Friday, January 30, 2009

Shelf Life: 'The Oxford American Book of Great Music Writing'

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GENRE: A brick-sized collection of music journalism from a decidedly Southern magazine

THE PITCH: Trendy bands and celebrity fluff pieces aren’t welcome here. OA editor and founder Mark Smirnoff wants this writing to pay “tribute to how music seeps into us."

BLUES SISTERS: The writing is most successful when it veers far from the confines of music history, like Carol Ann Fitzgerald’s memoir-ish tale of lesbian attraction and Bessie Smith. “I slept while she rubbed my back in motel beds. Her hands clenched and declenched, just shy of hurting. We burned candles that smelled like pumpkin pie. Bessie was on repeat,” she says.

SEX PISTOLS IN ATLANTA: Mark Binelli tells the story of the Sex Pistols’ first U.S. show at a strip mall in Atlanta. Afterwards the band heads to a bar, but Sid Vicious disappears into the night. “Vicious finally turned up at Piedmont Hospital,” Binelli explains. “After scoring some heroin, he’d gotten bored and carved the words GIMME A FIX into his chest.”

STEVE MARTIN ON FAILED MUSIC ASPIRATIONS: “Obsession is a great substitute for talent.”

ALLMAN BROTHERS IN MACON: John T. Edge quotes roadie Red Dog Campbell about Mama Louise Hudson’s soul-food restaurant, “At the H&H, they didn’t care if we were black, white, or purple. Mama didn’t say anything if we were trippin’ our asses off. Now, she might tell me to come in the back door instead of the of the front when I was messed up, but really she just fed us fried chicken and loved us.”

Read the rest here.

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Roll Call: Tommy Chung of the Selmanaires

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For today’s Roll Call we call out Tommy Chung of the Selmanaires.

Who are you?

Tommy Chung to my friends, Thomas Chung to the government and creditors.

Describe yourself in three words.

Hungry Renaissance Man.

Who — dead or alive — would most you like to meet?

Ernest Hemingway, so he can divulge his secrets to success. He did blow his brains out though, so I suppose success is relative.

Who would you most like to slap in the face?

People who infect my world with their negativity. I usually don't let the hateful attitudes of others get to me, but there are a handful of people and personality types who really know how to get under my skin. You fuckers know who you are.

What song do you wish you had written?

"Mother Sky" by Can. Coolest song ever.

Elvis Costello or Elvis Presley?

Wow. I can't believe you're making me choose. I'll go with the skinny, "Mystery Train"-era King.

LP, CD or MP3?

LPs, but only because you didn't list cassettes as a choice.

If you could start one trend, what would it be?

Fish on Fridays for protein-deficient vegans and non-Catholics.

If you could end one trend, what would it be?

Ironic mustaches.

With whom would you most like to play a game of spin the bottle?

Anna Karina circa 1967. However, with my luck, the bottle would probably land on her husband Jean-Luc Godard. I respect him and all, but I'm only mildly interested in kissing him.

The Selmanaires play the Earl on Sat., Jan. 31st with the Features and Carnivores. $8. 9 p.m. 488 Flat Shoals Rd. 404-522-3950.

(Photo by Chad Radford)

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New Black Lips MP3, "Short Fuse"

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This week Vice Records unveiled "Short Fuse," the second song to emerge from the Black Lips' forthcoming full-length, 200 Million Thousand (due out February 24th).

While there has been much rumor and speculation about how the new Black Lips album takes the group in a different direction than their previous recordings, "Short Fuse" gives the world a substantial look at where the group is heading.

Download "Short Fuse."

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Air Loaf: Music for the weekend

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CL's Chanté LaGon and Chad Radford chat about upcoming shows around Atlanta including Adron and Madeline at the Star Bar (Thurs., Jan. 29), and Fringe Factory's one-year anniversary at the Highland Inn Ballroom (Sat., Jan. 31).

For a more comprehensive list of local shows check out Sound Menu.

Air Loaf is broadcast weekdays on 1690 WMLB-AM at approximately 8:10 a.m., 12:20 p.m. and 6:20 p.m.


