Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beat Down: Diplo w/Hollyweerd and Muffy at Lenny's Bar

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By Jonathan Williams

Originally making a name for himself as part of Philadelphia’s Hollertronix music collective, Diplo has gone on to become a sought-after solo DJ and producer. He’s worked with and remixed the likes of M.I.A., Gwen Stefani, Kanye West, Radiohead, Britney Spears and Atlanta’s own Black Lips. He also toured as a member of Santigold’s band, opening for Bjork.

This weekend, however, Diplo — who also owns the Mad Decent record label — brings his mix of funk, electro, dub, drum-n-bass and South American beats to town for a headlining set at Lenny’s. Known for providing sets that are equal parts psychedelia, hip-hop, reggae and alterna-rock mash-up, Diplo has already impressed local crowds numerous times and established himself as a tastemaker for indie and electro fans across the nation.

Expect an eclectically energetic set of manipulative blips and heavy beats from one of the biggest stars in the underground dance music scene. Not many DJs can bring a punk rock attitude to turntablism and knob-twiddling the way Diplo does.

Diplo with Hollyweerd and Muffy. $15. 9 p.m. Fri., May 1. Lenny’s Bar, 486 Decatur St. 404-577-7721.

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Holly Lang's ultimate mixtape

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Holly Lang - Founding editor of Pine Magazine

My mixtape:

Brigette Bardot "Ça Pourrait Changer" Best of Bardot

Blackalicious "Chemical Calisthenics" Blazing Arrow

Les Savy Fav "Wake Up" The Cat and the Cobra

Galt MacDermot "Coffee Cold" Shapes of Rhythm

Serge Gainsbourg "Ballade de Melody Nelson" L'Histoire De Melody Nelson

Margo Guryan "Someone I Know" Take a Picture

Neutral Milk Hotel "Aeroplane Over the Sea" In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Toshack Highway "The Sounds and the Times"

Magnetic Morning (split with Sianspheric/Aspirin Age)

Deerhunter "Rainwater Cassette Exchange" Rainwater Cassette Exchange

Dr. Dog "Little Bird" Passed Away, Vol. 1

My favorite Atlanta band? I’d have to say Club Awesome. Easily one of the more fun bands around, they tend to go ridiculously balls out at their shows, complete with weird outfits and strange showmanship. But while many bands who use props and costumes during shows tend to lack in skill and talent, Club Awesome is actually pretty good. Their new album Dynamos is as energetic as the band, and features that atypical style of pop that separates them from most the other bands ‘round these here parts. Plus they sometimes have pool parties at their shows. Who doesn’t like to get half-naked and wet while watching a band play?

Mixtape Love: CL Music Issue '09

(Photo by Justin Sias)

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Lance Ledbetter's ultimate mixtape

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To celebrate CL’s annual music issue we asked a random mix of Atlanta tastemakers, critics and promoters to share their greatest playlists.

Lance Ledbetter, founder of Dust-to-Digital

1. Rev. Johnny L. Jones "God Specializes"

2. Omar Souleyman "Leh Jani"

3. Chubby Parker "Bib-a-Lollie-Boo"

4. Andy Iona and His Islanders "Ta-hu-wa-hu-wa-i"

5. Cecil Barfield "Georgia Blues"

6. Brother Claude Ely "There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down"

7. Chrissy Zebby Tembo and Ngozi Family "Trouble Maker"

8. Marika Papagika "Smyrneiko Minore"

9. Group Bombino "Imuhar"

10. John Fahey "Desperate Man Blues"

My favorite Atlanta-based artists is Rev. Johnny L. Jones of Second Mount Olive Baptist Church. His nickname is the Hurricane, and after you hear some of his songs and sermons you'll know why. The music is supplied by organ and tambourine with the congregation backing Johnny, and the result is some of the most ecstatic sounds I've ever heard. Check him out on WYZE 1480AM every other Saturday at 11a.m.

Check out Mixtape Love: CL Music Issue '09

(Photo by Chad Radford)

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Bean Summer's ultimate mixtape

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To celebrate CL's annual music issue we asked a random mix of Atlanta tastemakers, critics and promoters to share their greatest playlists.

Bean Summer

Video artist/Lenny's promoter

Top 10 Playlist

1. Roger Miller "Chug-a-lug" Golden Hits

2. Talking Heads "Once in a Lifetime" Best of the Talking Heads

3. Summer Hymns "Trouble" Clemency

4. God Speed You Black Emperor "The Dead Flag Blues" F# A# (Infinity)

5. Alejandro Jodorowsky "Psychedelic Weapons" From the Holy Mountain soundtrack.

6. Beck "Hollywood Freaks" Midnight Vultures

7. John Oswald "Power" 69 Plunderphonics 96

8. Johnny Cash "Busted" Blood, Sweat and Tears

9. Throbbing Gristle-everything they ever did!

10. Thurston Howl III "Still Lives with my Moms," Featuring: Master Fuol-Skillionaire.

Favorite Atlanta-based music act

Anytime the Lazy Indians played at Lenny's Bar they were the worst band in the history of the city. They were politically incorrect, horribly distasteful, rude, hard to deal with, drunk, and Carter (the lead singer) tried to fight the entire crowd at  Lenny's each time they played. I hated their name, everything was wrong about this band. They sounded like the worst flipper cover band in history and they possibly broke everything they owned on stage. They could hardly finish a song. They made the Black Lips looks like a boys choir. They were possibly the worst stage band in history besides the G.G. Allin. I have to say they were hands down the my favorite Atlanta-based band because they honestly did not care about anything at all except music as pure experience.

