Four reasons CL's 2005 Year in Culture issue is formatted into lists:

1) Everybody loves lists! We all make lists -- grocery lists, to-do lists, wish lists, fantasy date lists. Lists make us feel organized, even when we're not.

2) If Santa can do it, why can't we? After all, the guiding principle of our lives is found in the answer to that perennial question: WWSD?

3) They're easy to read! We know you're really busy. You've got Christmas gifts to return, family squabbles to resolve and New Year's Eve plans to make. I mean, who really wants to read some long treatise on the year that was 2005?

4) They're easy to write! OK, so we're really busy, too. Half the staff is on vacation and there's only a few of us left to crank this sucker out. We have a life, too, you know! God!

Top 7 things we'll miss in 2006

1) The Atlanta College of Art

2) Echo Lounge

3) Iris

4) Deep, house music night at MJQ

5) Heaping Bowl & Brew

6) "Arrested Development"

7) Coriolis Dance Project

Top 5 most ironic T-shirts in East Atlanta

1) Viva La Reagan Revolucion

2) Got Milf?

3) Say Yes To Michigan

4) F The President

5) Pedro Lacks Political Experience


Top 7 tastiest fish at the Georgia Aquarium

1) Beluga whales

2) Whale sharks

3) Southern sea otters

4) Hammerhead sharks

5) Green turtles

6) Leafy sea dragons

7) Goliath grouper

Top 7 hot spots for the tragically chic

1) Piebar

2) Shout

3) Two Urban Licks

4) Eclipse di Sol

5) Suzy Wong's Lounge

6) Lobby in the Twelve Hotel

7) Mix

Beluga whales debut at the Georgia Aquarium. - JIM STAWNIAK


Atlanta's racial makeup

White, 33 percent

Black, 61 percent

Asian, 2 percent

Hispanic or Latino, 4.5 percent

Other, 2 percent

Top 10 alternative slogans for Atlanta

1) Sure beats Valdosta

2) For real estate developers, by real estate developers

3) The city too smart to hate too obviously

4) Suburban looks, city taxes

5) Home of the $5 lap dance

6) The Houston of the Southeast

7) Ron Mexico City

8) Welcome to Moe's!

9) Atlanta: Just like everywhere else

10) Atlanta: Our HOV lanes save 3 minutes

Piebar resurrects an architectural gem. - JAMES CAMP
  • James Camp
  • Piebar resurrects an architectural gem.

MC Chris' playlist

1) "Thanks for the Misery," Reggie and the Full Effect

2) "Check On It," Destiny's Child

3) "Obtener un Sí," Shakira

4) "A Very Pretty Song for a Very Special Young Lady Part 2," the Ergs

5) "9 to 5," Lady Sovereign (U.K.-only single)

Top 3 attacks on Atlanta's arts culture

1) The Echo Lounge in East Atlanta closed its doors Jan. 8 because of liquor license problems.

2) The Savannah College of Art and Design announced in July that it bought the Atlanta College of Art, a 100-year-old institution, which will close in 2006.

3) More than 300 tenants, including many artists and musicians, were evicted from the Chandler Smith Warehouse lofts in the West End after a fire took three lives.

Top 3 future musicals based on local events

1) Cranesitter! The Musical

The inspirational ballad "Climb Every Crane" kicks off this tribute to the lovable ne'er-do-well who scaled a Buckhead construction crane and became a traffic-stopping sensation. The show concludes with the song "Is That a Taser in Your Pocket (Or Are You Just Happy to See Me)?"

2) Runaway! The Musical

"The Runaway Bride" harks back to how a Duluth wedding became a national soap opera. In Act One, bereft groom John Mason croons Del Shannon's "Runaway" (rights pending). Jennifer Wilbanks' false claim that a Hispanic male kidnapped her becomes a saucy salsa number, and the curtain falls on "Community Service," Wilbanks' spirited dance with a lawnmower.

3) Ashley! The Musical

Unlikely Angel, Ashley Smith's book about being held hostage by Brian Nichols, gets musicalized. When she reads The Purpose-Driven Life to her captor, she breaks into a tambourine-shaking Gospel number, while the sharing of her crystal meth stash inspires the 1960s-style psychedelic rock homage "Clean Up This Meth."

Jennifer Wilbanks
  • Jennifer Wilbanks

Top 4 movies that prove the South is cool again

1) Junebug

2) Forty Shades of Blue

3) Hustle & Flow

4) The Education of Shelby Knox

Atlanta Rollergirl The Notorious R.I.P.'s playlist/p>

1) "Kryptonite (I'm On It)," Big Boi/Purple Ribbon All-Stars

2) "Georgia," Ludacris

3) "Stay Fly," Three 6 Mafia

4) "Soul Survivor," Young Jeezy

5) "I'll Be Around," Cee-Lo

Hunter S. Thompson
  • Hunter S. Thompson

Top 16 people we'll miss in 2006

1) Ben Apfelbaum, Spruill Gallery director

2) Harold Kelling of the Hampton Grease Band

3) Tim Gunther of the Breeze Kings

4) Sonoramic Commando, Bluejays, and Caroline and the Ramblers band member John McLean, who moved to Florida

5) Playwright August Wilson

6) Richard Pryor

7) Hunter S. Thompson

8) Bob Denver

9) Peter Jennings

10) Rosa Parks

11) Luther Vandross



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