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Tom Cheshire's ultimate mixtape

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Tom Cheshire - writer, co-founder of Dry Ink mag and singer for All Night Drug Prowling Wolves

My mixtape: "Springtime drive mixtape"

1. "Goin’ Out West" - Tom Waits

2. "Stay Free" - The Clash

3. "Tsunami" - Fiend Without A Face

4. "Springtime" - Leatherface

5. "Can’t Hardly Wait" - The Replacements

6. "Car and Driver" - The Rock*A*Teens

7. "I Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down" - Elvis Costello & the Attractions

8. "All I Need Tonight" - Gentleman Jesse & His Men

9. "Howling At The Moon" - The Ramones

10. "Let The Bombs Fall" - The Beltones

My favorite local band?

My favorite Atlanta musician as of lately is Jeffrey Butzer. I really like his songs. He is extremely talented and a witty guy. He also doesn't drink booze. I'd like to write some songs with him. I feel he may have be a good influence on me.

Check out Mixtape Love: CL Music Issue ‘09

(Photo courtesy Tom Cheshire)

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Atlanta's Sugarhill scheduled to shut down next Tuesday

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Next Tuesday will be the last night for Sugarhill — Atlanta's premier destination for live soul and progressive urban music.

It's a stunning announcement — but maybe not too surprising considering the obstacles the venue has faced since its inception.

Much of the onus for the club's closing lies with "Underground [Atlanta] mismanagement," according to co-owner Richard Dunn, who partnered with Jason Carter (Sol Fusion promoter), Freddy Luster (former co-owner of Yin Yang Café), and Rival Entertainment/Center Stage co-owners Josh Antenucci and Tom Cook to open the venue in September 2006.

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Tessa Horehled's ultimate mixtape

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Tessa Horehled - Editor of Drive A Faster Car

My mixtape

1. "The Sound" - Human Highway

2. "Oviedo" - Blind Pilot

3. "Two Headed Boy" - Neutral Milk Hotel

4. "Skinny Love" - Bon Iver

5. "Mykonos" - Fleet Foxes

6. "Furr" - Blitzen Trapper

7. "One Red Thread" - Blind Pilot

8. "Hurricane" - Bob Dylan

9. "World Leader Pretend" - R.E.M.

10. "Rebel Prince" - Rufus Wainwright

My favorite Atlanta band?

The Black Lips — fantastically raw melodic garage rock who are holding tight to their Atlanta roots and venturing far beyond the constraints of this continent.

Check out Mixtape Love: CL Music Issue ‘09

(Photo courtesy Tessa Horehled)

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The Black Lips featuring GZA

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It's true! The Black Lips and the one and only GZA have teamed up on a version of the Black Lips' song "The Drop I Hold," which will appear on a forthcoming iTunes EP later this year.

"The Drop I Hold"

(Photo courtesy Dickies)

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Brad Syna's ultimate mixtape

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Brad Syna - concert promoter for Variety Playhouse's Windstorm Productions

My mixtape

1. "Riot Act" - Elvis Costello

2. "Pot Kettle Black" - Wilco

3. "Sleep Together" -  Porcupine Tree

4. "The Wraith" - E.S.T.

5. "Lie To Me" - Tom Waits

6. "We Laugh Indoors" - Death Cab for Cutie

7. "Going Underground" - The Jam

8. "Idiot Wind" - Bob Dylan

9. "Sexy Sadie" - The Beatles

10. "Station to Station" - David Bowie

My favorite band?

Anna Kramer and the Lost Cause. A great band that is hard to define.

Check out Mixtape Love: CL Music Issue '09

(Photo by Lisa Miller)

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Usher unveils Boys & Girls Club billboard smack dab in the 'hood

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Traveling north on Northside Dr. on my way to work this morning, I was taken aback by a billboard-sized baby photo of Usher smiling back at me near the MLK Jr. Dr. intersection. Turns out he's the latest celebrity Boys & Girls Clubs' alumnus enlisted in its "BE GREAT" campaign.

The billboard was unveiled yesterday, according to the press release:

Usher joins the likes of Denzel Washington, Shaquille O’Neal, Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Muhammad Ali as part of BGCA’s new advocacy campaign, featuring successful Boys & Girls Club kids and encouraging every American to help young people BE GREAT.

Pictured: (far left) Roxanne Spillett, president and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, (second from left) Jonnetta Patton, Usher’s mother, (center) Usher, and kids from Boys & Girls Clubs and Usher’s New Look Foundation.

Say what you will, but it beats another malt liquor ad any day.

