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Dead and Company come to ATL... and yes, Jerry Garcia is still dead

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Three "core three" Bob Weir guitar and drummers Bill Kreutzmann  and Mickey Hart were joined by John Mayer. - JOEFF DAVIS
  • Joeff Davis
  • Three "core three" Bob Weir guitar and drummers Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart were joined by John Mayer.

Three members of the Grateful Dead performed at Philips Arena on November 17, just a few months after declaring the end of the Grateful Dead with the group's much hyped “Fare the Well” shows in San Francisco and Chicago. These shows included the band's core four surviving members, with the exception of bassist Phil Lesh, who performs with his own group, Phil and Friends. The other three surviving members were joined by keyboardist Jeff Chimenti, basist Oteil Burbridge and formerly Atlanta-based heartthrob John Mayer playing the role of the Dead's beloved singer and guitarist Jerry Garcia. And while the show did not reach Grateful Dead heights, it was satisfying on its own terms, which is perhaps the best thing you could say about it 20 years after Garcia's death.

To open the show, the group stretched out on “Feel Like a Stranger,” a Bob Weir/John Barlow-penned number from the Grateful Dead's 1980 LP Go To Heaven. Perhaps Weir’s choice for an opener alluded to the hassle he got when entering the venue. Just moments before the group was to go onstage, a security guard stopped him from entering. He left angrily, but the situation was sorted out within a few minutes. Soon, he was onstage performing for a crowd of over 12,000, and lit into the chorus like a man possessed: “Well, I feel like a stranger.”

It is understandable that Weir get stopped at the door. At 68 years old he no longer possesses the beauty of his youth which propelled him as the stud of the band, which is discussed in the recent Weir Documentary, The Other One. These days he looks a little like the 1990’s era Garcia, with his grey hair and beard, and statuesque presence on stage. But just as Garcia appeared like Buddha, Weir looks like a mad scientist, occasionally waving his arms in the middle of songs and seemingly directing audience members onstage. All four Grateful Dead alumni are getting elderly, however: percussionist Mickey Hart is 72, drummer Billy Kerutzmann is now 69, and Phil Lesh, who recently announced he has cancer, is 75. On this night, Weir was strong right out of the gate, putting to rest concerns about his health ever since he collapsed on stage in 2013 with Further - a band he co-founded with Lesh - and cancelled shows in 2014 with his band Ratdog.

But the big story Tuesday night was John Mayer, the 38 year old, who moved to Atlanta to try to make it in 1997 and is known as much for his his number 1 albums as his TMZ stalking-worthy good looks. A recent innocuous Instagram post about the weather in Nashville had nearly 17,000 likes and 370 comments within 30 minutes of posting (he has 1.3 million Instagram followers). With all the gossip that surrounds him, it's easy to miss the fact that he has recorded and played with many guitar legends, amongst them Eric Clapton who called him a “master” guitar player. Obviously, the Dead and Company made a wise business move choosing Mayer to play the role of Jerry.

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Ritual Knife lacerates with punk and black metal mystique

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Ritual Knife, the Atlanta-based duo playing a savage blend of black metal and punk, only performed live for the first time in April, on a 529 bill with Satan’s Satyrs, Mystic Inane, and local power violence/hardcore group Nurse. Sometimes dubbed “blackened punk,” the style of music that Ritual Knife plays combines the worst (or best, depending on who you ask) aesthetic properties of both genres – namely, the basement-dwelling recording quality – to create a furious, lo-fi assault. Their first demo, Demonstrations I, was uploaded to YouTube on April 26 by Negative Culture Tapes, who also put out the tour pressing of the recent Nurse 7-inch. A second demo, Demonstrations II, followed on July 1. Good luck finding these, however – the band has no Internet presence to speak of, and prefers to keeps its members' identities anonymous.

Strangely enough,
I has the better production quality of the two. On several tracks, such as “VII” and “VIII” (the second and third tracks, respectively), blast beats dominate in the mix, to the extent that the guitar can barely be made out. But the malevolence reeking beneath the surface does occasionally bubble upwards for stretches of time (read: 25 seconds). It’s nothing cutting-edge (and surely Bone Awl have done it already), but no complaints here.

Check out their live session at the Small Claw Recording Studio below:

With GAG, Slugga, and PDC. Tonight (Wed., Nov. 25). $7. 9 p.m. 529 Flat Shoals Ave S.E. 404-228-6769.

