What food does beer go with? 

Many people believe that beer pairs better with food than wine. According to your taste, you can pretty much drink beer with any course, but here are some overall suggestions.

There are no set rules with beer and food pairing, but beer usually should be served from lightest to heaviest during a meal. Start with a steam beer, lambic or an India Pale Ale. Move to pilsners, wheat beers, then heartier ales. Finish with porters, stouts or Belgian strong ales .

And you want to choose a beer that will not overpower the food you are serving. The goal is to complement, or bring out, the flavors in a dish. For example, a malty beer such as brown ale or Munich Helles would go very well with a spicy chili because the malt's sweetness helps relieve the heat on the tongue. Salads need a beer that does not overpower their subtle flavors, such as wheat beers. Wheat beers can also support a main course such as lighter seafood dishes like white fish or shrimp. With most pastas, lagers and pilsners are recommended. Germanic foods such as wursts, pork dishes, smoked ham or sausage go very well with heartier brews. But with lighter meats such as chicken or veal, stick with lagers and pilsners. Aged cheeses pair well with earthy beers such as Trappists. To complement beef or game, you need a beer with substantial bitterness, such as Amber Ales or Porters. Pale ales stand up to pork as well as lamb. Porters and stouts also match with very hearty foods such as stews and slow-cooked meats such as pot roast. For Indian and Asian cuisines, Munchener Helles and other lightly hopped lagers pair very well. For dessert, Michael Jackson suggests a nice brown ale to complement apple pie. For those less daring, try a fruity lambic or Gueuze.


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