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12) Anne Bancroft

13) Saul Bellow

14) Ossie Davis

15) Johnny Carson

16) James Doohan

Daniel May in Bug - BRETT DESCHENE

Top 5 stores we want

1. Trader Joe's

2. H&M

3. Dean & Deluca

4. Vice

5. Agent Provocateur

Top 5 plays

1) Take Me Out at Theatre in the Square

2) Bug at Actor's Express

3) Boston Marriage at 7 Stages

4) The Syringa Tree at Horizon Theatre

5) The Caryl Churchill Festival at 7 Stages

Top 5 new restaurants where Bree Van De Kamp would eat

1) Quinones at Bacchanalia

2) Table 1280

3) Taurus

4) Sampan

5) Avra

Charlie Brown's Cabaret
  • Charlie Brown's Cabaret

Top 3 touring shows better than Menopause The Musical

1) The Mystery of Chung Ling Soo

2) The One-Man Star Wars Trilogy

3) Like a Dog on Linoleum

Top 4 best movies you probably never saw

1) Kontroll

2) The War Within

3) Crónicas

4) The Ballad of Jack and Rose

Top 10 "first annual" events

1) Vibe MusicFest

2) Atlanta Hip-Hop Film Festival

3) Georgia Arts & Entertainment Legacy Award

4) Q100 Bert Show's HoliGAY Party

5) Paste Rock 'n' Reel Festival

6) The Other Sound Festival

7) Radio One/Hot 107.9's Dirty Awards

8) Atlanta Rollergirls season

9) Suzi Bass Awards

10) Charlie Brown Cabaret's "Drag Idol" competition

Curt Holman's top 10 movies

1) Good Night, and Good Luck

2) Hustle & Flow

3) Capote

4) Downfall

5) Brokeback Mountain

6) Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

7) Caché

8) A History of Violence

9) Munich

10) The 40 Year-Old Virgin

Felicia Feaster's top 10 movies

1) Mysterious Skin

2) Brokeback Mountain

3) Capote

4) Caché

5) A History of Violence

6) Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

7) The Ballad of Jack and Rose

8) Syriana

9) Happily Ever After

10) The 40 Year-Old Virgin

Up on Bareback, er, Brokeback Mountain - PARAMOUNT PICTURES

Top 7 concerts

1) Gang of Four at EarthLink Live

2) Kanye West and Fantasia at Philips Arena

3) Mastodon at the Masquerade

4) The Black Crowes at the Tabernacle

5) Rahsaan Patterson at the Fox Theatre

6) Algebra and Eric Roberson at EarthLink Live

7) Ashlee Simpson at the Arena at Gwinnett Center (just kidding)

Top 6 memorable concert moments

1) Depeche Mode at the Arena at Gwinnett Center: As David Gahan and Martin Gore wrapped up what was supposed to be an emotional ballad, Gahan bonked Gore on the head with his mic as they bowed. D'oh.

2) The Selmanaires CD release party at Lenny's: The audience already knew all the words to the songs on the Selmanaires' brand-spanking new CD.

3) Mötley Crüe at Philips Arena: Lead singer Vince Neil twisted his leg and canceled the show half-way through the band's performance. Remember, kids: Scrumping porn stars leads to bad joints.

4) T.I. at Vibe MusicFest: The ladies in the front row were so crunk they tore his T-shirt off. Seriously.

5) The Close homecoming show at the Earl: Organist Theresa was surprised with a birthday cake by a strange-looking crew, including a CL contributor in his boxers and a dude in a rabbit suit (both equally scary).

6) Brian Jonestown Massacre at the Earl: Calling this show a "concert" is a stretch since in the couple hours the band tried to play, only a song or two squeaked through frontman Anton Newcombe's tantrums.

The Selmanaires get fierce with tambourines at Lenny's. - TONY WARE
  • Tony Ware
  • The Selmanaires get fierce with tambourines at Lenny's.

Top 6 worst movie taglines

1) "Beneath heaven lies hell, beneath hell lies ... the Cave." (The Cave)

2) "Sometimes the last person on earth you want to be with is the one person you can't be without." (Pride & Prejudice)

3) "Life is more than the sum of its parts." (Transamerica)

4) "Cousins. Outlaws. Thrillbillies." (The Dukes of Hazzard)

5) "Everyone wants a piece of his action." (In the Mix)

6) "See it! Live it! Spread it!" (The Gospel)

Top 5 ways to tell whether you're clowning, krumping or having a seizure

1) If someone puts a dollar in your pants to thank you for your badunkadunk-shaking stripper dance, you're clowning. Krumpers don't twerk. But if someone puts a wallet in your mouth, you are having a seizure.

2) If you wear a size 44 shoe, you're clowning. If you wear size 12 or under, you're krumping. All shoe sizes, however, can experience seizures.

3) If you blacken your eye with your own flailing arm, you are krumping or having a seizure. Clowns exercise more limb control.

4) If you're covered in sweat and violently thrashing against a floor, you could be any of the above. If you're in a splits or doggy-style position, you're probably still clowning or krumping. If you're more free-form than that, it's probably a seizure.

5) If you tear off your shirt, you're krumping or possibly the Incredible Hulk.

Top 6 lowest TV moments

1) The death of "Chappelle's Show"

2) On "The Real Gilligan's Island," when Atlanta-based Dr. Tiy-e Muhammad was exposed as a fake psychologist.



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