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G. G. King Speaks

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Chad Radford:  Your 7-inch came out a few months back. Now that you've had some time to ruminate, what are your thoughts on your first release after Carbonas?

Greg King:  We just laid down a bunch of new songs and they are a whole lot better.

Are you playing with the same line-up you had with the first single?

I sang and played all of the drums and the guitars and Chris Van Etten played the bass. [Gentleman] Jesse hasn't been playing with me since we did the recording. Clay Kilbourne has been playing guitar and Mike Beavers from Predator has been playing drums.

Are you going to put out a G.G. King full-length?

Oh I don't know. I've recorded six songs and they're demo quality. It's pretty raw and it might make a better 7-inch. I think a whole album would get kind of tiresome. I'll probably do it with Douchemaster, but I want to send it around to a few other places to see if anyone is interested, and to see who's going to give me a massive budget to go and record.

Are you going to stick with the name G. G. King?

I really wish that I hadn't picked that name, but I already got a record with that name on it, so I'll stick with it. As soon as we started getting the record covers printed I started getting all of these great ideas for names, and thought crap. It's totally retarded. But it does kind of plays into my obsession with when cool bands and musicians shit the bed and do something terrible... And it's an obvious reference to Dee Dee King from the Ramones doing his solo rap stuff which is pretty much unbearable.

G. G. King plays tonight, Sat., April 11 with Jay Reatard and the Stolen Hearts at Lenny’s 9 p.m. $10. 486 Decatur St. 404-577-7721.

You once told me that you weren't very confident playing a guitar, it seems like you've become a little more confident over the last couple of months?

A little bit. I'm still not that great but I'm getting more comfortable with it. I'm just not used to singing and playing. The songs are simple, so I can do both, it's just a different way of doing it.

I've described the songs as 'Carbonas lite.' The two songs on the single aren't as dark as what I'm used to hearing for you. How has your approach to writing changed?

I don't know man. Honestly I don't ever sit down and force myself to write. Songs just pop into my head and I'll pick up a guitar and knock it out in a week or so. One of the songs that we just recorded is an old Carbonas song. One that  Dave [Rahn] always hated and we played it for about two months, but it was ultimately worked out of our set.

Even though you wrote most of Carbonas' songs there were other voices in the band telling you what you can and cannot do, so much so that it appeared to be a bit stifling?

Yeah yeah, I don't have to deal with that anymore. It was starting to be a drag at the end of Carbonas. I got sick of writing the same kind of songs, but a certain someone in the band wouldn't approve of anything that wasn't a standard Carbonas song.

But you're liberated now.

Yep, and all of the sudden it's going to get bad: rap, funk metal and spoken word bits are all in the plans.

What's funny about the cover of your 7-inch is that it reminds me of the kind of jokes that Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe would make on the covers of their singles.

That wasn't the idea. At one point the last Carbonas record was going to be called Your Moral Superiors. We were all going to be doing morally superior things. Jesse was going to be brushing his teeth and I was going to be reading that book. The idea got nixed, but I liked it so I used it.

Are Carbonas ever going to play again?

We got offered a show with Zero Boys in Virginia and with the Kids in New York in July. I'm not sure if they're going to happen, though. I need to talk with Jesse to see if he can do it. I'm totally open to playing those kinds of shows. Both of those shows sound awesome, but there's nothing planned for Atlanta.

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