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Tuesday 18 

BLOODHOUND GANG, NERF HERDER — Despite limited commercial success, Bloodhound Gang have kept it going through much of the last decade based on the unlikely charm of being a bunch of knuckleheads with a sense of humor so dumb it makes you laugh. Their latest, Hooray for Boobies, finds BG on a major (Interscope), and going for the big-time with their most moronic and offensive record yet. If anything, they seem out to prove the old adage that you'll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public. Nerf Herder's pop-punk sound has more in common with NoFX than Blink182, but they lace their funny songs with trash culture zingers about Courtney Love and Van Halen. Roxy (Trammell)

MELISSA FERRICK, SCOTT E. MOORE, JESSICA SCHOENBERG — Three very capable singer/songwriters from the Northeast share a bill tonight, for anyone who thinks we don't have enough people doing exactly the same thing as this in town already. Eddie's Attic (Sarig)

FRANCINE REED, PHIL DUTRA — See listing for April 14. Barnes & Noble/Alpharetta (Sarig)

WESLEY WILLIS, THE CAUSEY WAY — Berserk fuzztone musical humorist (to put it very kindly) Willis headlines tonight over the Causeys, a Florida combo who sound like a deeper, darker version of early Devo. Are they not men? Well, there is a gal in the band. Echo Lounge (Nicoll)

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