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What type of people are your Georgia legislators? 

Andy, Atlanta:
Scotch-on-the-rocks guys with some sort of pork appetizer. They're big, balding, burly guys with shiny cufflinks and shiny watches. They don't do enough to make themselves known, so my general impression is they don't do shit. If they were smart they would be doing something more productive and they would hold a higher office and Georgia would have a higher standard of education.

Cindy, Atlanta:
Middle-of-the-road people, probably higher educated than the majority, who started off with very good causes to go into political office [but] lost sight of their policies and got caught up in the glamour and the job title. They begin to receive favors, maybe some extra hams at Christmas or turkeys for Thanksgiving, pick up some extra little perks, shall we say, call girls or extra-curricular activities and begin to think of themselves as little demigods.

Tom, Atlanta:
Rural legislators have a reputation for being more ignorant and less enlightened about things, and a lot of people pawn that off as being a reflection of the people who vote them in, but I disagree. I think the system as it currently stands now is weighted towards bringing ignorant, dumb, unprincipled people into the Legislature regardless of what the people think, and that's why the campaign system needs to be reformed.

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