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Susan Archie's ultimate mixtape

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Susan Archie - Queen, World of anArchie

My mixtape

1. "Digital" - Joy Division

(I have been watching Joy Division: The Movie)

2. "Use Me" - Bill Withers

(This was a hit when I was a kid, I just got it off iTunes)

3. "Mama Caught a Chicken" - Chickens and Pigs

(I have been playing drums a few times w/ CnP, love his songwriting)

4. "Born Under Punches" - Talking Heads: Live in Rome

(I captured off YouTube Video)

5. "$20" - M.I.A.

(My favorite artist for awhile now)

6. "Walking Stick" - Golden Gate Quartet

(A classic harmony and rhythm ‘race’ record)

7. "Goin’ Where The Monon Crosses the Yellow Dog" - Scrapper Blackwell off Art of Field Recording Vol. II

(insanely raw primitive blues)

8. "Storms are on The Ocean" - The Carter Family

( I am always listening to the Carter Family)

9. "Brainwash" - The Moaners

(2 pc girl blues out of NC)

10. "Arms Akimbo" - Hugo Largo

(I found some of video of them from the 80s in London. If it had been NYC I would have been in the crowd, I saw them every time they played.)

My favorite band?

Whatever Kristin Klein at Vacation tells me. Too many to choose: I love Deerhunter, Atlas Sound, Black Lips, HubCap City and Chickens and Pigs.

Check out Mixtape Love: CL Music Issue ‘09

(Photo by Dene Shepherd)

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Armando Celentano's ultimate mixtape

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Armando Celentano - supreme keeper of ye olde Drunken Unicorn and Black Lips tour manager.

My mixtape

1. "Waiting Room"- Fugazi

2. "Star Wars Theme" - John Williams

3. Crack the Skye (the whole damn album) - Mastodon

4. "Lexicon Devil"- the Germs

5. "Mouth Breather" - the Jesus Lizard

6. "Two Highways"- Allison Krauss & Union Station

7. "Holland 1945"- Neutral Milk Hotel

8. "Ether"- Gang of Four

9. "Got Your Money"- ol' Dirty Bastard

10. "Coolidge" - the Decendents

My favorite band?

I'm torn here between Mastodon and Gentleman Jesse and His Men. I think I'll have to go with GJ though. We just went on tour with them for a month and their songs were totally getting stuck in my head to the point where I was craving seeing their set every night just so I could have some peace of mind. Power pop is the future and Gentleman Jesse and His Men are the Jonahs Brothers of the ATL scene.

Check out Mixtape Love: CL Music Issue '09

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mixtape Love: Outtakes, pt. 1

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Outtakes is a series of blog posts in which CL staff photographer Joeff Davis talks about photo shoots from this week's Music Issue:

The concept for the Balkans photo was to shoot these kids at a high school because they’re so frickin’ young. We wanted to try to capture some of that young teenage hyperactivity.

When two of them showed up over an hour late for the shoot it seemed like it would be hit or miss. But when they finally parked their car, they sprinted the last block like Olympic athletes so we forgave them. One showed up with four medals around his neck and the other took his shirt off and started blowing his nose into the other's hand.

At the end of the shoot we accosted a dog that looked like royalty as it was walking down the street with its owner. So we posed the boys with the dog and had each band member hold a piece of the leash. The contrast between the very regal dog and these young crazy kids worked great, but in the end we decided to go with a photo for the CL print version that best captured their youthful energy. — Joeff Davis

See more photos from the Balkans photo shoot.

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Rick Ross upends Asher Roth with first week sales

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There was much speculation about who would emerge victorious in last week's sale's battle between pathological fibber/former correctional officer Rick Ross and Atlanta transplant/suburban zeitgeist-capturer Asher Roth. The normally Manhattan-obsessed Gawker even weighed in on Roth, with Pitchfork's Tom Breihan going so far as to predict Ross would move 300,000 units in his first week out and to speculate that if a second single "manages to stick, he'll go platinum, easy."

It doesn't look like that's gonna happen. The results are in, and Roth's Asleep in the Bread Aisle has debuted at number five on the Billboard 200, moving 67,449 copies. (Some have the figure closer to 62,000. Can anyone explain the differential to me?)

Ross moved about 158,000 units and hit the top spot, making Deeper Than Rap his third number one album. Not bad, but indicative of the weak sales climate and, for the record, nowhere near as many copies as his rival 50 Cent tends to sell, even on a bad outing.

Among other Atlanta artists, Keri Hilson's In A Perfect World... continues to defy industry expectations, moving 23K this week to put it over 200,000 all told. Looks like the album's long delay didn't kill it after all, although who knows how high she could have flown if the thing had dropped last year. As it stands, Hip Hop DX notes its "considerable radio and video play" and calls her "Interscope's present R&B flagship artist."

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