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CL recommended free things to do tonight (Thurs., Jan. 29th)

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Over at the Star Bar wayward and whimsical songstress Adron returns from Brooklyn to play a show with Athens songwriter Madeline and locals Zano and Trapper's Cabin. Show starts at 9 p.m. Star Bar, 437 Moreland Ave. 404-681-9018.

The debut performance from a new three-piece featuring Soulphonics' members Spencer Garn (organ), Scott Clayton (guitar) and Mark R. (drums) takes place at 529. DJ's Suzy Q & Vikki V of Fringe Factory will be spinning a mix of surf, psych, garage rock, soul and otherwise vintage rock records. Free. 10 p.m. 529 Flat Shoals Rd. 404-228-6769.

And of course there is the weekly Kirkwood Ballers Club experimental open mic night going on at the Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge. Come here to mingle with folks and check a wide array of outsider music. From pretty and melodic to fractured and skittish to the outlimits of jazz, noise and punk rock, the KBC is an incubator for a lot of music. 9 p.m. The Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge. 644 North Highland Ave.  404-874-5756.

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New We Fun trailer released

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Earlier today producer / director Matthew Robison sent Crib Notes a new cut of the trailer for the forthcoming Atlanta rock scene documentary, We Fun.

WARNING The trailer features a few swear words, so if you are at work put on a pair of headphones.

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Behind Broke $ Boujee: Interview with photographer Hannibal Matthews

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Tonight, Broke & Boujee presents Make Love Not War, with proceeds to benefit Gaza relief efforts via $4.99 before 10:30 p.m. $9.99 after 10:30 p.m. 10 p.m. Thurs., Jan. 29. The Five Spot, 1123 Euclid Ave. 404-223-1100.

Read this week's CL cover story: Fadia Kader brings Palestine to the party. And check out the interview with resident photographer Hannibal below.

If there’s one element that makes Broke & Boujee click, it’s Hannibal Matthews’ camera shutter. The pop life portraits the Atlanta native creates have come to define B$B as much as the name itself. Like the aspirational ethos behind Fadia Kader’s Come Up Kids, Matthews has carved his own path to DIY glory. The former college dropout and ex-Marine is a self-taught photographer who has parlayed his rep for hot shots into becoming the go-to-cameraman among Atlanta’s emerging hip-hop set.

Once a month, he still makes time to shoot Broke & Boujee — where spontaneous lap dances and random crotch shots are an occupational hazard Matthews is willing to manage.

What would you say it is that you’re attempting to capture when you shoot portraits at the parties?

I feel like I expose people for who they are in the moment — the moment being a really wacky, crazy party atmosphere. For some reason, I’m able to capture the energy of the party. Once people see the pictures – and I look at them myself sometimes – it’s like, ‘Wow, it looks like it was a lot of fun.’ Whereas a lot of event photography you see, it’s like, ‘Oh ok, I’m standing here in the center of the floor’ and if it’s a girl she has her heels on and she looks cute or whatever; but at Broke & Boujee you’ve got people jumping in the air on a trampoline throwing up peace signs. One guy might pick up his girlfriend and throw her on his shoulder or something. It’s just a fun party.

That energy transfers through film onto everybody’s MySpace pages. Broke & Boujee is basically the site where everybody gets their MySpace profile picture.

Sometimes it looks like more fun is being had in front of your lens than within the actual party. What is it about the shoots that make people open up so much and give you all that energy?

Everybody wants to be a star, no matter what. As simple or as small as a Broke & Boujee party may seem in the bigger scheme of the world, everybody wants to be a star and look like a star.

As a visual artist, our job is to interpret reality differently. And everybody’s perception is basically relative to what they’re going through. Everybody wants to be a star, everybody wants to be famous, everybody wants their 15 seconds of fame. If it can be done in front of a camera at Broke & Boujee, then there it is.

Any wild stories?

I’ve basically taken pictures of everything. People have asked me to delete pictures before. Those shots were basically [when] the girls’ crotch [was] shot by mistake and they say, ‘Oh my God, my crotch is showing. Delete that.’ Or some girls come in there with another guy, and she’s like, ‘I don’t want my boyfriend to see these pictures.’

Continue reading »

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Roll Call: Adron

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For Today's Roll Call we call out Adron.

Who are you?

Adron and Adrienne McCann. My broham calls me Binky.

Describe yourself in three words.

