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Aphilliates DJ Jaycee's latest mix

Last month, I reported on an unlikely collaboration between League of Evil and Aphilliates DJ Jaycee, who planned to use the indie-rock band's "Bull in a Candystore" for an upcoming mix CD called Rock Revolution. I got the information from LoE bassist Chris Parizo, but was unable to confirm it with Jaycee.

I finally reached Jaycee last week, and he clarified some details about the aforementioned mix tape, among many other things. "Chris, he jumped the gun a little bit on that one," says Jaycee, who is Ludacris' tour DJ. Contrary to my previous report, he explains that Rock Revolution isn't affiliated with Ludacris in any way, and that "Bull in a Candystore" didn't even make the disc.

"I told him, 'Send me an MP3 of one of your songs,'" says Jaycee of Parizo; the two are longtime friends. "He didn't get the song to me until the day I had to turn it in. I had a really strict deadline. By the time he got the song to me, my mix was already done." However, Jaycee wants to include "Bull in a Candystore" on a second volume.

In the meantime, Jaycee says you can find Rock Revolution at Macy's stores next month. On the disc, he mashes up rock tracks from Aerosmith, AC/DC, Weezer and Maroon 5 into a hip-hop mix. "When you spend $50 at Macy's -- it doesn't matter what department you spend it in, as long as you spend $50 or more -- you get a CD with your purchase," he says. "It's a real good look for me."

Earlier this year, Jaycee earned props from MTV for a mix CD called Timeless Material: Michael Jackson, The Soulful Years. "You can go to, or any of your local record stores that sell mix tapes," says Jaycee, when asked where people can pick that release up. Despite those projects, most of his time is currently spent promoting Ludacris' upcoming album, Release Therapy.

When asked about rumors that Ludacris' album will be a battle-oriented, ether-style affair, Jaycee answers, "People give Ludacris a hard time. But he's definitely going hard with this album. I can definitely say that." Jaycee admits he's only heard four or five songs from Release Therapy. "He's definitely stepped it up to let people know that he's one of the top lyricists out there representing the South," he says. "A lot of people put him in this box as this clown rapper, blah blah blah. But Chris [Bridges, aka Ludacris] holds his own with anybody he gets on a track with. Time to put the naysayers to bed."

Incidentally, the Aphilliates have a new member, DJ Infamous. A 23-year-old from Lansing, Mich., Infamous currently spins during Greg Street's weekday evening broadcast on V-103 (WVEE-FM). Jaycee spun records there himself from 1996 to 2001, and is talking with the station about going back on the air.

"I sorta miss being on radio," says Jaycee. "My thing is, I want to come back to the radio and play some authentic hip-hop on the air. ... I think that if more people got a chance to hear a wider variety of hip-hop music, then that would silence all the critics who say hip-hop is dead." For more info on Jaycee, visit

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