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Tracklist: Hello, it's John Frusciante

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Dont quit your deus job
  • Don't quit your deus job
>> Last Night on Late Night: Carly Simon did "I Can't Thank You Enough" and duetted with Stephen on "Mockingbird," Jimmy, Adele and The Roots did "Hello" backstage with classroom instruments and Jennifer Nettles did "Unlove You" on Fallon, D.N.C.E. did "Cake By The Ocean" on Corden, and earlier in the day, Ellie Goulding did "On My Mind" on Ellen.

>> "In mainstream industry jargon, an artist who has a small audience is said to have “no audience”. I’ve always despised that expression, because it implies that audiences with uncommon taste are nonentities, rather than actual people. I certainly do not talk that way. I love people, and do not like to see them devalued. I’m glad that the people who continue to follow what I do have kept their minds active and open. And I’m pleased that rock fans are not the only people listening to what I’ve done. Thank you all for existing." ~ John Frusciante

>> Queen Beyonce is working on a new streetwear brand for launch in spring 2016.

>> Full Stream Ahead: LNDN DRGS, AKTIVE, Albert Hammond Jr, Daytrotter Studio, Stone Irr, This Month, Bonus: Cindy Lee, "Always Lovers"

>> Wu-Tang Clan's Once Upon A Time In Shaolin has been sold for a price “in the millions.”

>> King Krule announced a new project called ANP2D on his new Instagram.

>> Erykah Badu press release says But You Caint Use My Phone is built on "the lyrical theme of our own reliance on staying inter-connected."

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blackberry Smoke's long road to Southern rock stardom

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LONG WAY TO THE TOP: Years of touring preceded chart success for Charlie Starr (center) and Blackberry Smoke. - ROSS HALFIN
  • Ross Halfin
  • LONG WAY TO THE TOP: Years of touring preceded chart success for Charlie Starr (center) and Blackberry Smoke.

When Blackberry Smoke's Holding All the Roses (Rounder Records) was released in February, it quickly climbed to the top spot of Billboard's Top Country Albums. To the uninitiated, it was an overnight success story. But the Atlanta-based Southern rockers have been constantly touring for well over a decade, winning the admiration of their classic rock heroes and forging a working relationship with fellow Georgian Zac Brown. Slow building success has made the band's post-Thanksgiving Atlanta show a special event. Titled the Brothers and Sisters Holiday Homecoming, the Southern music showcase takes over the Tabernacle on Fri., Nov. 27.

Singer and guitarist Charlie Starr recently chatted with Crib Notes about a 15 year career that's taken a band that struggled to draw locally in the early aughts to the cusp of mainstream stardom.

There’s some video on Youtube of Blackberry Smoke playing the Star Bar. That would’ve been an ideal place for your music circa 2000. Were you guys fixtures there when you first started out?

We played the Star Bar several times in the early days. This was around the time of 9 Lives Saloon also, and I think we played the Cotton Club before it moved. But we definitely did our time at the Star Bar.

So I guess anywhere open to rock ’n’ roll and country, too…

Yeah, and we played Smith’s a bunch. We’d make the trip down to Birmingham and play the Nick also. But then we really toured. When we formed the band, we jumped in the van and stayed gone most of the time. Which has kind of been our M.O. ever since, really.

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Tracklist: H. Jon Benjamin does not play piano

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When We Were Young
  • When We Were Young
>> Last Night on Late Night: Adele talked Rihanna, Frank Ocean, SNL, played Box of Lies and did new tune "Water Under The Bridge" on Fallon, My Morning Jacket did "Tropics" on Colbert, Shawn Mendes did "I Know What You Did Last Summer" with a little help from Camila Cabello on Corden, and earlier in the day, Kai did "Can't Feel My Face" on Ellen.

>> "I am just one wave forming one curl, crashing once onto some remote beach somewhere in time. And that wave makes a small imperceptible change in the slope of the sand, upon which at some point in time a baby turtle will walk across, leaving his trail for just an instant, before the tide washes it clean. That’s a pretty cool analogy. More to the point, I do not play piano and I made this jazz album." ~ H. Jon Benjamin

>> Tinashe puts her tongue on stuff in the new Dazed Digital.

>> Full Stream Ahead: Youth Lagoon, Tiny Desk Concert, Sevdaliza, Children Of Silk, Lubomyr Melnyk, Rivers and Streams, B.o.B & London Jae, NASA (Mixtape),

>> That time Killer Mike took Bernie Sanders to Busy Bee and omg how cute are those two? If he doesn't win, then somebody please make this a tv show. #FEELTHEBERN

>> Noted producer, guitarist, curmudgeon Steve Albini hasn't had a conventional Christmas morning in almost 20 years.

