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A 29-YEAR-OLD Norcross woman was at work in her office on Glenridge Drive when she received a call from her ex-boyfriend. He said he was in the lobby and wanted to speak with her.

She met the 28-year-old Doraville man in the lobby and the couple walked outside. He asked his ex-girlfriend to get into his car, but she refused. He tried to force her into the car and punched her in the face.

Eventually, the ex-boyfriend pushed the woman into his car and bit her on the back of the calf. She crawled out of the other side of the car as a security guard ran up and tried to pull the man off the woman. Then the ex-boyfriend got in his car and drove away.

A 26-year-old Atlanta man invited his neighbor over to his apartment to smoke a joint. When the neighbor arrived, the two men began to argue over some items the neighbor had borrowed.

The neighbor left and a few minutes later, the Atlanta man and a friend decided to confront the man. The man banged on the neighbor's door. The neighbor opened the door and grabbed the man by the throat and pushed him up against the wall. Then he sliced the man's arm twice with a knife.

The police were called and the neighbor was charged with aggravated assault and for giving a false name to a police officer.

A 38-year-old Atlanta woman became angry at her drunken roommate. She yelled at the 51-year-old man about the rent money and punched him in the ear. Then she chased him around the apartment with a broom.

The police arrived on the scene and the woman admitted punching the man, but also told the officer that her roommate had pushed her down the stairs and threw her into some furniture. Both were arrested for simple battery.

A 29-year-old Atlanta man was arguing with his stepmother at her home on Glenairy Drive. When his father tried to intervene, the man picked up a chair and struck his 76-year-old father over the head, knocking him to the ground. Then he punched and kicked his father about the face, head and chest.

He then took all the phones in the house and left.

Police responded to a drunk person in a vehicle call. Upon arrival, police found a man passed out in the driver's seat, with the engine still running.

The officer woke the driver and asked him for his driver's license. The officer had to repeat his request several times and the driver asked several times if he wanted him to hand the officer his license.

The officer could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from the man's breath, and his speech was slurred and thick, making it hard to understand him at times.

The drunken man was unable to retrieve his wallet from his back pocket because he was so intoxicated. When asked to step outside of the vehicle, the man did and had to be supported.

The officer noticed what appeared to be urine on the man's pants, and when asked if he had urinated on himself, the man said, "I guess."

He began apologizing, saying he was drunk and didn't mean to cause any trouble. The officer asked him for his name, date of birth and address, but he could not remember his address and had trouble thinking of his date of birth.

He continued saying he was sorry for being drunk and did not remember where he had been. The suspect said, "I know I'm drunk, just take me to jail or do whatever you do." He was never able to tell the officer where he was.

He displayed all cues to indicate he was intoxicated. The suspect kept saying, "This is silly, I'm drunk, I know it, just take me to jail." He was arrested for DUI and transported to jail.

A 27-year-old Atlanta man was drinking beer and watching TV when he became angry for no apparent reason. He turned to his girlfriend, who was sitting on the couch, and suddenly put her in a choke hold. She broke free and ran to the kitchen to call the police but the man followed her and ripped the phone off the wall.

The woman ran to the bedroom and he tackled her on the bed and beat her. She was able to bite her boyfriend's hand and escape. The girlfriend called police and the man was arrested for battery and interfering with a 911 call.

Debra Warlick contributed to this report.

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