Mixtape Love: CL Music Issue '09

(Photo by Chad Radford)

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Soulja Boy, critical darling. WTF?

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All right, I admit it. I was wrong about Soulja Boy Tell 'Em. Since writing him off as a one-hit wonder and giving his latest album iSouljaBoyTellem two stars, I have played that thing more often then I'd like to admit. Especially the banger "Turn My Swag On" and his shockingly innocent/surprisingly tender ballad, "Kiss Me Thru The Phone."

No, I don't cry during the video when those old people start smooching each other remotely. Okay, maybe I do, but not that often. Okay, maybe often.

Both tracks are on Billboard's top 40 right now — "Kiss Me" peaked at number three — and the songs are finding success on iTunes as well.

In defense of my rating — I'd give it 3, maybe even 4 stars if I had it to do over — I'm far from the only critic who has recently seen the light about Soulja Boy. In fact, suddenly SBT'E is turning into a bona fide critic's darling.

"He writes unbelievably effective hooks, which he rattles off as if he were seeing them for the first time on a teleprompter," gushed Village Voice writer Zach Baron recently. All of the sudden the word "genius" is being bandied around to describe someone whom critics had absolutely no patience for during "Crank That (Soulja Boy)"'s peak.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Danny! is something like a phenomenon

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He’s dropped 10 albums, including three instrumentals and a Best Of — just to “be funny,” says the MC. He’s been on the shortlist for the Grammys, charted on Billboard, retired, and inevitably returned.

Yet, South Carolina-reared, Atlanta-based MC/producer Danny Swain, aka Danny!, still considers his upcoming show opening for rap phenom Drake on May 2 as his “official coming-out party.”

When Danny! emerged in 2004 with his debut, The College Kicked-Out, after being expelled from Claflin University following an alleged cheating scandal, he didn’t expect his career to move so slowly. His above-average, sample-heavy production and sometimes self-deprecating lyrics should’ve landed him on every blogger’s hit list with the cyber rappers of the day. It didn’t.

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(Photo courtesy Danny Swain)

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Video: DOOM'S 'Microwave Mayonaisse'

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Read about the making of the video at

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The Pains of Being Pure at Heart wear it on their sleeves

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INCESTUOUS: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
  • INCESTUOUS: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

With a cringe-worthy moniker and musical restraint that makes Belle & Sebastian sound like Quiet Riot, the Pains of Being Pure at Heart are not for the casual indie-pop listener. But for fans of fuzzy-guitar-drenched melodies, melancholy songwriting and well-crafted shoegaze, they don’t come any finer.

Formed in 2007, the New York quartet has rocketed to the top of the pops (or at least the top of the blogosphere) through its ’90s-throwback, wall of sound stylings, which have drawn comparisons to bands like My Bloody Valentine and the Jesus and Mary Chain. After releasing a string of singles and EPs and being hyped by outlets such as Stereogum, the Pains of Being Pure at Heart released its self-titled debut in February. The album quickly won praises from the likes of the New York Times and Pitchfork, which named it “Best New Music.” The album “mixes sparkling melodies with an undercurrent of sad bastard mopery,” Pitchfork’s Ian Cohen wrote, castigating critics who peg the band as derivative. “You’re just being a dick if you think the past has some kind of patent on that. That's just the way good pop music works.”

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(Photo by Pavla Kopecna)

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Roll Call: Rhys Webb of the Horrors

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Who are you?

Rhys Webb, the Horrors.

Describe yourself in three words.


Who — dead or alive — would you most like to meet?

Joe Meek.

Who would you most like to slap in the face?


What song do you wish you had written?

"Johnny Remember Me" - John Leyton.

Elvis Costello or Elvis Presley?


LP, CD or MP3?

LP always.

If you could start one trend, what would it be?

The French Anarchist look circa 1789.

If you could end one trend, what would it be?

Kill all hippies.

With whom would you most like to play a game of spin the bottle?

Genesis P. Orridge.

The Horrors play Lenny's with the Kills and Magic Wands on Mon., April 27. $15. 9 p.m. Lenny's Bar, 486 Decatur St. 404-577-7721.

(Photo courtesy of the Horrors)

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Howlies play Fringe Factory this weekend

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Just back from a US tour in support of their Kim Fowley produced debut full-length, Trippin' with the Howlies, the Howlies are playing a homecoming show at the Fringe Factory this Saturday night (April 25).

Resident DJs Vikki V & Suzy Q , as well Justin Brooke from the Howlies will be spinning a '60s psych, garage, soul and freakbeat records before and after the show.

$7. 9 p.m. The Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge.

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