Why do so many people not vote? 

Deidra: People are irresponsible. They only care [about] what's going on with their lives and don't see the big picture. Half the people in this country are so consumed with what's going on with themselves that voting is the last thing on their mind. I think you've got to have parents go out and vote so their kids see Mom and Dad vote, so when they get older they'll go out and vote. People do what they learn when they're young. My parents always voted, so I always vote. Kids do what they see. It's just human nature.

Rudy: Most people my age [21] don't take it seriously. Some of us live with our parents, so we don't have much of a responsibility. For me, when [politicians are] campaigning, they're advertising more to older people. Maybe if they throw some music behind it or something catchy, maybe the younger people will start looking into them or something. You've got to sell yourself these days. I never heard anybody my age talk about who they're going to vote for. Never. Never heard anybody my age say they want to go vote. They need to change their marketing strategy to fit more or less everybody.

Tom: People don't understand the history of voting and people [who] fought for their right to vote. Now that they got it, they don't want to use it. It's just a like free membership. Somebody gives you a free gym membership, most people won't show up. If you paid for it, you're going to go to get something out of it. If you are given something, you're not going to appreciate it as much. There's a lot of ignorance. It's not that they're stupid -- they haven't been educated enough.



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