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A man walked into a convenience store on Roswell Road and pulled out a large knife. He pointed the knife at the clerk, a 30-year-old Atlanta man, and told him to put the money in a paper bag and give it to him.

But instead, the clerk grabbed a plastic trash can and struck the wannabe thief in the face. The robber ran away.

Residents of Redlion Run called police when they noticed someone had egged their house.

When the police arrived on the scene, they noticed a Chevy Tahoe speeding down the street. The officer chased the vehicle and pulled the driver over.

There were three teenagers in the vehicle and they all appeared to be drunk. The teens denied they had been drinking or throwing eggs. The officer had all three teenagers take a breathalyzer test, which indicated that the passengers, two 18-year-olds from Alpharetta, had been drinking. They were charged with underage possession of alcohol. The driver was charged with violating curfew.

A 29-year-old Atlanta man was standing at a pay phone behind a bar on Roswell Road when he realized that he didn't have enough money to make a call. The man exclaimed, "Damn, I need a nickel!"

An employee of the bar punched the man in the face and said, "Don't call me a nigger!" The police were called, but the employee had fled the scene when they arrived.

The man suffered a large cut under his right eye.

Police were dispatched to a domestic call in Norcross, but it turned out to be an armed robbery. A 40-year-old Gainesville man said he had his back toward the highway while he was talking on a gas station pay phone with his brother.

A woman approached him and asked for a ride. He agreed. Once they were inside the car, the man said the woman pulled out a pocket knife and held it to his ribcage and forced him to drive to an apartment complex.

The woman demanded the man's money and he insisted repeatedly that he didn't have any. The man calmed down enough to ask for the woman's name and she gave him a nickname.

They passed the gas station where the woman got in the car and she made the man stop the vehicle in the middle of Dawson Boulevard. The woman yelled out the window to a man standing along the road and he jumped into the front seat as she moved into the back.

The Gainesville man told the duo he was going to call the police and the woman said, "Go ahead." She then leaned forward and took the keys out of the ignition. The 40-year-old man wrestled with the woman over the knife and she bit him on the arm in an attempt to stop him, but he was able to make her drop the knife.

The Gainesville man got out of the car. The other man jumped into the driver's seat and he and the woman drove away to an unknown location. The woman had been able to get the following items from the victim: a checkbook, a Bible, work boots and tools. The vehicle was found again at the gas station and returned to the victim.

A suspicious package was found in the pulpit of Mt. Pisgah Church on Nesbit Ferry Road. The package was moved outside of the church and the police were called.

The police arrived on the scene and evacuated the church. The fire department and the bomb squad were called. The bomb squad opened the package and saw that it contained a number of pairs of colored underwear.

Police responded to a fight call at a pay phone location in Buford and found a 21-year-old woman who told police that another woman attacked her. The victim said the woman attacked her because she thought the 21-year-old was spreading rumors about her.

The woman said she was walking home when she was confronted by the other woman. She said the woman pushed her and flipped her over on the ground.

She said she did hit back, but only to defend herself. The 21-year-old said she knew the other woman's first and last name and that she lives in Suwanee, but that she had no other information.

The woman said there were people at the scene who saw the fight. When the officer spoke to the witnesses, however, they said they saw nothing. The victim was advised on obtaining a temporary restraining order from the court.


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