>> Pitchfork lurves the Flaming Lips' Heady Nuggs: 20 Years After Clouds Taste Metallic reissue so much it wants to have like a million babies with it.

>> Justin Bieber is bigger than The Beatles and Drake.

>> Hip-Hop's biggest feminist Fetty Wap made it rain at the Paramus mall.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Gwar's Pustulus Maximus demystifies fear with humor

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Pustulus Maximus, second from left, is still scumdog's new puppy. - PHOTO COURTESY SLAVE PIT INC.
  • Photo courtesy Slave Pit Inc.
  • Pustulus Maximus, second from left, is still scumdog's new puppy.

Though he denies such a human exists, Gwar axe man Pustulus Maximus is another alias used by former Cannabis Corpse guitarist Brent “Robert E. Legion” Purgasons. He first donned Pustulus’ pock-marked face and feet in 2012, replacing the late Cory “Flattus Maximus” Smoot. Pustulus and his intergalactic scumdog bandmates are on tour now celebrating the band’s 30th anniversary, which includes a Thanksgiving stop at the Masquerade. Crib Notes caught up with Purgason to talk about Gwar’s legacy of gore, brutality, and coping with real-word threats of violence.

How long have you been a member of Gwar?

I’m not too good at chronologically … I mean I’m good at chronic but not at anything chronologically ordered. Maybe three or four years at this point? I’m still the new puppy.

Character-wise, you are part of a lineage of guitarists, right?

Flattus and I are cousins. We are from different planets, but we have the same tribe — the Maximus clan.

And the Maximus clan happen to be really great guitar players?

All of the Maximuses are, but I was the first Maximus to be born with a guitar in my hand. Which wreaked a little bit of hell on my mother’s uterus when I came out. Tragically she died at childbirth.

Kind of like being born with combat boots on, but you took it a step further…

Right, but you know I quickly devoured her because I needed sustenance to develop into the scumdog I am today. Bless her soulless, lifeless body. It was a good meal.

Do you still eat people, or did you get that out of your system as a newborn?

Not typically because humans today eat so much crap that I try not to eat them. Everything they put into their body you are putting into yours. Humans are eating Burger King and McDonalds and Chic-fil-a and all of that stuff nowadays. You don’t want any of that crap in your body. So I try to shy away from eating humans nowadays.

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Tracklist: Aaron Carter misses Dookie

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Download this free EP
  • Download this free EP
>> Last Week on Late Night: BOOTS did "C.U.R.E." and Vulfpeck did "1612" on Colbert, Trey Anastasio revealed his jogging playlist on Coco, Adele crushed "Hello" and the "Hello Sketch" and "When We Were Young" on SNL, Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth swapped spit, people wore silly clothes, Selena Gomez did "Same Old Love," Coldplay did "Adventure of a Lifetime," Gwen did "Used To Love You," Ariana Grande focussed, Biebs medley-ed, and St. Nicki won everything 8 ways from Sunday on the American Music Awards.

>> "I knew Michael VERY well and spent lots of time with him. ... Little do you guys know.... When Dookie gave me his JACKET PERSONALLY he was passing a torch to me verbatim don't need 2 explain myself. because I haven't released music in 10 years. And who cares I'm Aaron carter not Michael Jackson. Miss u Dookie" ~ Aaron Carter

>> "Barack Obama winning twice was a beacon of, 'Okay, this country, potentially, is shifting dynamics, and is accepting its people as people, as Americans, and not declassifying them because of that.' And for that to happen for a women as well is probably past overdue." ~ RZA

>> Full Stream Ahead: Le Matos, Chronicles of the Wasteland/Turbo Kid OST, R.E.M., Atlanta, 2/20/81 (via), Jonny Greenwood, "Hu" (Junun Outtake), Wolf Alice, "Freazy" (music video), EMA, "Amnesia Haze," Bonus: DIIV, "Mire (Grant’s Song)"

>> Third Man Records is opening a vinyl record pressing plant in Jack White's hometown of Detroit, and it will run BRAND NEW record presses.

>> The making of sound artist Susan Philipsz's haunting "War Damaged Musical Instruments.”

>> New Rihanna is imminent. or not.

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Watch Moonbase's epic battle with 'The Serpent'

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Since its inception, surf music has maintained a tight focus on both the sea and stars. Remembering that celestial bodies have quite a bit to do with our oceans, however, it becomes apparent that these two themes are less divergent than they initially appear. Atlanta’s Moonbase knows this well and exploits the connection to its benefit. Straddling the line somewhere between traditional surf and progressive music’s more extraterrestrial leanings, the group creates something closer to Man or Astro-man? than it does the Ventures.

