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Interview with Megafaun's Phil Cook

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Durham, N.C., experimental folk band Megafaun seems always to be in motion. After two successful LPs (2008’s Bury The Square and 2009’s Gather, Form and Fly), this summer the trio—multi-instrumentalists Phil Cook, Brad Cook and Joe Westerlund—will put out an EP enigmatically called Heretofore. As if that wasn’t enough, May 11 they’ll see the release of Relayted, an album by Gayngs, a supergroup made up of wide-reaching musicians led by fellow Wisconsonite Ryan Olson. They’ll play The Earl Saturday, May 1, when they pass through on their first national headlining tour. We pinned down Phil Cook to ask about the EP, recording with Gayngs and etching out a place for themselves on the live circuit as a band that's constantly evolving.

Julia Reidy: Would you tell me about writing and recording Heretofore?

Phil Cook: Honestly, it just happened really fast. We were just home between tours and wanted to do some recording, but the mini-album thing ended up being in retrospect. We didn’t have any songs written, so we wrote it, recorded it, and basically did it all within a matter of six weeks. It’s a new pace for us. The recordings are very straightforward in a way. It took us a few weeks after it was done to really process some of the things that we wrote, to actually sit and go, “Whoa. We totally just did this.” We did the whole thing in a studio, well actually not the whole thing, but like Gather, Form and Fly, our last record, was done totally at home, but mixed in the studio. This new one was recorded and mixed in the studio, and we added a few things at home here and there, but the sound of the record is different, in a way.

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Man or Astro-man? to play the Earl's 11-year anniversary

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On Fri., July 9 - Sat., July 10 The Earl will celebrate it's 11-year anniversary with a two-night stand from the inimitable Man or Astro-man? So if you missed them at Whirly Ball, here's your chance to make good with the cosmos.

Tickets for each night will be available for $15 each. However, a limited number of "PBR 2 Day Passes" will be available exclusively online for only $20 starting Fri., April 30 at 10 a.m.

No opening bands have been announced yet.

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B.o.B, T.I. and Playboy Tre 'Bust' it wide open

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Bobby Ray gets his B.o.B on with the second single from his Atlantic debut B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray. Confused yet? So is the Decatur native's album narrative, according to Ben Westhoff's extended review:

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Want to perform at Stankonia?

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Stankonia has to be the Holy Grail for urban pop and hip-hop in the South. Many aspiring musicians dream of being able to record in the same studio as OutKast, Goodie Mob and Mr. "My Prerogative" himself, Bobby Brown (all hail Bosstown Studios). Now, here's your chance to perform there.

As a part of their upcoming Inside the Music series, Governed By Loyalty, Royal Flush Productions and Stankonia Recording Studios is accepting submissions from up-and-coming artists to perform live. Musicians should note that all submissions should include anything relevant to provide a proper presentation of your work and the music will be surveyed for quality and live performance potential.

Artists should register at The deadline is Friday, May 7.

Contact (Royal Flush) or (Governed By Loyalty) for more information or to submit additional material after you've registered.

The Inside the Music series begins Friday, May 28.

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Craig David: Signed Sealed Delivered

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By L. Michael Gipson

The last thing music needs is another album of '60s and '70s soul covers. It usually reeks with the desperation of a declining artist. However, the UK's Craig David manages to infuse just enough harmonic variance, inventive interpolations, and fresh instrumental flourishes into these dusties to keep you from wondering why he bothered. While he never quite steals the classics from their originators, David easily catapults over several recent takes on new standards. With smart production from Jerry Abbott and Grant Black, David owns the furious house groove on "One More Lie (Standing in the Shadows)," the swaying ballad "I Wonder Why," and the peppy attitude on "Sitting On the Dock of the Bay." But sometimes the creativity is tardy and the effort rote, as with the disco closing on "For Once in My Life." Not quite signed and sealed, David still delivers.(Universal Import) 3 out of 5 stars.

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Did we mention we like Big Boi?

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Zach Wolfe and Dirty Dr. Dax over at slapped up another video to get you ready for the Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty release. This time, we watch Mr. Patton as he pays a visit to Frazier Homes, Savannah, where he lived as a little guy. Kinda seems weird that Big Boi and his pals are hustlin' harder than the label, but it looks like that's the way album promo goes these days.

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Tracklist: Gate Crashing

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It was the fifth inning of Game 3 against the Chicago Undeads and Ozzy appeared to be pointing, calling his shot, as if to say, "THE BAT-HEAD IS GOING UP THERE!!!"
  • It was the fifth inning of Game 3 against the Chicago Undeads and Ozzy appeared to be pointing, calling his shot, as if to say, "THE BAT-HEAD IS GOING UP THERE!!!"

>> Interpol offer new song "Lights" as free download at its website, Welcome back, guys.

>> Flaming Lips guitarist Steven Drozd hospitalized for ______, two Flaming Lips shows canceled. Get better.

>> Ryan Adams rumor mill in full swing over latest tour(?) album(s)(?) clues.

>> Taylor Swift loves her fans, even the hug-obsessed, college-age ones.

>> Download: "Find Your Love," the first, 808-y track from Drake's studio time with Kanye West.

>> Watch the trailer for Stones in Exile, the upcoming Rolling Stones documentary on the making of a little record called Exile on Main Street.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is Yelawolf

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"We'd go from the sticks to Nashville projects, back to the sticks, back to apartments, off in the sticks again. So I was picking up this redneck, urban, redneck, urban ... . All my life it was just there, but something felt the same everywhere I went."

Maurice Garland sat down with rising emcee Yelawolf — who recently signed to Interscope via the indie label Ghet-o-Vision — to get a handle on who the fire-spitter really is before he blows up. The video above is part three of a five-part interview that you can catch over at Maurice's blog. In this clip, Yelawolf speaks on moving around with his mother, being homeless in California and the moment he decided to start rapping.

Part One | Part Two | Part Four | Part Five

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Win tickets to Converse's Band of Ballers Sat., May 1

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Converse's Band of Ballers Basketball tournament goes down this Sat., May 1 and Crib Notes is giving away a pair of tickets to the first person to answer the following question:

Which member of the Black Lips appears on the cover of Deerhunter's first album?

The first person to leave a comment on this post with the correct answer gets a pair of tickets. Good luck!

Participating Teams:

Jim Jones & The Jones Family (Harlem, NY). Reigning champs of Band of Ballers NYC 2009 featuring Shammgod Wells (formerly of the Washington Wizards).

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Quotable quote of the day

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Is it too early in the day to talk about dicks? No? Good. Trojan's Magnum Condoms, the brand geared towards, ahem, plus-sized fellas, has launched an ad campaign called the Magnum Live Large Project. With the campaign comes an online contest where folks can download backing tracks from Magnum's site and lay down some hot condom-themed lyrics over the top. I'm not joking.

The spokesman for Magnum's first ever ad campaign? Atlanta's Chris "Ludacris" Bridges. The winner of the aforementioned condom-rap contest will win $5k and a trip to the A to be "congratulated onstage" by Luda at Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash.

Here's what Magnum marketing consultant Julian Long had to say to The New York Times:

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