What popular summer venue in Atlanta sucks? 

White Water. It's a great place to bleach your skin with Clorox with unsupervised children, get a good dose of Southern culture, swim with Baby Ruths and see plenty of men with dunlap disease. I'd rather stick my hand in a garbage disposal than go there. But it's really not White Water but the people. Parents want to take a day off from being a parent so they drop their kids off at White Water. I think these parents should stick around, swim and see the toilet their children have created there.

Centennial Park. They have crap going on. The bands aren't very good, there's one restroom and there is no shade. They have columns and columns of Olympic torches but no trees. Torches don't give you shade. And with all the brick, it's hot! And when you go, you get to battle the homeless. They're sleeping in the benches so there's no place to sit. Then they stare at you until you feel uncomfortable. I can't even ride my unicycle in the park. Bikes aren't permitted. Don't entice people to come down until you get a decent product to come down for.

Six Flags. The lines are incredible. You can wait forever. By the time you've gotten a couple of rides on the roller coaster, you've wasted three to six hours. The rides themselves are beautiful but that wait in 90-degree weather just sucks. I love roller coasters. But the ride is at top three minutes. After all that waiting, it should be at least five to seven. I realize that makes the wait longer but you want it to be worth the wait. It's like your wife telling you she's waiting to have a great sex and then you come home and she falls asleep on you.



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