Police were dispatched to an assault call in Norcross. The victim, a 35-year-old Norcross woman, told police her boyfriend hit her on the right side of the face around her ear. There were visible red marks on her right ear and it was bleeding.

She stated her boyfriend had been drinking and he drove her car over to their friend's house and when the friend told him not to park on the grass, he became irate and drove through the yard, tearing up the grass.

She said he then drove recklessly on the street, hitting a mailbox. She said they finally made it back home and that she began yelling at him for nearly killing them. That is when he hit her.

She said she left the house and went back to her friend's house and called the police. A battery warrant was obtained and he was arrested and transported to jail.

A 30-year-old Atlanta woman and a friend were at her apartment on Glenridge Drive when the woman's ex-boyfriend knocked on the door.

The ex-boyfriend, a 31-year-old Atlanta man, became upset, so the woman's friend left. As soon as the friend left, the ex-boyfriend began to throw the woman around the room. He accused her of cheating on him.

Then he told her he has nothing to live for and that he was going to kill her and then himself. The woman grabbed the phone, but he took it from her and struck her over the head with it, causing a large gash. Then he took a screwdriver and stabbed her in the ribs and the shoulder before fleeing.

A 43-year-old Alpharetta man was arguing with his 37-year-old girlfriend at their home on Saint Regis Lane.

The man knocked a Coke out of her hand, grabbed her by the neck and pushed her. The woman got a butcher knife and raised it over her head and chased the man around. The man ran to the bedroom and slammed the door shut as the woman struck the door several times with the butcher knife.

The police were called and the woman was arrested for aggravated assault. The man also was charged with simple battery. The police reported that the couple had been drinking.

A 38-year-old woman was at a bar with a friend when she noticed her purse was missing. The bartender noticed a "rough-looking" man as he bolted out the door.

The bartender believed the man had stolen the purse because he had been in the bar earlier that evening and was involved in a dispute with another couple of customers about a missing purse. The police were called and a description of the man was given to other bars in the area.

A short while later, a bartender at another bar called police to report that a man fitting the description had just walked into his establishment.

An officer arrived and questioned the man, who became very nervous and kept his hand underneath his coat. The officer told the man to remove his hand, but he refused.

The man was patted down for weapons and the officer found a four-inch dagger under his coat. He was driven back to the first bar and was identified by the bartender.

A further search revealed that the alleged thief also had the woman's bank card, which he had stolen from her purse.

The 47-year-old Atlanta man was arrested for theft by taking and carrying a deadly weapon at a public gathering.

Debra Warlick contributed to this report.


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