Since releasing their debut record, 2014’s Creation Myths, the instrumental four-piece featuring Chad Shivers (guitar/bass), Sonny Harding (drums), Eric Balint (bass/guitar), and George Asimakos (guitar) recently unveiled a video for album cut “The Serpent.” The video, directed by Drew Mobley, who also played bass with Shivers in their former band, Sorry No Ferrari, blasts a narrative set atop the song’s dark, often brooding instrumental. A crew of sailors are on the hunt for a serpent who is wreaking havoc on all passersby. The ensuing epic battle is bloody to say the least.

The original version of the song clocks in at 5:20, but the video is a mere 3:04. The catch is, this is a two-part video, and the conclusion is yet to come. Watch the first now and come back to see part two. 

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Tracklist: Raury refines

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Really, Really, Really, Really Christmas
  • Really, Really, Really, Really Christmas
>> Last Night on Late Night: Jimmy and Justin shared a secret handshake and R. Kelly did a "Backyard Party >Ignition > Marching Band" medley, One Direction talked Hollywood, hiatus, fans, potato, but not ZAYN, and did "Perfect," "History," "Love You Goodbye," "The Story of My Life," AND "No Control" on Kimmel, M3n Not Boyz did "I Can't Be Your Boy ('Cos I'm A Grown Man)" on Corden, Tegan and Sara played I Like To Watch on Coco, Summer Twins did "Demons" and "Forget Me" on Daly, Will Smith did "Fiesta" on the Latin Grammy Awards., and earlier in the day, Gwen talked fresh starts with Ellen.

>> "Less is more. It doesn't even necessarily apply to songs [or] music, it just applies to life. Less is more. For example, if I stack a song out with music and everything sounds amazing, the listener might not get to experience the [lyrics of the] song. If I go out on stage and I'm flailing and dancing and yelling the whole time, it's high energy and the audience feeds off of the song, but what about that aspect of less-ness or minimalism or composure?" ~ Raury

>> "Two pieces of advice for young composers: Go away during technical rehearsals. And do not have a back operation." ~ Andrew Lloyd Webber

>> Watch David Bowie's very normal, very plain, very hum drum new music video for "Blackstar," off his upcoming album of the same name, out Jan 8, 2016.

>> Full Stream Ahead: iLoveMakonnen, iLoveMakonnen 2 EP, Animal Flag, EP 2, Kathryn Calder, Mercury Lounge, 9/11/15, Jadakiss, Top 5 Dead or Alive, Bonus: M.I.A., "Borders"

>> Rolling Stone saw the big Miley/Flaming Lips Dead Petz tour opener at the Riveria Theatre in Chicago and lived to review about it.

>> What to eat while you listen/cry to the new Adele.

>> The Music Sanctuary is a non-profit that saves lives by sending teens to concerts.

>> Spotify is getting harder to hate.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tracklist: Bataclan will reopen

Posted By on Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 12:57 PM

  • Inside
>> Last Night on Late Night: Jeff Lynne's ELO did "Mr. Blue Sky" and "When I Was A Boy" and Jimmy and J Law did "Come Dance With Us" on Fallon, James Taylor updated "Fire and Rain", did "Montana," "You Can Close Your Eyes," and John Lyndon smoked a cigarette on Colbert, Albert Hammond, Jr. did "Born Slippy" and "Razor's Edge" on Kimmel, Mutemath did "Light Up" on Meyers, Biebs did carpool karaoke on Corden, Trey Anastasio did "The Song" on Coco, and earlier in the day, One D did "Perfect" on Ellen.

>> "It will reopen, no question about it. Hearts will be heavy for a few months, a few years. But we will reopen. We will not surrender.” ~ Le Bataclan co-manager Dominique Revert

>> "Doing girls is cool but doing work lasts way longer and more fulfilling .. Took me 35 years to figure out" ~ Diplo

>> That time Queen Taylor allowed Alessia Cara to sit in the same room as her and answer questions about Here.

>> Full Stream Ahead: Local H, Antiquiet Sessions #25, Luther Wright and the Wrongs, Hearts and Lonely Hunters, Caroline Polachek, "TheBoy Who I'll See Again," Zach Cowie, The Use Of Ashes / A Mixtape, Tinashe, "Party Favors" (music video), Courtesy Tier, Rough Trade BK, 11/3/15, Bonus: Kanye, "Fade" unreleased Swish track

>> All I want for Christmas is a Once More Around The Sun Herb Grinder.

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