Paradeluvian, teleotropic, onaneiric.

Who -- dead or alive -- would you most like to meet?

David Foster Wallace.

Who would you most like to slap in the face?

People who smoke cigarettes and tell me that Veganism and psychedelics are unhealthy.

What song do you wish you had written?

"Ave Maria" by Franz Peter Schubert.

Elvis Costello or Elvis Presley?

Emphatically Presley... "In the Ghetto" is the most bitchingly god blessed dive bar jukebox song ever... Also probably my #1 choice for any karaoke performance... I also tend to refuse dates from people who are more than a little Costello-inclined.

LP, CD or MP3?

LP for at home. MP3s for cinematic dusky walks with headphones.

If you could start one trend, what would it be?

Institute "time off" one day per week at least, for 3 hrs. where everyone turns off lights and appliances and hangs out in the dark and tells ghost stories or something.

If you could end one trend what would it be?

Flashy, impeccably clean and expensive new pan-Asian bistros with their names in Papyrus font.

With whom would you most like to play a game of spin the bottle?

Gary Oldman and Tim Roth as they appeared in Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead.

Adron plays the Star Bar tonight (Thurs., Jan. 29th) w/ Trapper's Cabin, Zano and Madeline. Free. 9 p.m. The Star Bar, 437 Moreland Ave. 404-681-9018.

(Photo by Victor B. Bicycle. Video courtesy of Digital Arts Entertainmentl Laboratory).

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dust-to-Digital celebrates Art of Field Recording

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Atlanta-based record label Dust-to-Digital does it right. They don't release a lot of discs, but what they do put out is so consistently good that it's always worth buying.

Take The Art of Field Recording Volume I for example — when that box set came out in 2007 it got two GRAMMY nominations and glowing praise from The New York Times, The New Yorker, Pitchfork, and pretty much everyone else who heard it.

So listen up, the second volume of The Art of Field Recording is just starting to hit shelves now and Dust to Digital are throwing a shin-dig in Athens on Saturday to celebrate. Performers will include the blind, nonagenarian Sister Fleeta Mitchell, Ed Teague who "is perhaps the only tradition-schooled two-finger banjo picker still actively playing in north Georgia," and a good number of other artists recorded over the years by folklorist Art Rosenbaum. More details can be found at Dust to Digital.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On the Road with Paul Collins. Tues., Jan. 27th. Memphis, TN

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Warren making some tea.
  • Warren making some tea.

Paul Collins Tour Journal: On the road with Gentleman Jesse and His Men.

Memphis, Tennessee

It's Tuesday morning and I have already had my grits and eggs! The boys are just waking up. We kicked ass last night at the Hi-Tone, it was the second night of the Paul Collins Beat & Gentleman Jesse and his Men whirl wind tour.

It almost didn't happen, Monday morning as we were getting up at the Jesse Smith mansion in East Atlanta things were looking dodgy. I had been laying low all week as we rehearsed up the show and hung out around the house having fabulous meals and just chilling. I was itching to get on the road, but in the early morning hours pour ole' Jesse woke up with a 102 degree fever and no voice! His lovely girlfriend Karen had to rush him to the Piedmont emergency room for we were fearing the end might be near for poor old Jesse! Thank god for modern medicine, they gave him a few shots in the ass and pumped him full of antibiotics, and at 4:30 p.m. we were ready to roll!

We called the Hi-Tone and told them we were running a little late and would probably not make sound check. They said not to worry and that worse things had happened.

So we hauled ass for Memphis in the Silver Bullet Van. It was dark and raining as we pulled up to the Hi-Tone and loaded in our gear. Tyler Kieth and the Apostles already had their gear on stage and were ready to rock. We wolfed down a really good pizza jumped into our stage clothes had a few whiskies and at about midnight we hit the stage.

This was only our 2nd show but the band was starting to sound like a frieght train out of control in all the right places. As we carreened through the set it was clear to all in the room that this was indeed maximum Rock N Roll! Today we will chill in Memphis, go to Stax and have some BBQ at the Cozy Corner, for tomorrow is another day on the Road!


(Photos courtesy of Paul Collins).

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Restaurant Review: Bread & Butterfly
Restaurant Review: Bread & Butterfly

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