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17 Atlanta album covers that make you look twice

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When Deerhunter's first album was released, it was simply called Deerhunter. That's what it says on the spine, and that's what it was to be titled. But in the weeks surrounding its release, some unruly heckler at one of their shows at the Drunken Unicorn shouted, "Turn it up, faggot!" For some reason, those four words stuck and that's what people have called this album ever since. After weeks of polling for answers on Facebook, this received an overwhelming number of votes, for obvious reasons. It's a stark, surrealistic image that shows off one of Jared Swilley from the Black Lips hidden talents.


Are we looking at a man or a woman here? We're supposed to think it's a woman, but that tuft creeping up and over old glory is pretty wiry, and we've all seen Silence of the Lambs, right? But then again ...


The cover of Seersucker's Pushing Rope features a naked boxer wearing high-heels. His face is bloodied, he's wearing ear muffs and he's ready to fight. It's open to all sorts of interpretation. Oh yeah, it was painted by David Yow of the Jesus Lizard. ... Yeah ...


Tough call here among pretty much all of Mastodon's album covers, but Leviathan was the first one to show just how much of a role artist Paul Romano would have in tying their album's together in fourth dimensional ways.


Jeezy's Trappin' Ain't Dead mixtape doesn't need an explanation. It's just an awesome cover.


That ain't Bubba Sparxxx! GG Allin & the Southern Baptists playing their ode to the Clermont Lounge.


Witchdoctor's ’98 CD A S.W.A.T. Healin' Ritual doesn't need any explanation. It' just a gorgeous, timeless image.


Kevin Dunn's "Nadine" 7-inch offers a new, disturbing vision of Chuck Berry's favorite lady.


Here we see Chris Wood, the former frontman for the Restraints and the patron saint of the Atlanta punk scene standing proudly with a flaming syringe stuck in his head — something he was known to do quite often on stage, actually.


Dirt was one of the greats. This outtake from an Opal Foxx photo shoot features Benjamin in full drag.


Let's pause for a second and take in just how much of a time capsule we have here. Mushroom clouds in the distance, skulls strewn about the ground, Russian and American flags flanking a Klan's man and some sort of post-apocalyptic storm trooper leading the march toward the future. This was the Reagan era, a time when every kid in junior high drew this sort of thing on their pre-algebra notebook during study hall.


Cry won in a coin toss against the Rock*A*Teens ’96 self-titled album. Both album covers were shot by former R*A*Ts drummer Chris Verene, and feature great shots that really tell a story. ... But Cry won the coin toss. There's totally captivating motion here as these two silver citizens glide like angels away from the light down a darkened hallway. It's like a Francis Bacon painting or something.


Kilo's album was voted onto the list after weeks of trolling Facebook, and hitting up people around town. A surprising number of people brought it up, so here it is. ... Pretty straightforward to me, but apparently, it caught a lot of people's attention.


The cover for Atlas Sound's Logos resonates on some deep, dramatic and intangible, yet psychologically disturbing levels.


There's not a single word on the cover of Gentleman Jesse's self-titled debut, yet it telegraphs exactly what you're about to hear when you drop the needle on the record.


Let's not kid anyone here. I took the photo that was used for the cover of this Soft Spots 7-inch, but never really intended for much to happen with it. I was both surprised and honored when it showed up in my mailbox. Over time I've gotten a lot of feedback on this one. It captures B Jay's relaxed take on irreverence; he's smirking and taking a long drag off of a cigarette in front of a no smoking sign. It was a funny moment, one of many that we had standing there just kind of hanging out. In the wake of his death this photo takes on a whole new significance for me.


Duh ...

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